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    Post I think I know why Cody Rhodes has been de-pushed

    When John Laurinaitis was the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Cody Rhodes was given a huge push which resulted in a very lengthy reign as Intercontinental Champion. However, since Triple H replaced Laurinaitis, Rhodes' push was stalled as he served as "jobber to the stars" against the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, and even Brodus Clay.

    Could it be very possible that Triple H may not be a fan of Rhodes? A coincidence, perhaps?

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    nah i heard the real reason was that he disricepected cena so he got de pushed

    the 3 year cena title regin was ended because of the rock......

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    More likely a lack of direction from creative, cooling off effect, and not yet ready for the next level. Being a gatekeeper to the main event stars and keeping upper-midcard in check, I think is a good spot for him right now. Since they can't decide if he is supposed to team with Sandow or not on a weekly basis. When he turns face, I think you'll see him take that next step to the main event. He's poised for a turn and with the flush of new talent being called in, part-timers in and out, and way too many heels it would make for good timing when he does to possibly give him that shot. I don't feel this has anything to do with Triple H not liking him. Just my opinion

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    he's a mid carder nothing more

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    Quote Originally Posted by body slam View Post
    he's a mid carder nothing more
    ^This unfortunately. Rhodes just doesn't fit into the already crowded main event scene at the moment so he'll stay mid card for the foreseeable future.

    Divas to believe in.

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    You couldn't be more wrong.

    It's obviously because he took the last piece of grilled chicken at catering that one day. Vince still hasn't forgiven him.
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    Cody is lost in the mix right now. Too many storylines revolving around people and there's no room for him at the moment. There's many in the same situation on the roster. Too much story around The Shield, Ryback/Cena, The WHC feud and the pending Ziggles/Big E feud, Daniel Bryan proving he's not the weak link thing, new Heyman guy, Fandango/Barrett/Miz feud. There's only so much that can be done. He needs to spend his time as a filler, much like Sandow, Sin Cara, etc...until there's an opportunity for him once the above feuds end.

    I don't know how much longer The Shield will be doing the dominant force, 3 on 3 matches, but a great scenario would be Orton getting jumped by The Shield after a match w/ Cody, and Cody makes the save. They're both getting beat down and Ted Dibiase returns and we start a Legacy vs The Shield feud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    ^This unfortunately. Rhodes just doesn't fit into the already crowded main event scene at the moment so he'll stay mid card for the foreseeable future.
    Sadly thats true. Personanlly, I think he's ready now, but until Cena retires, or gets a UT, Jericho type schedule- Cody is stuck where he is

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    I think there is no market to cody rhodes hes a good wrestler but interms or merchandise, gimmick or even just a catchphrase theres nothing there, im not a fan of his at all but he is a good wrestler but they have screwed up with him big time

    When he was dashing cody rhodes it was so annoying i hate it but it showed how good he was at it as it made me pissed off when he was on now they have wasted him in a tag team which hasnt done him or sandow any good at all
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    His tag team with Sandow has been bad for him. For one thing he doesn't fit the gimmick. Cody Rhodes' heel persona is "spoiled jock/frat boy". Nothing about him says "intellectual". Teaming with Sandow has also resulted in Sandow doing 100% of the talking while Rhodes is stuck being the boring other guy.

    Sandow is starting a singles feud with Sheamus, I think it's high time they broke up the Rhodes Scholars.

    If I was pitching ideas to creative I'd have Rhodes gimmick be "the American Nightmare" and push him as a much more crazy, aggressive and vicious heel than he's been up until now. As we've seen with the Shield, and Mark Henry (despite the fact that Henry can't wrestle) there is no substitute for violence when you're getting a heel over.

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