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    Know Your Role - Amd Shut Your Mouth

    Long time reader, first time poster. I was a huge fan of the AE, which I am sure 99.9% of you on here you are as well, even though a lot of you were even old enough to remember.

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    Welcome, HC.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here in the EWN. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions about how things are run here, you can always consult Frank, the moderators or myself. And BTW, I'm an AE fan as well.

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    Welcome to the forums man! Have a fun time posting.

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    WElcome to EWN!
    Have fun posting!

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    Welcome but, this is in the wrong area. AE wasn't anything special but, enjoyable nonetheless.

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    Wats this thread about???????????

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    Why is everyone talking about American Eagle so much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Obama View Post
    Wats this thread about???????????
    It's an introduction thread, but the guy posted it in the wrong place. I'm sure a mod will move it when they see it.

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    It's an evil scheme just to be noticed!
    Welcome to the forums HailCeasar, have fun.

    Ps. I can take or leave the AE

    Divas to believe in.

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    Welcome, but...How old do you think the majority here are? If you think most can't remember AE, you must think this is the John Cena under 13 fan site...

    Nah, I'm just fuckin with ya in a way homeboy, take it easy around here and enjoy this bastard, some kinda place, that's for sure.

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.


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