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    Terrible idea.

    They shouldn't use it they do they should use it all the time or not at all.
    Stupid that it happens in some matches for the storylines, need to stop doing things like this WWE!

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    Relax, people...more than likely a storyline is going to come out of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    I think the post shows are a good deal. Especially the panels.

    Keep Renee Young, a Hall of Famer(Possibly Foley) and 2 wrestlers that aren't on the card, and you have a solid panel of people.
    Yes I actually liked the post show vibe even if it was a little off and sudden it is certainly different...WWE could use different

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    It works if it's used right. For example, the "good" ref has been used for years. He spots a poor decision/interference and runs out to argue with the match official who then restarts the match. In this instances, why not have a "video ref" scenario? At least it looks better than a ref deciding "oh my colleague said he cheated, must be legit." Plus, doesn't the titan tron show replays of the match after it ends anyway? :S

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    Sell! I was so pissed when that happened cuz I honestly believe he deserved the spot more. Plus with zeb throwing in the towel it not only gave swagger the win, which he and his gimmick sorely need at this point, but it also kept del rio looking strong. And if they're just suddenly goimg to pull out the instant replay that brings about the question of why they haven't used this in the past. Everyone knew eddie guerrero faked getting hit with chairs to get a dq win or a quick roll up, where was the replay for that? Everyone knew william regal hid brass knuckles to win his matches, where was the replay for that? Everyone knows the bellas use twin magic everytime they compete, and the list goes on and on, I mean it just doesn't make sense for them to use this just the one time out of the blue

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    Sell! there is no use for "instant replays" in wrestling! Everyone knows wrestling is predetermined and its insulting to the fans. cheating plays a large part in wrestling and an instant replay essentially removes that aspect from the match. Its a terrible idea and laughable that the WWE event attempted it in the first place.

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    I think they should keep it. That way it would cut back on alot of the "cheating" in sports entertainment.
    I would love to see some bad ass heel that talked smack. Talked down on all other wrestlers and the crowd
    then went out there and won cleanly or lost and took it like a man. that would be awesome.

    Everyone praises CM Punk for his long reign but he cheated in alot of those matches or either he got help from someone
    else. His reign would have looked so much better if he said "F" everybody I am the man and I am going to prove it.
    Rather then cheat to win.

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    Also when heels cheat almost all the time. It would make sense that officials would start to crack down on that. I know this isnt the NFL or the NBA or anything like that. I know this is scripted and predetermined but the WWE strives to make it appear to be real. Just like movies aren't real but everything is done to make them look real. So in real life most people would say hey the heels cheat all the time lets do something about this so that it can be a fair playing field

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