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Thread: I Have To Know

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    Black Ninja! bearkg88's Avatar
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    Here are the ones for my characters

    Chris divine vs rob rage
    Chris divine vs darius
    Cody Hart vs kyojin
    Hart vs van hooligan x
    Divine vs artemis eclipse.

    This is others id like to see
    Darius vs jman
    Rob rage vs kyojin
    Ma$$diner vs Tommy thunder vs van hooligan x

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    Quote Originally Posted by No_1eddiefan View Post
    Lansdale-Rage happened at Rise from the Ashes dude!

    Erebus-Juarez-Jman would be insane!

    And Kyo-Shuri would be great too, kinda like the seasoned veteran against the up and coming new guy!
    It did? Hmm i don't really read EWNCW anymore but i think i'll have to make an exception for that! I'm not really involved with the Lansdale incarnation in EWNCW anymore so that might explain why i didn't know, though i would have liked to IC with Rob for sure!
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    Name: "Primetime" AJ Dixon

    Alias': Primetime, AJD

    : Atlanta, Georgia.

    Height: 6'3".

    : 235 lb.


    Ring style: High Flyer, Bruiser, Quick/Fast, Not Afraid to do anything to win.

    Finishing Move: Mug Shot - Jumping Reverse STO; Drive-By - Shooting Star DDT

    Signature Moves: Super Kick; Spring Board/Turnbuckle Bulldog.

    Other moves
    : DDTs of all kinds, Scoop Slam, Spring Board Moves, High Cross Body, Shining Wizard, Spear, Russian Leg Sweep, Sleeper Hold, Eye Rake, Running Knee, Round House Kick.

    Theme tune and JabeTron video

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)
    : JBW, HWA, SRW.

    Titles in EFeds held: Absolutely Nothing!

    Twitter account: @PrimetimeAJD

    Groups/Tags: Everyman for himself, just like it was growing up!


    Bio (before JBW): Growing up in the tough streets of Atlanta, GA, AJ Dixon knew how to do two things, Run and Fight. He looked for escape through many different sports but found his most success in football where he became the Top WR in the State. He was looked at by many colleges but turned many off due to his cocky attitude and temper. After finishing high school, he went to The University of Georgia where he started for two years as there #1 wide receiver. He was soon kicked of the them team for fighting with teammates and coaches. After college, Dixon decide to turn all the anger and frustration to a sport he knew he could exceed at, Professional Wrestling. Dixon started small, wrestling in local promotions like Georgia Championship Wrestling and Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling. After several attempts to catch the eye of a major promotion, Dixon was asked to be a part of the start up of Hardcore Wrestling Association. Dixon was quick to jump on in hopes that he could be a part of something that could be big. After the end of HWA, Dixon had managed to get no titles and no accomplishments even having been the only HWA Original left on the roster for the last 4-5 months of the promotion. Dixon was furious and was eager to get what he never did in HWA, and that was respect and achievement. Dixon immediately got picked up by two promotions, Supreme Revolution Wrestling and Justifiably Badass Wrestling. Dixon hopes to not only make a bigger name for himself, but get a Championship, something that always seemed to elude him in the past.

    JBW Character Timeline: None as of yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Hey Bear...Rehmix called... He wants his everything back.

    Malcolm Cage
    "Primetime" AJ Dixon

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    Height: 6ft2in

    : 240lbs.


    Ring style: Brawler/Technician. Will knock you out as soon as make you tap out

    Finishing Move: Rolling Elbow, Southern Discomfort (Anaconda Vice)

    Signature Moves: Neckbreaker variations, Dawg Pound Rock (Triple H Spinebuster), Taker dive over the top rope, Tribute (Macho man elbow drop), Superplex, Shining Wizard, Flying lariat, Rock Bottom

    Other moves:
    Fisherman suplex, Yakuza kick, Mississippi Crawdad (Boston Crab), Gutwrench powerbomb, Seated elbow strikes to the side of the head

    Theme tune and JabeTron video


    Promotions worked for (EFeds)
    : HWA, TCW, ICW, JBW

    Titles in EFeds held: HWA Extreme Championship, TCW Resistance Championship

    Twitter account: @ChickenDinner

    Groups/Tags: none


    Bio (before JBW): KJ PUNK grew up in Mississippi and was always a fan of wrestling, so after college he decided to give it a try. He started out in his local shit bag indy fed before moving up to the bigger feds in the south. Now he's ready for ICW. He's straight edge like his namesake and he's blue collar. He prides himself on not giving up on himself no matter the situation and will fight till the end. Once the bell sounds, he turns into a beast that won't stop until he's won.

