View Poll Results: Who will he feud with next?

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  • The Rock

    5 19.23%
  • Undertaker

    4 15.38%
  • Ryback

    4 15.38%
  • Cm Punk

    6 23.08%
  • Sheamus

    7 26.92%
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    Interesting idea about orton and Brock I mean it be blockbuster plus I don't think they
    Ever faced
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    I would like to see him go against afull timer that is going to stick around for a while. Thats why I would be all for him going against sheamus, orton or some up and commer. Brock going against HHH and Cena does nothing for the business, but if they turned sheamuis into a more serious character i think it would be a very fun feud. I would also love to see Brock work with Batista if he ever came back.

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    I didn't vote as I don't think HHH VS Lesnar is over yet, sadly.

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    I voted Rock as that is the plan if he feels like coming back, if not i'd probably go with Sheamus. As long as they dont book Sheamus to win the fued because the credibility Brock has as an asskicker will be pretty much gone
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    I think a face CM Punk at Summerslam. It would be the right timing for Punk to return, and now that Heyman also has Mc.. Axel in his stable, there is no real need for Punk and Heyman to associate with each other.

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    Cena possibly over the WWE title at Summerslam or Punk is my best two guesses.

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    Looks like it'll be Punk

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    Yep... and as much as I wanted Punk to come back and feud with Cena, it makes more sense to have him turn face and feud with Lesnar FIRST. That way they can test the waters and see if Punk can be the baby face of the company... Like to see the merchandise sales, ticket sales, and all that goes into being one of if not the top face in the company. Then they can FINALLY turn Cena heel and let Punk run with it.


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