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Thread: I Have To Know

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    Since my character is now currently unemployed...

    Name: Mr. Smyth

    From: Birmingham, England

    Entrance music: 30 Seconds To Mars - Kings And Queens

    Finishing Move: The Rule (fireman's carry into the X-factor)/Texas Cloverleaf

    Signature moves: Diving spear from second rope, Lou Thez press, double-arm back breaker.

    Misc. moves: British style of technical wrestling. Very few high-spots, very little show boating. Every move has a reason, and that reason is to hurt.

    Weight: 222lbs

    Height: 5ft8

    Alignment: Currently a heel, but can be flexible.

    Gimmick: Business man.

    Bio: Born and raised in a poor family, Mr. Smyth built an impressive portfolio of business' by the age of 23. Bored of this life, he sold up - making himself a multi-millionaire - and made a decision to spend his life tackling the wrestling industry. Natural born leader, with strong influential skills. His goal is to one day run his own wrestling company, but was told that he needs to experience life as a talent before he can get into the board room. Will do everything he can to move up the ladder.

    Appearance: Backstage and ring entrance is a full black suit, black shirt, no tie (think Shane O-Mac). In ring, jacket get's removed to reveal the black shirt is sleeveless (think RTC Bull Buchanan). Short spiky hair with a short beard. Carries a briefcase everywhere.

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