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    Fun Wrestling Facts

    1. in the Main Event of wrestlemania 13 "Sid vs The Undertaker". Sid actually shit in his pants sometime durring the the match and the Undertaker noticed and had to go along with the match.

    2. It is rummored that Paul Heyman use to get special guest stars on ECW by promising them Missy Hyatt would sleep with them.

    3.Missy Hyatt brough Marcus Bagwell in to prowrestling, Bagwell lived next door to Hyatt and she seen him and asked him to try out for WCW..... Bagwell before then was a male stripper and did soft core porn b movies.

    4. Kamala use to wrestle with a pistal in his knee pad in case some one tried to shoot on him

    5. wahoo Mcdaniel had a bet with Verne gagne (or bill watts) that Wahoo couldnt run 30 miles, and in the middle of the night Wahoo ran along side the highway with Verne and Wrestlers driving along beside him, he ran all night and he made it the 30 miles and won the bet.

    6. The Million Dollar man was sopouse to win the World Championship at Wrestlemania 4 instead of the the Macho man.... The Macho Man was sopouse to beat the Honkey Tonk Man for the I.C. Title before Wrestlemania.... Honkey Tonk Man heard he was droping the Title and left WWF and threatened to take the Belt to WCW, so Vince had a meeting with Honkey and Savage. Then decied to let Honkey Tonk Man keep the title by DQ so he wouldnt take the title to WCW... Savaged was outraged and Vince told him he will give him the WWF championship at Wrestlemania instead of Diabiase..... Which is why Ted Diabiase and Honkey Tonk Man still have heat.

    7. Meng is considered by most wrestlers as the toughest man ever to step in a wrestling ring.... There was a few incidents mentioned where Meng was maced and cuffed and he broke free of the hand Cuffs then beat down 7 officers.....
    then another incident where a wrestler (cant remember his name) was disrespecting and bullying a ditch digger late at night.
    Meng asked him stop while he was kicking dirt in him but he replied (what the F#ck are you gonna do about it). Then Meng pulled his eye out, and being a good sport he is, he put his eye back for him.

    8. Chainz/Prime Time Brian Lee/Fake Undertaker was best man at the Undertakers wedding..... Rowdy Piper was Best man at Ric Flairs wedding also.

    9. The Rock is said to not only dislike Shawn Michaels but flat out refuses to work with him or speak to him.....The reason for this is.
    When The Rocks Grandmother took over Peter Maivias Wrestling Fed (was the first woman to run a fed back then), The Rockers were on the card and demanded things and was very disrespectful to The Rocks Grandmother and both Shawn and Marty (mostly shawn) Bullied her....
    Also there was the time when the Rock was gonna get a big push and Shawn Michaels did everything politaclly to hold him down for some reason... and Bret Hart Pushed for the Rock to get a bigger role and fought for him to get pushed. Which some say is why Shawn wanted to hold him down out of spite..... so those are the reasons The Rock refused to work with Shawn michaels.

    10. When Mark Henery first came in to The WWF, X-Pac pulled a prank on him by shitting, and putting a scoop of it in his Hoggie sandwhich and him and a few Wrestlers hid and watch Henery eat the sandwhich, seeing if he noticed, which he didnt and it became a big gag..... X-pac even made refrence to it in the DX Impersonating The Nation Segment on Raw when he said "I't smells like Shit but i'll eat it any ways HEY HEY HEY".

    11. On a bus Ride, Bad News Brown heard Andre the Giant say some Racist remarks. Bad News was outraged and got off the Bus full of wrestlers and Challenged Andre The Giant outside, which Andre ignored. and it was known the only time Andre the Giant backed Down from a fight.

    12. Harley Race was doing some kinda pubilicty with Jackie Gleason in the 70's (or late 60's), and it called for Jackie Gleason to Punch Harley Race, Race told Gleason to hit him as hard as he can, Whic he did..... Later he said in a interview to a news paper that he gave Harley Race his best shot and he didnt even blink.

    13. one of the main The reasons why Missy Hyatts marriage to Eddie Gilbert didnt last is cause Hyatt had a One night Stand with Tom Prichard (Zip) and all the wrestlers talked about it and it got back to Eddie gilbert and it was the straw that broke the camals back.