    JBW Character Timeline: (to come)
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    You fucking legend.
    First IWA World Champion

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88 View Post
    Here are the ones for my characters

    Chris divine vs rob rage
    Chris divine vs darius
    Cody Hart vs kyojin
    Hart vs van hooligan x
    Divine vs artemis eclipse.

    This is others id like to see
    Darius vs jman
    Rob rage vs kyojin
    Ma$$diner vs Tommy thunder vs van hooligan x
    Woah o.o You expect a lot from me! Lol jk, those would be epic matches

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    ~Shuriken Vs. Chris Divine

    ~Darius Vs. Malcolm Cage

    ~Jman Vs. TheBeardOfZeus

    ~Zeus Apollo Vs. Shining Light

    ~Eddie Juerez Vs. HolyJose

    ~NightWolf Vs. AlphaDog

    ~Ma$$Dinero Vs. Tommy Thunder

    ~Rob Rage Vs. Dubs

    ~ Chainsaw Vs. Billy McCoy


    I'm probably leaving some people out, but these are the matches I would love to see happen someday. Even though my run with the feds as TDA is coming to a close the following are the matches that I would want to see myself in personally;

    ~Tommy Thunder Vs. TDA

    ~Ma$$Dinero Vs. TDA

    ~HolyJose Vs. TDA

    ~AlphaDog Vs. TDA

    ~Jman Vs. TDA

    ~Gillz Vs. TDA

    ~Eddie Juerez Vs. TDA

    ~Shuriken Vs. TDA

    ~Dubs Vs. TDA -- Fun FACT: This match almost happened when Dubs was coming in as a Wrestler. The match was later dropped because Dubs got too busy to participate in JBW any longer. But with his sudden spikes of interest in the fed over time it is a strong possibility that we could PROBABLY get him back for one more match(I hope).

    ~Erebus Vs. TDA : I just love this guy.

    ~Arthur Lansdale Vs. TDA

    ~Billy McCoy Vs. TDA

    ~Psycho Siaki Vs. TDA

    ~Istvan Gretzky Vs. TDA

    ~Darius Vs. TDA

    ~Kayden James Vs. TDA
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    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    Seen a lot of Thunder v. Ma$$ and I couldn't agree more. Hell, I'd love to book it.


    2x HWA Supremacy World Champion

    2x JBW WARfare Tag Team Champion (with thedag and Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra)

    JBW WARfare World Heavyweight Champion

    AWF IronMan Champion

    Worked for IWA, EWNCW, HWA, SWA,
    JBW, EWA, ICW, and AWF

    EWN E-Fedding Hall of Famer

    A proud member of the EWN E-Fedding Community

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    Manchester, England
    Any of my characters up against TDA would be a dream match!
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    Well well,look who has rearisen in the Land JB...

    Superstar Name:Ano Doom

    From:The Netherworld.

    Entrance Theme:The lights go out,,(Prelude)Wind picks up and flames explode in the middle of the ring and Ano Doom appears on the ramp as the lights come on,followed by

    Cold Blooded Murder(Ryback Finisher,Fisherman lift into Olympic Slam move,I cant think of its name.)
    Blood Spiller(Rear naked choke with bodyscissors)
    Demon's Trick(Discus Elbow Strike)
    Kick of the Ancient Curse(Randy Orton Punt kick)

    Signature Moves:, Annihilater(Military Press into the Worlds Strongest Slam)
    Spinning Sto(
    Used much as a counter to a running opponent or diving.;Very quick and violent.
    Swiss Death("Machine Fist)
    Fisherman Driver("Blood Drainer")
    Falling One or two handed Chokeslam
    Multiple Military Press moves(Powerslam,fall-away,spinebuster,tombstone piledriver,F5,Samoan Drop)
    Ankle Lock
    Heart Punch
    KO Punch("Devils Flame")

