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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    Irrelevant wrestling fans never forget!
    EXACTLY! It's a burden and a blessing.

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    This may or may not have relevance with the topic at hand but I remain firmly convinced since Vince has "outlasted them all" in the end he has long ago come to a point where he does what he wants merely to amuse himself and honestly cares little lately about money or notions such as "lasting legacy" and "the future"...rightfully so he has cemented his name as the big man on campus when it comes to professional wrestling...a true pioneer and forefather...but like so many others in the industry he cannot let go and pass the torch for real...sad to imagine but there comes a time when even the greats should hang up the boots and make way and moments even a business tycoon must accept retirement...TRUE retirement and hand the reins over to a new generation....I miss Shane...*sigh*

    If I am not back in five minutes...just wait longer!--Ace Ventura

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    why don't the wrestler agree to disagree and shake hands instead of wrestle.

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    When the heel cheats to win, why doesn't the referee just review the footage? I mean, it's all taped man!
    I'm telling you, something isn't adding up here.

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    To be honest, I know its logic and would be wierd the other way around I put it. I just wanted to see what thoughts I could get out of people. Thats all
    "He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay."-Matthew 28:6

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