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Thread: WWE releases

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    JTG isn't doing ANYTHING right now. He isn't featured on NXT, he isn't wrestling on Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, or Saturday Morning Slam, he isn't even wrestling dark matches. He's just sitting there collecting a paycheck.
    That tells me that he doesn't have a place on the roster.
    Hardly anyone is being featured on Superstars because everyone gets bumped down a level when the part timers are around. Guys who are normally on TV like Sin Cara, Cody and Sandow are the new Superstars guys now until HHH and Brock are completely out of the picture

    JTG does serve a purpose. Every once in a while, JTG is used to give someone like Zack Ryder or Alex Riley a token win on house shows, dark matches, or Superstars. JTG is there to be a jobber to other jobbers so that the more consistently used enhancement guys have a false sense of credibility before they get jobbed out to everyone else.

    It's not much, but it's something.


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