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    1st of all. for worst? Khali chop? "Ooooooh, Khali's a bad wrestler, so I will say his is the worst move I've ever seen."
    Not knocking anyone who said so, but when Big E. Langston's ass backwards move around, you choose a skull cracking chop to the head concept the worst? There is nothing about Big E.'s move that makes any sense, if anyone I knew gave me Khali chop to the head, I'd probably feel it in my neck because when we'd wrestle, we never knew any secrets or anything, just do the moves the way we see them, but if anyone did Big E. Langston's move to me, not matter which way, I wouldn't feel anything, probably just my knees and shins hitting the floor. That's it. It's jut as bad as Randy trying to RKO someone through a table or doing it on a unfolded chair...

    Which brings me to my next point...
    2nd, I get that the RKO can happen anytime, ....but it just catches people. That's it. People say the RKO to Evan Bourne was the best was Randy catching Evan. How's that the "best"? If anyone owns that move more, it is Diamond Dallas Page. The Daimond Cutter was by far the craziest anyone has ever done it, and he introduced it. If you watch hi videos, he went creative with that move to the point of insanity. And he definitely owns Randy in personality and charisma. And I know, it is in the WWE category, but I wanna make this clear, Diamond Cutter >>>>>>>>>>> RKO.

    Please, observe this commerc-cerial.

    As goes for my list. I am an Attitude Era guy. But I would have to say the move that puts your opponent's momentum and weight against them is actually the FU or as you know, the "Attitude Adjustment" Now, before anyone gets all whiny at me, you need to think about physics, yes, I too hate Cena, but I did it before it became cool. Lol. but seriously, do not think I am coming from nowhere with this.

    You see how he tosses his opponents or flips them onto their back and lets them fall? Yeah, "The heavier they are, the harder they fall" That's one I'd say has the most impact in WWE right now. Certainly not the best though.

    WWE: Sweet Chin Music. Hit that shit from anywhere. or Stunner.

    Worst: Big E. Langston's.

    My: A Tazz-sideplex. Get under the right or left arm of your opponent, lock your arms around their ribs, then dump them onto their heads. Of course mainly them landing on their shoulders or upper back.
    I disagree with Big E's being the worst. Having taken something much smaller than Big E's shoulder in the gut - I can say for certain - it hurts much more than it looks. That's essentially what he's doing to the opponent, similar to Orton's RKO. Big's finisher drives his massive shoulder/chest into the opponents. For instance, I was jumping over a bar and tried to with no hands - came down wrong and it hit my chest. It completely knocked the breath out of me and hurt for days.

    For Best: Burning Hammer. If I remember correctly, it has never been kicked out of.

    Worst: The Cobra.
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    My personal finisher would be a mix of Frankie Kazarian's Fade to Black and an Alabama Slam, the name would be ashes to ashes, dust to dust


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