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    JUST SIGNED: Tag Team Challenge Match
    AR Fox & Ricochet vs. Anthony Nese & Trent Baretta with Su Yung

    JUST SIGNED: FIP Showcase Match - Six Way Freestyle
    Lince Dorado vs. Caleb Konley vs. Jay Rios vs. Eddie Cruz vs. Jonny Vandal vs. Maxwell Chicago

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    Caleb Konley defeated Lince Dorado
    Dorado had a good sequence of kicks that ended with both men going down after round kicks. Konley was able to escape the rollup and Konley got the victory with a rollup of his own

    Dos Ben Dejos defeated Jonny Vandal and Maxwell Chicago

    Rich Swann defeated Jon Davis
    Davis hit a power bomb followed by a German suplex but Swann fired back with an enzugiri and a super kick. Davis kicked out of the Swann Dive. Swann hit a double jump Charm City Destroyer to get a surprise win.

    Nick Jackson versus Lance Bravado went to a DQ into a brawl.
    The Bucks fought back and hit stereo suicide dives onto the Bravados. Nick hit Harlem with a chair in the midsection. Harlem was able to give Nick a drop toe hold onto the chair. Then they dropped Matt’s throat on the stage. Nick hit a nice dive out of nowhere while Matt was skinning the cat on the railing. They set up 7 or 8 chairs on the floor and Harlem tried to send Nick onto the chairs with a Death Valley Driver, but Nick sent Harlem over the railing but Harlem held on until Nick super kicked Harlem onto the chairs. Lance hit a nice power bomb against the ropes from the floor followed by a clothesline. The Jacksons took care of Lance with a spike tombstone from the railing

    Chris Hero defeated Chuck Taylor [i think. whoever is giving the results and review sucks]

    AR Fox came out and told Hero that he has to give him a title shot. Fox says that he wants Hero to be fresh. He tells Hero he can have the match on February 23rd in Brooklyn. Trent Baretta comes out and he comments on how Hero gets another freebie. Trent calls Fox an idiot. Trent says that since he beat Fox, the title should be his. Baretta has officially joined Anthony Nese in the Premier Athlete Brand. I wonder if this means that Baretta is a heel in FIP as well. This leads into the Nese and Baretta versus Fox and Ricochet

    Nese and Baretta defeated Fox and Ricochet
    Nese hit a pump handle power bomb followed by a Dudebuster for a near fall that was broken up by Fox. Nese countered Lo Mein Pain with a nice uranage from the turnbuckles. Baretta hit a nice German Superplex followed by a flying knee and 450 splash by Nese for the victory

    Chris Hero makes a challenge to Trent Baretta to meet in New Orleans

    Johnny Gargano defeated Uhaa Nation
    Gargano did a good job countering the press slam attempt into the Gargano Escape. Then when Uhaa wouldn’t tap, Gargano added the STF to the Gargano Escape to get the victory.

    Johnny Gargano cut a promo at the end of the show. He joined in on the bandwagon of picking on a certain group of fans. Then he vows to beat them up if they confront him after the match and he dedicated it to a young fan in the crowd

    [alright, more from the ending of the show]

    The ending of the show with Ricochet trying to get his title match against the winner of the Gargano/Strong match was good. Gargano should be the one who dictates things because he is the champion.
    Johnny was great signaling to someone in the back to help him when Rich Swann came out to help Ricochet. Then it turns out to be Jon Davis. Maybe Gargano forgot about what happened in Orlando. Jon explains that he was helping out Johnny in the past, but it is over. Since he has no one to help him, Gargano decides to do the right thing and sign the contract for Ricochet’s title match. Johnny tries to attack Ricochet with the pen and Swann hits Gargano with a super kick.

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    Two title matches have been signed for Dragon Gate USA on February 23rd at The Lyceum in Brooklyn. The double main event will have:
    Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
    Johnny Gargano defends vs. Roderick Strong

    EVOLVE Title Match
    AR Fox defends vs. Chris Hero

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    Fire Ant vs. Jigsaw in a grudge match has been signed for February 23rd in Brooklyn. This is a result of what happened at Freedom Fight 2013 at The Lyceum. This means that Brooklyn already features Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong for the DGUSA Title and AR Fox vs. Chris Hero for the EVOLVE Title

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Awards

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestler Of The Year
    Winner: Johnny Gargano
    1st Runner Up: AR Fox
    2nd Runner Up: Ricochet

