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    If Punk retired today, would you consider him better than any future HOFrs

    I was thinking the other day, if Punk retired lets say today, would you consider him going down as better than any future HOF'r who currently has had matches in say the last 3 years. Who's in that category: Kane, Jericho, Big Show, Mark Henry, John Cena, HHH, and whoever else you figure will get in. If they just retired the same day as well. I actually believe Punk would go down better than some of the guys I mentioned. Well that is my opinion, what do you think? I certainly don't believe anyone out there would consider Mark Henry is better than CM Punk. LOL!

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    What do you mean go down better? Are you referring to how they'll be remembered or respected? Their physical well being? If your talking about compare the careers in and out of the ring of the people you mentions then theres no way punk would be above guys like HHH or Cena or even Show who've done tons of backstage and charity work for the company.
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    better what? better career then no. better wrestler no. HHH, Jericho and cena all had better careers. if all there careers stopped now jericho is better then punk.

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    As of right now, Jericho, Cena and HHH would have to be ranked higher on the list than Punk. Hes been great for business for the last couple years, but he would need to stay relevant for atleast 5 more years, and hold a hand full more belts, for him to be considered better than any of these guys. Unfortunately, I think he just is the right guy at the wrong time. Much like Randy Savage, he is wrestling in the era of Cena (like it or not). I can see him eventually being regarded as better than HHH and jericho, But I think he will always be Savage to Cena's Hogan.

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    A draw, a superstar is what I'm leaning towards here. Examples: CM Punk vs x superstar(John Cena) at say Mania main event....would that draw more than say other future HOFrs. I don't believe Big Show, Kane, or Mark Henry have a chance in hell of main eventing Mania in the future. I'd say the same for Jericho as well. Main event, I mean last match on the card. I personally believe if Punk faced a top superstar in the main event no matter who it was....he'd draw more money than the guys I mentioned except of course maybe HHH, Cena, and Rock of course. Say Austin comes out of retirement or someone else....I figure Punk would be at the top of the list of drawing power along with Cena and The Rock for his last match. Of course this is an opinion.

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    No, just no.

    Lets just compare him to Jericho... Jericho has a more prestigious career... Jericho has more control of the crowd on the mic. Jericho can put over talent better and can put on a better match. This isn't an attack on Punk... but he has miles to go to be on Jericho's levels.

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    When it's all said and done and the raging flames of Punk fandom have turned to smouldering embers, the bare bones of his career will be visible. As an athlete he's better than Hulk Hogan but no way can he touch Hogans overwhelming popularity and longevity. As a wrestler he's better than John Cena but although Punk connects strongly with a group of fans, his appeal is not as universal. As a talker he's better than most but does he have the career versatility of the Big Show, who has had many phases/chapters to his career - The Giant/NWO/The Corporation/various successful tag teams and much more. Sure Punk has had his ECW run, SES, Nexus, Heyman but all that has been very little variation on the same theme. Essentially his character has not changed one little bit. Where's the growth? Comparatively, he's on a level right now of a Rey Mysterio - a stellar career but will continue to make few waves once he's gone. He's not leaving behind much, if anything, that other guys haven't done before him. That he has it all in one package? It's remarkable, but not that memorable. Other guys who had the same type of package as Punk - great talker, great performer, great heat generator - guys like Edge (who's already being devalued by fans) or Ted DiBiase.

    He's already a deserving Hall Of Famer but the sad fact is, wrestling fans have a history of not being able to appreciate something that has gone as much as whats here right now. They're very much of the attitude of "What have you done for me lately?" and "If you're not offering me something now, why should I care?".

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    C.M Punk is an excellent wrestler but wouldn't be considered #1 if he retired soon. He still has so much things to do!

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    Would Punk go down as having a better career than some of the guys who went for years in the WWE if he retired today? No.

    Would he be considered for the HOF if he retired today? Koko Beware is in the yes.

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    If CM Punk retired today/tomorrow/yesterday I don't think he is worthy of a WWE HOF slot.
    I know there are some less than stellar guys showing up in the HOF but my point is he's only had 3 WHC reigns and 2 WWE and most of those were instantly forgettable. He's not Edge or Eddie, who pretty much are only in the HOF already due to their tragic career ends, he's just hypothetically walking away.

    Don't get me wrong CM Punk is most of the way to a deserved HOF place but if he retired now I think he'd fall short. Compared to Kane, Jericho, Undertaker, HHH, or Cena he doesn't have the pedigree in WWE and as it's their HOF he needs to stick around longer or have his career end tragically (God forbid) to get in.

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