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Thread: d-lo's end

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    d-lo's end

    When do you think the writers will take d lo out of aces and eights?
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    soon. He's basically dead weight these days. He kinda served a purpose as the inside guy before but now its just a background guy until recently where they hint at him getting kicked out.

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    He never should have had a beginning

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    I don't know why they felt the need to put him in at such a high level (VP). If he wanted to have an in ring run then I could understand it but I don't think he does.

    He is the only part of Aces and Eights that feels off to me, maybe he'll turn back to TNA and 'rat' them out, but they are already known so, I have no idea.

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    Could easily have just had Devon as the inside guy but yeah D lo has served his purpose now.

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    Was a waste of time putting D-Lo in the faction. Taz too. They can do away with both easily.
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