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Thread: Brock's Dilemma

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    Brock's Dilemma

    I've noticed that this has been a very prevailing topic among the Internet using wrestling fans of the EWN and I think it's safe to say that this same topic has been discussed on other forums and discussion boards as well. If you can't tell what I'm talking about from the title of the thread, I'll get into more detail:

    From what I've been reading for you guys since Brock's return, most of the time, he's looked pretty damn weak. He's 2-2 now with one loss from John Cena at Extreme Rules last year and another loss to Triple H at Wrestlemania 29. His two victories come from two victories against Triple H with one from last year at Summerslam and one from last night at Extreme Rules. Now, before Triple H won against Triple H last night, a lot of people were saying that Brock's been looking weak. Do you now feel the same way now that Brock Lesnar has defeated Triple H in their rubber match? I'm sure that anyone interested in this topic will surely leave a comment but as for me, the answer to this question is yes.

    The reason I say this is because for me, the two most influential matches in Brock Lesnar's recent tenure were against John Cena and his match with Triple H last night. For me, these two matches could make or break Brock Lesnar's mystique as an ass kicking machine. Right off the bat, his loss to John Cena ruined it. Despite playing so many mind games and coming out of left field to make Cena's life a living hell, Cena was able to overcome the odds and defeat Brock Lesnar. And then, you have his match with Triple H in that steel cage match. Sure, Brock won, but I couldn't help but be bothered with the way he was carrying himself in the match. Despite being the obvious antagonist, Brock acted more of a babyface than Triple H did. The way he was screaming and crying about his knee reminded me of a five year old who skins his knee and wants mommy to kiss it and make it better. It was kind of pathetic. Then of course, Paul Heyman had to come in and ensure that Brock would win after directly interfering with Triple H's plans to take out Brock with a sledgehammer.

    So overall, despite winning the best of 3 series with Triple H, I still think he looks weak and despite legitimately looking like someone I should take seriously, I can't.

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    It's one thing to book a smaller sized heel like Dolph Ziggler as needing help to win matches, but it's laughable that they are doing the same with Brock Lesnar. Oh, but I forgot Triple H is the greatest wrestler who ever lived so he can't lose clean to a guy that could destroy him in real life.

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    That's your problem, not WWE's he couldn't have been booked any better last night, without it just been a blatant squash match.

    The knee 'injury' was genius it made Brock look like a beast (which he is), and gives them an excuse to write him off TV without him just randomly quitting again.

    I agree that his loss to Cena was pointless, but that was along time ago and your only as good as your last match.


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    The match vs Cena was an entire mistake especially the end. Perhaps they should have done a real feud but not the day Brock returned. The 2 first matches vs Triple H were good, but I also feel that Brock appeared weak last night and was not the destoyer WWE wants him to be. I don't know what's next for Brock Lesnar but I hope it will be better. Serioulsy Brock Lesnar should be almost unstoppable, just like The Shield but that's not the way he is. I wanted him to team with Punk, as a team, but now that The Shield is the Tag Team Champions, it's over for this idea

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    I don't see Brock coming off as weak. In that match with Cena, he was destroying him the whole way, and Cena got lucky at end. His win almost came off as flukish, similar to Triple H's win at WM 29. All he has to do is take the title off Cena and he gets his heat back from ER '12. He's won the series against Triple H. I really enjoyed him selling that knee last night. He showed more charisma in one that match than Swagger has since his comeback. "My knee's real bad, Paul." or "That's my manager". Priceless! I think the problem is different. Brock is going to be the favorite in any encounter he is in except maybe against Cena or a WM match against The Undertaker. Outside of Sheamus, I don't see any non part timer looking strong enough to compete with Brock. If they go through his whole run without having him go against any of the new talents, it would be a waste.

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    As far as looking weak the only problem I really have is him losing that match to Cena right after his return. Since, I think they've done well to rebuild that but he sure did look weak after Extreme rules last year. I think the Lesnar/HHH rivalry going 2-1 is fine but it has dragged on a bit long and is by now very boring. I hope it's over and he can move on to something else. I also hope they book him in a few matches on Raw sometime.
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    I think Lesnar have other problems...Like leg days!
    Those legs sure looked skinny last night...Am I right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoenK View Post
    I think Lesnar have other problems...Like leg days!
    Those legs sure looked skinny last night...Am I right?
    Yes, he is like a chicken, massive upper body with skinny legs.

    No wonder they got 'hurt'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    Yes, he is like a chicken, massive upper body with skinny legs.

    No wonder they got 'hurt'
    He always misses leg days doesn't he haha


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