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    Debuting Faces

    John Cena, Ryback, "Funkasaurus' Brodus Clay & Sin Cara. Since Cena's debut match in 2002, these are the only debuts that I can remember where the debuting wrestler was a face. I do smoke massive amounts of pot, so please help me remember if I am excluding someone off from that list. I understand that the WWE thinks it is easier for a guy to garner heel heat than it is for someone to get over with the crowd, but I disagree. What it takes is more creativity from the highly uncreative WWE writing staff.

    For a guy to get heel heat, he just needs to be booked in a squash match, be aggressive, insult the crowd or their hometown (in-match & on the mic)....& walla!!! Instant heel. The way Cena was debuted was pretty awesome: a nobody strolls out & goes toe-to-toe with a top-tier guy, ultimately takes the loss, but gains the crowd's respect & adoration. Looking at the recent debuts (Damien Sandow, The Shield, Antonio Cesaro, Tensai, Fandango, Big E. Langston) & the talent ready to come up to the main roster (Kassius Ohno, Leo Kruger, Connor O'Brien, Bray Wyatt & the Wyatt Family, Corey Graves, hell...even Bo Dallas is teasing a heel turn), the trend of wrestlers debuting as heels looks to be continuing at a frenetic pace. In a time where there are not too many strong faces (not to mention Randy Orton or Sheamus will be going back to being a heel) what can (or better yet, should) do about this issue?
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