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    Wrestlemania 30 Main events

    Hello everyone , this is my first time every posting anything like this on the internet so lets begin.
    I created this because i want to hear what all of you , the IWC , want as your main events for the historic 30th anniversary of Wrestlemaina.
    So what i am going to do is allow you to pick 4 main events (yes four) and give your thoughts and ideas about the match ups.

    1: John Cena vs The Undertaker - Streak Match :
    To me this match is a given. This is the match that should close Wrestlemania and possibly be The Undertakers last. John Cena is the one man that would get people thinking 'Can Cena defeat Taker?' We all know how much Vince loves his Cena and this match would certainly scare a lot of IWC members to see would Vince actually go ahead with it. It would be an instant classic in my mind.

    2: CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin :
    This match needs to happen. Forget about Austin vs HHH, this match should be Steves big return match. CM Punk , the Straight Edge second city savour vs Stone Cold , The beer drinking red neck. The story writes it self. The only problem i see is how could you have such a big match and not have it close the show ?

    3: Daniel Bryan(c) vs Brock Lesnar - WWE Championship :
    Yes , this is the match that i want to see. I have not seen anyone suggest this yet and i have been thinking about this for quite some time. I think that Bryan will become champ this sunday only for Orton to cash in with help from HHH (two heel turns). For a few months i think he should be the chaser and finally recapture the title in a ladder match at TLC. Then Brock returns at the rumble or wins the elimination chamber. The story is easy. Can Bryan prove to everyone he is the best wrestler in the world ? or can Brock capture a title he has not held in 10 years ? A true underdog story

    4: The Rock (with Vince) vs HHH (with Steph)- For Control of WWE
    Easy Story. HHH is trying to take over the company and ruin Vince's life in the process . Vince issues a match at Wrestlemania match for control of WWE. He then says he is not wrestling but he brings back the corporate champ, The Rock. Rock says that he does not like the way HHH is abusing his power and turning WWE into something he doesnt like. He then says he was going to stay retired but could not pass the chance to whip Triple H's candy ass all over New Orleans Superdome. It would also be a very amusing story to see The Rock and Vince co-existence.

    Now let me see what you would want as your main events.
    P.S I love bears.

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    I personally dont think Stone Cold will be back. I think Punk vs D-Bry for wwe title is better then Lesner because people would bitch more about DBry and Lesner fighting then they have for Punk. as D-Bry has a mma type thing and considering he would be a middleweight(185) or light heavyweight (205) vs Lesner Heavyweight (265) would look silly as Brock couldnt win as he wrestles 3 times a year and maybe 15 appearances on Raw. I Would have Brock vs Taker as that could be a big fight as Taker would know how to handle the mma background and they already have had amazing matches before. I like the Rock vs Triple H as that never happened 1 on 1 at Wrestlemania better late then never. Cena vs Orton is a possibility as Id have Orton punt Cena to put him off tv and have Orton at all cost avoid Cena in any physical contact. so my card is

    Triple H(with Steph) (heels) vs The Rock (with Vince)
    The Undertaker vs Brock Lesner(with Heyman)
    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk WWE Title Face vs Face or D-Bry heel turn but preferable not so
    John Cena vs Randy Orton(heel)
    Roman Reigns(IDK) vs Seth Rollins(face) vs Dean Ambrose(heel)
    Idk about the World Heavyweight title

    I would have CM Punk win the Royal Rumble
    at Elimation Chamber I would have D-Bry vs Randy Orton(champ) vs John Cena vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns.
    It would start off with D-Bry and Seth Rollins, then Dean Ambrose, then Orton, then Cena, finally Roman Reigns. I would have Dean do a roll up on Seth Rollins before Orton comes out. I would have D-Bry make Ambrose tap after Cena comes out, I would have Cena pin Roman Reigns, I would have Randy roll up and pull tights to cover Cena. And finally D-Bry makes Orton tap. As he celebrates CM Punk comes out and does the motion to show he wants the belt.

    To c how i would book the streak feedback would be appreciated

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    Rock /w Vince vs HHH /w Steph has already happened though, t WrestleMania 2000, just without Big Show /w Shane and Mick Foley /w Linda.

    After that match, I don't think those partnerships will ever happen again.

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