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    (yes another) Kofi Kingston thread

    So i saw on the main page Kofi is hurt and will be out 4-8 weeks. Would this be a good period to turn him heel and see what he can do? I think they should have ADR win the title again (like we know he will) and ziggler beat him up and kofi run in to help and clears ziggler out of the ring. ADR goes to thank him and kofi hits a trouble in paradise and stand over ADR with the title.

    Thoughts? Other ideas?

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    Nice idea..but instead of this...i would have put Miz over Barett for ic title..and barett assaulting the hell out of miz..and kofi comes to make the save...but hits Miz with the TIP instead..

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    He needs something. I would love to see a change up in the heels and faces. Turn Sheamus, Orton, Kofi and Cena(wishfull thinking) heel and let Ziggler turn face.

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    I think he's perennially stuck as mid card fluff, only being able to grab an occasional transitional IC or US title reign. Even turning him won't do anything for him, that ship of him being potential Main Event or World Champ has long since set sail.

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    Kofi Kingston is stuck in the midcard for years now and he's doing the same things weeks after weeks.
    He définitely need to turn heel and do something else.
    But not only a heel turn, he need a push as a heel because if the WWE just turn him heel and let him do the same things in the midcard, then it will be a waste of time and this will change nothing.

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    I can see kofi coming back an aligning himself with heyman. I remember recently him calling anyone a fool or something if they past off the chance of being managed by heyman. I hope wwe incorporate this as I think it would be a great shock to the wwe universe and let the guy have a main event run. Preferably world title feud with ziggler would be insane (guaranteed epic matches). I would though him to have a more aggresive style like ambrose and cesaro and a similar character to the on he had with his feud with orton.

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    I think it could be storyline to make Ryback look strong. Gives Kofi a few weeks off. Ryback loses to cena,enters mitb. Kofi returns to win mitb then fueds with ryback. If U give Kofi mitb then he is set, just see what happens,he could cash in soon as a heel on cena or wait for ages so their is someone more appropriate champ to fued with so he looks like a strong underdog. He deserves it

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    Great idea but I can't see him turning heel... All the kiddies love him, he has really cool merch (the bright t's, wrist bands, all that good stuff), and he's a highflyer. IDK why but for some reason it's hard for companies to take risk in developing a highflying heel. However, if they do decide to change him they need to do it soon because he's teetering on that Rey Mysterio phase right now of forever being face.

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    everyone cant be a world champ, but Kofi needs something. I keep having visions of a Matrix Kofi, black suit, black shades and the ability to fly around and whoop some ass.
    Send us someone, just don't send anyone you want back.

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    Seems like the only times heel turns work is when they are concurrent and on TV. Having Kofi return as a heel would probably register a little with the audience, but not have the same impact as it would if we saw the progression on TV.


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