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    honestly where he joined The Nation it was sooo dumb, it ruined that amazing momentum of the Hart foundation and the soul survivor Hart storyline....... and last time i checked Owen was still a dominate Tag team with Jarrett and he also got the Blazer Gimmick with a singles title.....

    Seriously if i was a wrestler i rather Hold the IC tittle then be a Tag team that is thrown togther and the whole match is based on everyone starring at Debras tits and Jerry Lawler screaming PUPPIES!!!....

    Owens Blazer gimmick and being the oppisite of Astin with the Drink your milk thing was very amusing. and Owen did a excellent Job, Owen wasnt the best promo guy but he played the nerdy, goofy actidenial kinda Charector very well.... I liked t and i was happy to See Owen more on TV and actually winning matches
    one thing i noticed years later is that around the time he joined the nation, they were calling him the Black Hart. NOD=black power group, owen hart=the black hart. not sure if they did that on purpose but it was the only logical connection i ever made


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