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Thread: I Have To Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    Nope of their match.

    Gonna start posting the show until HJ send me his part
    I'll post my part bud
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    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 time
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    Chris Mason: Some strong words from both men.

    Jack Madison: I don't think Sagittarius Blue is ready for this Chris. Pamich looks great though, i love Pamich.

    Chris Mason: What are you talking about, Blue looks more determent than ever.

    *Both men get on each others face while the ref enters the ring and sends both men to their corners for the official introduction*

    Mark Cooper: The following quarterfinal round match is set for one fall,the winner of the match will advance to the semifinal round of EWN Grand Prix.Introducing first from Trebinje, Herzegovina "The one man Dynasty" Iiiiisrael Paaaamiiiich!

    *Boos for Pamich*

    Mark Cooper: And he's opponent from Athens, Georgia Sagittarius Bluuuueeeee!

    *Fans cheering Blue's name*

    (Lethal=Blue/Doug=Pamich start at 1:13 stop at 4:41)

    Both men are down and the ref starts the count.




    Now Blue slowly tries to get on his feet, Pamich is not moving.



    Blue finally gets on his feet first and screams to Pamich to get up.Finally Pamich gets up and Blue starts striking him with the Sagittarius Special (Mui Tai kicks and Punches to head and body).Pamich is dizzy and Blue takes a few steps back and nails Pamich with a Superkick.Blue goes for the cover...




    Pamich was close to the ropes and he grabbed the bottom rope because he didn't had the power to kick out.

    Madison:What a great move from Pamich grabbing the rope.This shows how good Pamich is.

    Pamich gets up but Blue punches him to the face sending him to the ropes.Israel immediately charges back with a punch and both men start exchanging.


    Blue gets the better of this exchange and connects with a strong closeline and takes Pamich down.Now Blue slowly picks him up and tries to send Pamich to the corner but Israel reverses the move and tosses Blue to the corner.Pamich charges with a closeline and then connects with an uppercut .Then he picks him up and sets Blue to a superplex position as he climbs to the second turnbuckle .Blue tries hard to fight back with a few stiff punches to Isreal's rib cage but Israel manages to climb the third turnbuckle and execute the superplex.Both men go hard on the canvas.Pamich goes for the cover...




    Mason: Sagittarius Blue kicks out!

    Madison: How the hell he did that?

    Both men are down and look exhausted.Ref starts the count again as Pamich gets to his feet first and wastes no time picking Blue up once again and executing a German suplex.He doesn't release the hold and hits him with a second one.He picks him up again turns his back to the corner and throws Blue to the corner with a third German suplex.Blue's neck and back go hard to the second turnbuckle and fans start chanting "Holy Shit".Pamich goes for the cover but the ref doesn't count because Sagittarius foot was under the rope.Israel complains to the ref and now the fans are chanting "You still suck".Israel waits and readies himself for a Spear. Israel charges but Blue counters and connects with The Sign of the Archer (Inverted Half-Nelson into a Knee Strike)!The fans go nuts in the arena.Blue goes immediately for the cover....

    Mason: This is it Jack.

    One !

    Two !


    Madison: I can't believe he kicked out.This is how bad this man wants to win this tournament.

    Sagittarius can't believe that Israel kicked out his finishing move.Blue tries to pick Pamich up but Pamich grabs the ref.Blue pushes the ref away to get hit with a low blow from Pamich.But Ref's back was turned so he didn't see what happened.Israel grabs Blue's legs and locks the Dynasty Fulfilled(texas cloverleaf).Ref asks Sagittarius Blue if he quits.Blue screams no, he tries to get his legs free but the hold is too tight.Blue tries with all the power he has to carry himself with his hands close to the ropes.He manages to drag Pamich back but not close enough to grab the rope.Pamich now takes him back to the center.Blue won't tap, he screams and pulls his hair from the pain.He lifts his hand up....Screams one more time...before he finally tap out.

    Cooper: Here is your winner and advances to the semifinal round of Grand Prix 1 Iiiisraeel Paaammicchhh!

    Madison: What a win for Pamich!Both men fought hard but in the end the better man won.

    Mason: Pamich cheated he should have been disqualified.

    Madison: What do you mean he cheated the ref never saw anything.Its not Pamich's fault that the ref is stupid.He won this match fair.End of story

    *Pamich stands tall, climbing a corner, celebrating his win as he taunts the fans.
    The camera's cut to a commercial break.*


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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyJose2391 View Post
    I'll post my part bud
    Ok bro just finished my part take it from there

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    Great show so far guys! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

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    Great start of the show Maggs- and some great promos from Crick and Scribb

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO View Post
    Great show so far guys! Can't wait to see the rest of it!
    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    Great start of the show Maggs- and some great promos from Crick and Scribb
    Thanks guys

    I can't wait to read the main event.It will be awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    Great start of the show Maggs- and some great promos from Crick and Scribb
    Thanks very much EHC i am very proud of our work and magglis wrote an awesome match

    Israel: Sagittarius Now I have beaten you like I said I would what career path are you going to take now?
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaz11 View Post
    I never even did one, so here's mine out of boredom.

    My characters:

    Shaz vs Eddie Juarez
    Shaz vs Malcolm Adonis
    Shaz vs Erebus
    Shaz vs Rob Rage
    Shaz vs Chris Divine
    Shaz vs Greed
    Shaz vs Mr. Smyth
    Shaz vs TDA
    Shaz vs Kyojin
    Shaz vs CAR
    Shaz vs VHX

    The biggest one I want: Shaz vs Tommy Thunder

    Other characters:

    Kyojin vs Eddie Juarez
    VHX vs K Jammin
    Jesting Madness vs Black Blooded
    Ronaldo Romulus vs Mr. Smyth
    Shining Light vs Darius
    In addition to that:

    Ma$$Dinero vs Shaz (Craving to see that one!)
    HolyJose vs KingStrem
    Kyojin vs Jason Alexander
    Shaz vs Shuriken Blade
    Johaan Van Hellsing vs Shining Light
    Shaz vs Shining Light

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    Thanks for the mentions guys

    most of the feuds not involving BB have been stated a few times, so I will say

    Black Blooded vs Jesting Madness

    Black Blooded vs Mexican Nightmares

    Black Blooded vs Three of a kind

    Black Blooded vs Elite Bloodline vs Blacklist Royalty

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    Thanks for mentioning JM, fellas.

    Some singles that have to happen for Grind/Carlin:

    Grind vs Ano Doom Barb Wired Massacre

    Grind vs Erebus.

    Grind vs Abel Hell in a Cell

    Carlin vs Ronaldo Romulus

    Carlin vs Tommy Thunder

    Carlin vs Arthur Lansdale 1 hour submissions only Iron Man match.

    Carlin vs K-Jammin.

    Carlin vs VHX.

    That's what comes to mind right now.

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    Also check TWE!!

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