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    Yoshi Tatsu's potential

    Probably already been discussed but the man's been around for at least 4 years, he's already 35 and has accomplished almost nothing in his time in the WWE besides having a solid place on the roster as a solid jobber, probably due to the cultural diversity he brings. Not saying he's the greatest in the ring or anything but let's be honest neither is Ryback, and he's definitely not the worst by any means. In terms of character development and all that, I think he's got a lot of potential.

    tumblr_mksc63BN3t1rkf4k0o1_1280.jpgclick to enlarge

    I don't know about you guys but on that picture alone, with an entrance theme change and maybe him being silent or only speaking brief Japanese (but keeping the pandering he always does), I could definitely see him as a midcard champion. And no, he wouldn't even need to be a heel, he could just be a badass face and have a Kofi Kingston-esque 'jobber to the stars' type of deal.

    Maybe he's still in the doghouse for what happened between him and Sheamus from which judging by this tweet of his was actually true haha

    yhosi.jpgclick to enlarge

    What do you guys think of Tatsu? Also, if you could change his entrance song, what would it be to?

    Also here's one of the lengthier recent matches of his I could find if anyone wants to watch, the fact that this was on Superstars in June last year says a lot.

    So yeah, thoughts on Tatsu and new entrance theme choices, thanks

    [thinks about midcard]

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    I think Yoshi Tatsu has plenty of potential. He's very good in the ring, and I've heard that he can actually speak English very well, but he's just being told to 'dumb it down' on tv apparently.

    The darker character that he portrayed in NXT when he was feuding with Tyson Kidd was great IMO. The outfit, the attire he was wearing to come to the ring, the mask, the facepaint was great. A very good character that had potential to e more than a jobber. The only thing missing was a good theme to bat. He needed something along the lines of Sin Cara's theme, something mystical like that.
    Such a shame that he isn't portraying that character any more.

    I think he had potential to be a mid card champ perhaps with that gimmick. I'd like to see him paired with someone in the tag division. Tensai and Tatsu would have been a good team, as heels. Not sure who he'd fit with right now though.
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    Japanese Wrestlers simply have an incredibly hard time getting over in the US. The Great Muta, Tajiri & Taka Michinoku are the only 3 I can remember that got over. Muta because of his green mist, Tajiri because of his ECW cult following and Michinoku because of his size and high flying wrestling style, which was fairly new in the US back in the late 90s.

    Look at Masahiro Chono, the Hulk Hogan of Japan. In the US, he was a complete flop and a low carder. The best Yoshi can hope for is Goldust coming back and recreating their awkward tag team. That's it.

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    Currently the only japanese wrestler in wwe I assume? I'm not sure how to have him get over in wwe,I think he should've gain his popularity at promotion like ROH,Chikara,CZW or PWG before join wwe.Maybe if Yoshi return to New Japan one day he'll get a hero's welcome.

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    He is the only guy that is Japanese in the entire WWE including nxt (Sakamoto has been released) they really should be doing more with him.

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    If we're going to go full on Japanese with him I can't help but feel like Onmyouza would be real good for him. Maybe not this one specifically but I think they have a good cultural mix going with their sound.

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    Shame Sakamoto was released.It would have been pretty cool if Yoshi and Moto formed a tag team and just used tensai theme since he is now with Clay.
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    Yoshi has a lot of potential, but DWN, is reporting HHH may be looking to recruit from overseas(Japan), and Mexico; so I can see Yoshi's current stock getting even lower.

    I believe i read once Yoshi is actually a pretty good boxer; if he leaves WWE, and goes back to Japan, he is going to be huge.
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    He seems to be a nice guy, he's decent in the ring, and I've never heard of him whining about the position he's in. So I wish him well and hope there's something for him in the long run, even if it's just a participation in money in the bank (preferably at Wrestlemania).

    Don't know why, but I think he can shine in a MITB-match. The darker character could do well in a Elimination Chamber for a midcard title.
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    Can barely speak a word of English.

    Apparently he is taking lessons now according to some other Superstars regular. Tyson Kidd maybe...

    Aint bad in the ring, never gonna be anything more than he is now.

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