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    This theme is BEAST! Fits Barrett perfectly... That part at the beggining where it sounds like a heartbeat coupled with flashes of him beating people down on the titantron... Niiiiiiiiiiice, I give WWE a win with this theme.

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    Yeah this is a good one... Seems like he's becoming the new Edge with his continually changing theme songs though. Although the "God save the queen" part can be carried over from song to song... much like "you think you know me".

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    Quote Originally Posted by merhardt03 View Post
    ill be the 1st to give u a reality check. this theme sucks major donkey dick
    Haha. I was waiting for someone to say this. I agree man. That slow low drum from the 0:09 second mark to the 0:15 second mark kills it for me. I'm no music producer, but it should go straight from God Save The Queen into that badass guitar riff.

    Also, the WWE has been massively overusing that low drum at the start of entrances. Off the top of my head: Curtis Axel, Del Rio's new theme, and Sin Cara start off with drums. So that's 4 total including Barrett, 3 of which debuted in the past few months. Meh.

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    I like the opening, but once the music kicks sounds like a generic DVD menu instrumental.

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    It's a nice theme. Wouldn't necessarily call it his "best" theme to date though. I personally think the first version of End of Days was the best theme for him. His last one was cool too.
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    Not really a fan of it tbh his run of shite themes continues.

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    His new theme is bad ass and it fits him. The End

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    Don't like it.

    Started off so well for him, we are one then end of days...


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    I like the new one, the previous theme sounded like generic rock to me, this one tells you who it is right away with that "god save the queen" intro.

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    Now all he needs is decent pyro to go in sync with this signature entrance taunts and we've got ourselves a total package.
    A submission finisher to compliment the ball hammer would be the cherry on the cake too.


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