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    John Cena IS Hulk Hogan of this era. Back in those days they had Ultimate Warrior who got close to Hogan, but still wasn't as big. Attitude era had Austin and The Rock. Today; There was a time when Edge and Batista were extremely popular and up there with Cena as faces. Unfortunately, they were not as huge so were turned heel etc when needed. The problem is this; since those two left, they haven't been replaced. Sheamus just doesn't have the star power and Orton has been booked terribly as a face. Cena will continue dominating the main event scene for years to come - The reason is kids love to see him win. The fans that boo him will watch to see him lose. It's win win. When he does lose, it's always a talking point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere View Post
    So my original pt, why is it that they aren't catering to the 20% or whatever number? Can't they have Cena not be this Superman and maybe lose 1-2 more ppvs a year on average (last year was rare)? I don't see why they must cater to the 80% at nearly all times. This is Hulk Hogan glory days status. Back then they were growing at a much faster rate and they needed a Superman. Now they're breaking WM records every yr again bc of social media and Cena's the face, I get it. Can't he be the face of the company and put more people over while still selling the same amount of merch and attracting millions of kids? I think ratings, ppv buy rates, and merch sales would remain stable if they took Cena down a notch, not that they will.
    If you don't understand why a company would cater to the majority of their customer base, than I am afraid none of us here can help you.

    Also, look at Cena's actual win/loss record. He usually wins the feud, yeah, but he has been losing damn near every match to get there. (Which is how like almost every heel has gotten the WWE title.)

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    I get why they'd cater to the majority, which I touched on. What I don't understand is why they'd cater to them almost 100% of the time and neglect that minority completely. With Hogan and Austin, they'd at least have the faces be distressed or face adversary once in a while. Cena has just blown thru any and everything. I find it so manufactured and unnatural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Austin View Post
    It's because the WM crowds always do that.

    Like booing The Rock at WM18.

    Most Raw's he gets a good pop and when there are boos it's only the men that think it's cool to hate him.
    Men think it's cool to hate Cena? Wow, never knew that ...

    ...Match of the year...

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    But he went basically all of 2012 losing almost every match. 2011, put over Punk in 2 ppv's, put over Miz at WM. Really, Most of Cena's wins are on Raw, but in the past couple of years, he's had his fair share of losses when it comes to PPV events.

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    WWE Champion....face of the the immortal words of Axel Rose "where do we go? Where do we go now? Sweet child of mine?" You may be a good fella in the real world but in your chosen profession some of us are just tired of the same old thing...

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