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    Buy Or Sell: The Use Of Instant Replay in Sports Entertainment

    Last Sunday at Extreme Rules, clear and out of the blue, Mike Chioda incorporated the use of LIVE instant replay based on the first result of the "I Quit" Match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. A first in the storied history of Sports Entertainment.

    My first reaction was: "What In The World?" But then it got me to thinking just how much this could change the wrestling world as we know it.

    Do you the wrestling fans Buy Or Sell the use of instant replay in Sports Entertainment?

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    I think it's a bad idea to introduce this replay thing. Now what, we'll have instant replay for each match no ? Heels cheat 99% of the time, and it's obvious we won't have replay for al these matches, so this is already a non sense.

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    Sell. It could completely kill the need of being a heel. If they cheat, faces complain, ref sees replay - oh well, DQ or match restart.

    I think this may have been a shot at some other sport that had a debacle about it.
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    Get rid of it!!!

    Will ruin the cheating heel gimmicks!!

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    Terrible idea.

    They shouldn't use it they do they should use it all the time or not at all.
    Stupid that it happens in some matches for the storylines, need to stop doing things like this WWE!

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    Relax, people...more than likely a storyline is going to come out of this.

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    It works if it's used right. For example, the "good" ref has been used for years. He spots a poor decision/interference and runs out to argue with the match official who then restarts the match. In this instances, why not have a "video ref" scenario? At least it looks better than a ref deciding "oh my colleague said he cheated, must be legit." Plus, doesn't the titan tron show replays of the match after it ends anyway? :S

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    Sell! I was so pissed when that happened cuz I honestly believe he deserved the spot more. Plus with zeb throwing in the towel it not only gave swagger the win, which he and his gimmick sorely need at this point, but it also kept del rio looking strong. And if they're just suddenly goimg to pull out the instant replay that brings about the question of why they haven't used this in the past. Everyone knew eddie guerrero faked getting hit with chairs to get a dq win or a quick roll up, where was the replay for that? Everyone knew william regal hid brass knuckles to win his matches, where was the replay for that? Everyone knows the bellas use twin magic everytime they compete, and the list goes on and on, I mean it just doesn't make sense for them to use this just the one time out of the blue

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    Sell! there is no use for "instant replays" in wrestling! Everyone knows wrestling is predetermined and its insulting to the fans. cheating plays a large part in wrestling and an instant replay essentially removes that aspect from the match. Its a terrible idea and laughable that the WWE event attempted it in the first place.

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    I could deal with it on occasions, just not all the time, because only faces would win. I believe Swagger shouldn't have won either way, with or without it though, because throwing in the towel is not saying I Quit, he has to say the words. I like the Miz, and do not hate Cena, I hated when Miz lost to Cena in I Quit match, when Miz used a voice recorder to make it sound like Cena sad I Quit when he didn't, Miz cheated, but still should have won.

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