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    Nasty Hall of Fame

    Does anyone see the Nasty Boys entering the HOF other than me ? One of my favorite tag teams , multiple time tag champs and could even bring mouth of the south Jimmy Hart with them .. Do u see this happening soon or not at all

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    I can honestly see them getting in at some point. Jimmy Hart is already in on his own, but I could see him getting inducted with them possibly.
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    Or he would possibly be the one to induct them

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    The Nasty Boys seriously?

    The most be about 10th if not more in line for induction will probably be a post-humous induction for them.

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    The nasty boys??????? In the words of the great Vince McMahon NO CHANCE IN HELL!!!!!!!!

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    I'm with you. I like the Nasty Boys. I think their brawling style during the 80s and 90s clashed well with all their opponents and I don't ever remember being bored by any of their matches. They should be in the HOF.

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    ALOT of people have to go in before the nasty boys

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    As long as Hogans affiliated with TNA I doubt we'll see them inducted even if VKM does feel theyre worthy.

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    There are more names that should go in The WWE Hall of Fame before the Nasty Boys. Next years Hall of Fame should focus on names such as The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Randy Savage, etc. At Wrestlemania 31, WWE should induct superstars such in the Attitude Era superstars as they did at Wrestlemania 21 when inducting superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Piper, etc. The Nasty Boys can be inducted at Wrestlemania 32 Hall of Fame.

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