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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaz11 View Post
    I think the Ambrose/Kofi finish was necessary to continue the feud. Ambrose has already got a clean win over Kofi (Extreme Rules) and it makes sense. Kofi is about to win, but The Shield interfere. Keeps The Shield strong- and doesn't make Kofi look weak. Yeah, I've been watching the Real 'E recently- and The Shield don't really talk about justice as much as they used to. I feel that their gimmick is unique and it's what makes them a great stable, along with the superstars in it.

    And as for Cena/Henry- I'm glad that you've realized that I'm trying to make him less "happy go lucky" because when he's aggressive, I like it. When he was against Jack Swagger during his feud with Kane, he beat the crap out of Swagger- and that was great to see.

    Finally, I'm glad that you're keeping an eye out for Ryback- as he's lost two matches in a row. Awesome!

    Thanks for the review, I take these things seriously so they'll help!
    Thats all cool bro, thnx for replying. My other two reviews will be up tonight at some point lol!

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