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    Why the Bound for Glory Series can be the best part of 2013.

    TNA right now has the chance to create one of the most suspenseful World Heavyweight Championship tournaments with this years Bound for Glory Series. There are so many wrestlers right now on the roster that can very well win the series that it can create for some shocking outcomes, and great matches in the tournament.

    You have guys like.

    AJ Styles

    Chris Sabin



    Kurt Angle






    Samoa Joe.

    Who all (well most) can very well win the series. You have AJ Styles Mr. TNA whom many expect to pull out the victory in the BFG series. Then you have Sabin who came back from injury and once to prove that he can be a main eventer in TNA. Austin Aries and Roode who both can try to win gold once again. Abyss who also recently returned and can be a big threat in the series. Then you have other amazing wrestlers with Angle, Joe, and Daniels. And this could be one of the most exciting tournaments in wrestling. This could make for exciting TV, and if done right could lead to a great main event with whoever winning can face Bully Ray in the main event of BFG 2013.

    Thoughts? And do you see yourself being as excited for this as I am.

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    As I stated in a previous thread; it will come down to AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson...Mr. TNA vs. Enforcer for Aces and 8s...this will serve the dual purpose of creating TNAs savior to reclaim the gold form Bully Ray and creating internal strife within Aces and 8s

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    I got a feeling both Park and Abyss will be in the series.

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    Any combo between Angle, Aries, or Styles for the final.

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    I wonder if Sting can win a word title shot through the BFG series after the loss and stipulation from the Slammiversary match? Might be an interesting loophole.

    If I could be serious for a moment...

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    I love the idea of the BFG series but it goes on a bit too long and uses too many of the matchups that should be saved for a PPV. Maybe that's just me. This is only semi related but I want to see Styles vs. Aries in a couple months feud leading up to a PPV for their first match and not just on an episode of Impact.

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    It'll include 2 'bodies', just there to take losses(See Robbie E and Pope last year).

    The rest have a legit shot. I don't think Sting will compete, and I'm interested to see if Sabin does, since he already has a 'shot' lined up.
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    sting shouldn't be in it or it wrecks his storyline and jesus he is in his 50s.

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    They should 'kill off' Sting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    They should 'kill off' Sting.
    i think they should have him fued with someone to get them in the main event. but i don't think he would.


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