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    WWE releases

    I know there's a big thread for this somewhere in the WWE section, but I couldn't find it. If a mod would like to merge this with that, then please do.

    So 4 NXT talents have been released:

    Briley Price
    Derrick Bateman
    Audrey Marie

    For me, letting 2 of 4 here are mistakes.

    Briley Price I hadn't really seen much of. I know he's Ziggler's brother, but he had been used as a backstage interviewer a lot in FCW/NXT, which tells me that perhaps he wasn't the best in the wrestling department. So I can live without this.

    Sakamoto from what I'd seen was pretty good in the ring. But if you can't connect with the audience, then you don't have much hope in WWE. And Sakamoto didn't have the mic skill to survive in WWE. He'd never been given a shot on the stick so that tells me that they had no faith in him in that department.

    Now, for the 2 mistakes.

    Audrey Marie I'm genuinely surprised with. She was a very good wrestler and had some character from what I saw. Would have been a good addition to the main roster, so I don't really see why they let her go.

    Derrick Bateman was also a decent wrestler that was good on the mic and had a lot of charisma. I was looking forward to seeing him using his Mr USA gimmick (which he'd been promoting on his youtube channel, and WWE actually acknowledged and seemingly endorsed). I'm genuinely disappointed that he's been let go.

    More releases to come perhaps?

    Thoughts on these releases?
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