    Discus Uppercut
    Knee to temple

    Other Certain Moves:Claw hold,forcing opponent to the mat
    MMA Knee strikes in the face from the clinch
    Figure Four
    Stiff Heavy Lariat
    Several kinds of Suplexes
    (Snap,Rolling German,Release Overhead Belly to Belly,Vertical,Full Nelson,Exploder,Head and Arm,Northern Lights.)
    Triple Powerbombs
    (Spinning,Kneeling,Running,Sitout,Falling,Crucifix Or Jackknife.)
    Crimson Red Mist("Beast Spit")
    Spinning Sideslam Backbreaker on knee
    Double Sledgehammer
    Headbutt from multiple positions
    Big boot
    Spinning Roundhouse Kick
    Several Powerslam variations

    Attire/Gear:Wears a half white Hockey mask,full of blood stains in crimson red in various spots all over it,covering only the right half of his face. The left maskless side of his face shows,covered in black tribal tattoos all over it,White bloodstained sleeveless hooded jacket,that is always worn open.Wears the hood on the jacket at all times when its being worn,and then takes it off before matches.His fists are tapped with white bloody tape as well,and there are white armbands full of blood on both biceps as well,White longer shorts(Think of some Dickies type of work shorts),Full of stains of blood lacing them all around. White wrestling boots that are smeared with blood all over,With stained crimson red blood all over the white knee pads he wears as well.(Yes everything on him is stained in blood,every last bit of his white clothing)entire upper body is covered in green,red and black and blue Tribal and macabre,dark evil looking tattoos,Consisting of flames,skulls,dragons,women,angels and demons,and swords and axes;from the neck to the body and arms down to the hands.The parts of his legs that are exposed are also covered in the same manner of ink as well.His forearms say "Carnage" and "Agony" in red vertically. ALL visible skin laced and completely inked all over with tattoos..Has very short,close,buzzed trim hair,but not quite completely bald,more of skinhead look than mr clean.Head is all covered in black script writing in a few places,going vertically and horizontally,,and dates and tribal tattoos all over it as well. Eyes are messed up,one is solid white and the other has a red pupil.Physique/Bulid like Ryback but much more ripped and chiseled,including 12 pack abs.

    Wrestling Style:Intense Monster Powerhouse,MMA striker/Brawler/Boxer,Chain wrestling Shoot Grappler with much Submission mixed in.

    Nickname:"The Venom Knight",The Zombie King","The Slayer","The Ripper",'Demon Deity",(has several different nicknames,alternates between them all evenly.)

    Weight:330 pounds.


    Gimmick:Very large monstrous man,sick and twisted,almost seemingly insane but has his emotions and thoughts very well in check,has monstrous superhuman strength.Will stop at nothing to make his goals happen.Has very shocking speed and athleticism for a man his size.Never one to leave a fight. Intense and freakishly unbelievably strong,lightning quick.Extremely skilled at wrestling and grappling as well. Also unmatched when it comes to fighting and boxing. Hard-hitting monster blessed with extraordinary skills in every category.Very out there and evil when it comes to his speaking pattern.Waits for a fight from anyone constantly,the moment anyone challenges him its on,Also never one to avoid challenging and bringing fights to the opponent. Has a ring/wresting style of a mix of Monster heel Vladimir Kozlov and Ryback...Stiff,quick,brutal,shockingly powerful and intense.

