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    A Shield and Wyatt Family Idea.

    I just seen a comment made on a blog and im pretty sure alot of people are thinking the same thing. How would everyone feel about a Wyatt Family Vs. The Shield at Summerslam? And im not gonna go into major details but a basic out of the feud would be, Wyatt family start to cost shield matches and at the same time they win matches of their own leading to money in the bank were it would be , Bray Vs. Ambrose US Title and Reigns & Rollins Vs. Harper & Rowan Tag Team Titles however The Shield win both of the matches there. and the feud escalates until summerslam were it is The Shield Vs. The Wyatt Family in a elimination 6 man tag with All Titles on the line.
    What do you think good or bad?

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    Love the idea but i said no because they will debut after summerslam!

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    Honestly not a huge fan of the idea, I see them coming up as heels. I know the rooster is packed with heels but I don't see the group working as faces. WWE needs to work on turning their existing heels and turn some of them face.

    I wouldn't mind if it was Heel vs Heel group as to who is more impactful, could work.
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    I dont really want to see these factions come into contact for a long while. People are trying too hard to pit these guys against each other but they are two different entities. The shield are a group of guys with the same goals. The Wyatt family are pretty much a cult led by Bray Wyatt. He is in charge and I really doubt they will be competing in too many 6 man tag matches like the shield. They won't need to cross paths for a good while.

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    i like it but as Y2JLionsault said they wont be in contact with each other for a long time. however on the other side if they was then id like for it to happen as survivor series or make it start at summerslam and ride it out until wrestlemania like the feuds used to. and it can be a Heel vs. heel thing at first but change it towards royal rumble were one of them turns face. but either way if both of them are on the roster as heels than its sure gonna be crowded in the heel department in the E'.

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    I doubt the shield and the Wyatt Family would face off or be involved in a story line right away. WWE is trying to build legitimate stars and if you put these 2 groups againsts each other one of them is going to have to lose or even bury the other. That wouldnt be very productive of the E. I assume we will see 3MB vs. Wyatt Family out of the gate.

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    NOPE! Simply because heros will be made out of whoever topples The Shield, so those guys from the woods will not be anywheres close to that.

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    A group that runs mostly interference being interfered by another group running interference. I don't see it working, especially since they've cemented The Shield as heels quite solidly. I'm sure they can flick the switch at a whim just like they did with Ryback but you'd think they'd be a little more careful with what many are calling the best heel faction to hit the scene by far since the NWO. If they're going to put the two together I'd hope they do a straight up heel program, or at least make The Shield tweeners that pick on everybody(or the Wyatt family picking on everyone for that matter) and thus they somehow cross each other at some point.

    I don't see either group running as faces. At best I see The Shield being cheered the same way that CM Punk and Ziggler are, but they're still heels.

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    I posted the same idea somewhere, I hope they do it, but they need to build the family first a bit, but it must be a heel vs heel storyline

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    Either possible outcome means one team loses momentum at the expense of the other. I'm really quite worried about The Wyatt Family coming up now because of the lack of possibilities for them, in the heel heavy, single titled division. If there was still a brand split, thier elevation might much more easily have worked.

    I'd say they will start off strong when Bray is revealed as Kaitlyn's admirer/stalker. (30 years ago you were just a persistent admirer trying to win someones heart - now you are a crazy stalker who won't take no for an answer. Go figure huh?) I do dread to think who Kaitlyn might enlist to help her against The Family though...


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