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    Are Any Of Our Concerns Even Being Looked Into Lately?

    I'm noticing a lot more problems coming from this site and it feels like no one is doing anything about it. I obviously know the mods can't but I mean, hello! Site owners!

    People can't access the site from their phones, and if they can it acts up, double posts words, doesn't let you post and fights you the whole way through. PM's are having to be double sent to get there one time, and sometimes they don't even make it after that. The formatting sucks and you can barely post things correctly and the auto sizing, and auto font are not very good either.

    People can't post links because its asking for the mods to moderate the shit, everything is outdated, the servers are slow... I mean, we're gaining more and more members and having more and more problems.

    I'm not bitching, just venting. It's frustrating to come to a site that I love and see it be in shambles when it can be fixed... it can be worked on. It feels like no one cares anymore.

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    All I have to say is.......amen brother R(ob). Something needs doing.

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    I have asked Frank about new updates and such. He says there will be when his siteman is available. As for a word.

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    This has been an ongoing problem for a while. Several threads have been made in this section about several things that need looking at on this site, yet nothing's been done about them.

    For lack of a better way to say things; get your finger out of your ass Frank.
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    The REVOLUTION has now begun.

    The people have spoken.. Anyone else feel the same? Post here!
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

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    Chunk just sent me a blank message...Blank messages shouldn't send ! Ten character posts required, but there's no filter on PM's?!? BOO! IDK What exactly to say it is though, another note,....I aint required moderation in FOREVER, on the other hand.

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    I'm not one to complain but the forum clearly has some issues at the moment and I'm all for some upgrades.

    The only real problem I have had is with the posting links and pictures and having to ask a mod to approve them.. You can live with that the first couple of times but the other day I was posting a show for the fed and I had to keep asking Rob to approve the post's. After the second time I decided to just go offline because I felt like a pest Haha!

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    Rated_R(ob)KO revolution bandwagon Hop on!!

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    We have been on this 'bandwagon' for awhile now. We can beg until' our faces turn red, but it will still fall on the hands of when Frank's site designer will have some free time to get on here and fully commit to giving this site an overhaul. When the last site update was made it felt like the site performance was never enhanced. There were glitches out the wazoo. There was a point when this site struck almost 60 members regularly (during certain points of 2012), but it has dropped down considerably since. I blame it mostly on how out of date (like Rob said) this place is. The servers go down whenever we strike anything over 50 members with 456 guests (or more), and the site is not always mobile friendly. I really do think that a sleaker version for this site should be made for mobile users which I have seen utilized for other forums, gaming sites, and social sites like Facebook, Myspace (YUCK!), Twitter, Youtube, etc-etc. This site can be a big deal if updates are made. I think 2013 and 2014 will be huge difference makers if updates are really on the way.
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    Site problems...That's that shit I don't like!!!

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