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    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
    John Cena vs Batista was pretty fun till he left.
    Orton hears a who

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    Nexus vs wwe
    Cm vs john cena
    Chris jericho va cm punk

    But my favourite has to be undertaker vs anyone, the dead man is the best
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    My Top 10 in order
    1) John Cena Vs. Edge
    2) John Cena Vs. Randy Orton
    3) John Cena Vs. Cm Punk
    4) Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
    5) The Shield Vs. Team Hell No!
    6) Cm Punk Vs. Jeff Hardy
    7) Chris Jericho Vs. Rey Mysterio
    8) Jeff Hardy Vs. Matt Hardy
    9) Derrick Bateman Vs. Johnny Curtis w/Maxine
    10) John Cena Vs. The Rock ( Wrestlemania 27 to 29 )

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    The rise of Zack Ryder, Christian vs Orton, The Nexus, JeriShow (not a feud but I loved them as tag champs).
    Special mention to HBK vs Undertaker the second time around too.

    Divas to believe in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    The rise of Zack Ryder, Christian vs Orton, The Nexus, JeriShow (not a feud but I loved them as tag champs).
    Special mention to HBK vs Undertaker the second time around too.
    That was awesome as well.

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    Probably Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho. Undertaker vs. Edge gets a special mention as well as does Hardy vs. Punk in '09.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    Hmm. Mine has to be Randy Orton vs Triple H during 2010. It was just done so well. Randy Orton trying to get in his head by kissing his wife. Triple H breaking and entering. Why? He didn't care, he wanted revenge! That super weird 6-man tag match that led to Orton getting the title. It was just very well done that it's still drilled in my head. Honorable mentions would have to CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, and Orton and Barrett.
    I agree with you on that one. They had the one of the best Mania build-ups I have ever seen. It was well done. I especially loved how they brought Batista and Shane McMahon in the mix as well.
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    I gotta add The Miz feat. Ay Ry Vs. Cena too. Probably not a classic but the "I Quit!" match and the match at 'Mania were both memorable.

    Divas to believe in.

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    1) Randy vs HHH- that was the first feud over the WWE Championship I witnessed as a wrestling fan.

    2) Punk vs Hardy

    3) Taker vs HBK

    4) Kane vs Taker(2010)

    5) Edge vs Show vs Cena

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    (not sure if people count the 1st 2 as the PG era or not)

    1) eddie vs JBL - loved the matches these two had and I think this fued made JBL

    2) angle vs lesnar - when lesnar tapped to the ankle lock in Pittsburgh I shit myself

    3) taker vs micheals - great build ups good payoffs

    4) undashing rhodes vs mysterio - loved the undashing character and great matches

    5) taker vs hhh - same as reasons as the micheals one


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