    14. Missy Hyatt was dating Jason Harvey of Wonder years and thats how Harvey met Eric Bishoff... they remained friends and bussiness partners ever since and they opened a production company called Bishoff/Harvey productions.

    15. TNA star Daffney is dating The man who played Carlton from The Fresh Princh of Bel Air.

    16. Speaking of Daffney, she left the wrestling bussiness for a long period of time, it was rumored she did after being so heart broken after CM Punk broke up with her.

    17. Steve Austin was once so poor when he was breaking out in Professinal wrestling that he had to eat Raw Potatoes for one week straight cause all he had was a 5 pound sack of potatoes and didnt have the money to buy anything else..... and didnt have electricity to prepare them in any way...... so Austin had to eat Raw Potatoes for 1 week till he got his check from Memphis wrestling.

    18. it is Rumored that Virgil got his Job with WWF after he pulled his penis out and sloped it on the desk of Pat patterson, and Patterson was so impressed with the size he hired him on the spot.

    19. While they were both in WWF, Fatu didnt have money to pay the electric bill and his family didnt have any where to go, Yokozuna after hearing Fatu on the phone to his wife, gave him the money to wire to his wife and pay the bill.

    20. Curt Henning once tried to haze Scott Steiner, Steiner to show Henning a lesson, tied him up in a wrestling hold and had one hand free, and kept threatening to put his thump up Hennings ass and Henning would scream and beg him not to cause he was unable to move... This went on for a Half of Hour and Henning promised never to haze Scott Steiner Again.

    21. Mankinds mask concept was actually meant to look more like Haniable lecters mask form "The Silence of the Lambs" till Foley talked them in to changing it to the Mankind mask he wore.

    22. In the Beniot Tribute on Raw. HHH gave a speech about how someone disrespected Shawn Michaels and Benoit made him do 500 hindu squats 2 nights in a row.... the wrestler he was refering to was "Matt Striker".

    23. Stever Blackman had a contract with WWF when he was 19, just before he was strarting in WWE he went to africa to wrestle for a friend and got a bad case of malaria that took 6 years to get over..... Blackman would make his Debut 8 years after he was orginally sopouse to.

    24. Crash Hollys roomate when he passed away was Steven Richards... he passed away in there shared apartment.

    25.Chris Hamerick attempted suicide after the married woman he was having a affair with decied to end it.

    26. back when all 3 were in FCW, Yoshi Tatsu, Ted Diabiase and Sheamus were all rooming together.... Sheamus was known to be a big Bully back in his FCW days, he would constantly bully Diabise and Tatsu. and then one time Tatsu got tired of it and Sheamus wnet to attack him and Yoshi Tatsu defned him self and humbled Sheamus so badly that it brang Sheamus to tears and he stopped bulling them from that point on.... Not Yoshi Tatsu is a trained fighter and very peacful and is one the reasons he allowed Sheamus to bully him.

    27. Stan Hansen hit Vader so hard in a match in Japan that he took Vaders eye out of socket, and Vader had to wrestle the whole match with his eye out of socket...... The reason Hansen made the mistake was he had bad eye sight to begin with but he entered after Vader and he couldnt see from the smoke in Vaders entrance and he just swung wildly with out know where Vader was.

    28. Vader was known as being so stiff that a few Jobbers that were gonna wrestle against him on a TV taping seen his name next to theres on the card and just up and left and quit on the spot. it happened a few times.

    29.Former WWF Wrestler Kevin Kelly (no not the announcer) also known as Nails got in a heated argument with Vince Mcmahon in his office and choked him till he almost passed out.... it was roken up shortly and Nails was never seen in the company again.

    30.Vince Mcmahon challenged Kurt Angle to pin him... it got so heated that the Undertaker had to breakit up by putting a rear naked choke on Kurt Angle.

    I might of made a few tiny errors on some of them but the important stuff were still in tacts, i did all of these by memory so if you have a correction please feel free to let me know and also please if you have any Fun Facts or Stories you know put them on this post thats what its for.


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