    Bio :Years ago,dating back to at least the 3rd century,In the dark burning fires below the earth,A sinister,evil group of Necromancers,Shaman,Witches,Magi, and Druids came and performed an unholy ceremony as they cast a spell,creating and summoning up a demon warrior,Who arose straight from the flames. The being was something brought up from the devil gods as a gift to the cult of spell-casters,Who collectively was known as The Order Of Cruciartus. The Order was selected to go forth and bring forth a new beast,a new monster,A new weapon for the dark side to carry out its plan and business. They all agreed on one night to do it,at the stroke of midnight. The group formed a circle after gathering all the conditions needed for everything to go right. They closed their eyes and joined hands,and when it was done,smoke filled the Netherworld and suddenly the skies changed between red ,green,and Blue and Ano Doom stepped out of the burning waters before them and dropped to one knee with a fist on his forehead. The creation had arrived,and everyone was way more impressed and satisfied then they could have imagined.The Half Demon,Half Beast,was nothing but an incredible physical monster,ripped and cut from steel seemingly,full of extraordinary chiseled muscles all over. The offering from the gods displayed an unrivaled,never before seen aggression, intensity and power,ripping through all others put in front of him as tests. He also showed superhuman speed and pain tolerance,taking every thing thrown at him without slowing down. After the Red Vampire Gods came to oversee Doom briefly,it was agreed he was to be sent onto the Outer-world,to be set free and destroy and terrorize the upper planet at will,and absolutely crush the Lighter Side's chances of ever living in solitude and peace again. The joy,excitement and happiness drew Ano into the EWNCW arena one day,seeing it as the perfect place to begin his ordered quest for death and the downfall of humanity. The Venom Knight ran through challengers for a bit,but Was met one day outside by The Order Of Cruciartus,his creators and masters...They spoke to him about terrible unexpected news:The Zachurum Priests were somehow much closer onto their trail than known,And a fiendish,underhanded plan was designed to give them all more time,and to create a secret advantage. It was soon found out that the clan of holy men would be arriving soon upon Earth,and they would cross right through a path Ano used to meet with The Order always.Ano was to arrive there,at the exact moment as them.They were coming to attempt to stop and capture him anyways.So they all came,and he was already there. White bright flashes of light burst,and Ano dropped to both knees shaking,trying to raise a fist into the air to regain strength. It appeared their divine holy magic was weakening him and draining him of the frightening power he possessed. They continued and he was soon weak enough to be transported to another land,eons away in the Desert Of Liviticus,located in the Land Of Unther. They created a tomb,full of chambers and bound Ano with the greatest of Zachurum spells and power,putting an incantation on him that was supposed to hold him there forever;eliminating his threat to mankind. But the Zachurum still did not know Doom was only feigning his weakness,And Was never really captive at all...Only...Rebuilding himself...Stronger...Faster...More Vicious...Deadlier...Tougher and more Intense than ever before. He was constantly visited by the Order,who every day took turns blessing him with new strengths and skills each time. After 9 months,it was determined the creation was once again ready to be unleashed,This time there would be no chance in even a worry of being stopped ever,no matter what holy clan tracked them down. After breaking the chains that held him and erasing any traces,Ano Doom is here to kill and brutalize in the name of Hell again.
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    "For the Druids' legends are true..."

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    Name: The Alpha Dog

    Country of Origin: Canada

    Height: 6 foot 1

    Weight: 230lbs


    Lights strobe along with the drums of the song in the dark arena. Alpha comes out and walks straight to the ring. He doesn't slap hands or insult the fans, he just gets into the ring and either watches the stage as he waits for his opponent/opponents or stares at them with an intimidating stare if they're already in the ring until the bell rings.

    Black and red tight similar to Kofi Kingston
    Black and red boots
    White boxing tape around his fingers

    Wrestling Style: Submission/Grappling with a little MMA style ground and pound mixed in

    Most Commonly Used Moves:
    Basically any suplex done in Professional Wrestling
    Choke holds
    Leg Locks
    Arm Bars (Even that weak crap Del Rio uses)
    Boston crab

    Signature Moves:
    Spear into a turnbuckle
    Running Body Splash (Set up by Spear)

    The Alpha Shock (Spinning Double Underhook Sitout Facebuster aka Christopher Daniels Angel Wings)
    The Alpha Bite (Guillotine Choke Hold similar to the one used by Daniel Bryan)

    When The Alpha Dog first joined JBW, he came in with the mindset of dominating the roster and taking the highest ranked title. After his second Pay Per View match, where he ended the undefeated streak of the formiddable Zeus Apollo, all he cared about was the entertainment of the JBW fans so his determination to dominate burned out. After disappearing for a few months, The Alpha Dog has returned with a new determination to dominate every unfortunate opponent who steps in his yard.

    Other things of note:
    He has tattoo sleeves depicting various scenes of battle and across the top of his back is the word "ALPHA" surrounded by spikes, fire, and barbwire.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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