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Tag Team Of The Year
    Winner: The Young Bucks
    1st Runner Up: The Bravado Brothers
    2nd Runner Up: CIMA & AR Fox

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Show Of The Year
    Winner: DGUSA Open The Ultimate Gate
    1st Runner Up: DGUSA Freedom Fight
    2nd Runner Up: EVOLVE 24
    ( The card featured Johnny Gargano vs. Shingo in the controversial classic for the DGUSA Title, CIMA & AR Fox vs. The Young Bucks for the DGUSA Tag Titles and other stellar bouts including Ricochet vs. Akira Tozawa, The Super Smash Brothers vs. EITA & Tomahawk T.T. and an amazing Six Way Freestyle. It should be noted that EVOLVE 22 just missed making the top three as the runner up race was very close.)

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Match Of The Year
    Winner: Johnny Gargano vs. Shingo from DGUSA Open The Ultimate Gate
    1st Runner Up: Drew Gulak vs. Biff Busick from EVOLVE 24
    2nd Runner Up: AR Fox vs. Ricochet from EVOLVE 24

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Feud Of The Year
    Winner: AR Fox vs. Ricochet
    1st Runner Up: Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann
    2nd Runner Up: The Young Bucks vs. AR Fox

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Newcomer Of The Year
    Winner: Trent Baretta
    1st Runner Up: The Bravado Brothers
    2nd Runner Up: Tomahawk T.T.

    2013 DGUSA/EVOLVE Story Of The Year
    Winner: Johnny Gargano holds DGUSA Title for 2nd year
    1st Runner Up: Gargano's antics during and after Shingo match
    2nd Runner Up: AR Fox becomes 1st EVOLVE Champion/unique title matches

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    - Johnny Gargano vs. CIMA for the Open The Freedom Gate Title has been signed for Dragon Gate USA on February 22nd in Queens, NY. This pits the man who has held the DGUSA Title for over two years against the Dragon Gate Icon. The storied history between these two started at the First Anniversary Show in 2010. They have waged war and battled for respect. Now they will finally collide for the Open The Freedom Gate Title on February 22nd

    -Roderick Strong will then challenge the winner of Johnny Gargano vs. CIMA on February 23rd in Brooklyn, NY

    -We are pleased to announce now that Ryo Saito will come from Dragon Gate to compete on both cards. This is Saito's first appearances in Queens and Brooklyn.

    Here's the latest on how both DGUSA cards in NYC are shaping up:

    Dragon Gate USA presents
    REVOLT! 2014
    Saturday, February 22nd
    Belltime - 8PM EST
    Queensboro Elk's Lodge
    8220 Queens Blvd.
    Elmhurst, NY 11373

    Open The Freedom Gate Title
    Johnny Gargano defends vs. CIMA

    Dragon Gate USA presents
    Way of the Ronin 2014
    Sunday, February 23rd
    Belltime - 7PM EST
    Brooklyn Lyceum
    227 4th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
    Johnny Gargano/CIMA Winner On 2/22 defends vs. Roderick Strong
    EVOLVE Title Match
    AR Fox defends vs. Chris Hero
    Grudge Match
    Fire Ant vs. Jigsaw

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    EVOLVE Champion and the 1st Style Battle Tournament winner AR Fox vs. 2013 Style Battle winner Drew Gulak has been signed for February 22nd in Queens. This is non-title. We are pulling the trigger on this marquee match early to give Queens another huge bout.

    Biff Busick also impressed greatly in the 2013 Style Battle tournament. It will be Busick vs. Anthony Nese of The Premier Athlete Brand on February 22nd in Queens, NY.

    Many called Rich Swann vs. Trent Baretta at DGUSA Freedom Fight 2013 the best match of the last DGUSA weekend. Now Queens will get the rematch.

    SHINE Champion Ivelisse vs. Su Yung in a non-title match has been signed for February 22nd to give the card some great women's wrestling

    The loser of the CIMA vs. Johnny Gargano match on Queens will face a member of The Premier Athlete Brand on February 23rd in Brooklyn

    FTW will present a special card at 6:30 before the DGUSA card. FTW will feature Justin Credible!

    We are working out the next Open The United Gate Title Match with Champions The Bravado Brothers. We'll have news in the next WWNLive

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    DGUSA Revolt Results 2-22

    Tim Donst defeated Chris Dickenson with a twisting neckbreaker. Good debut for both guys

    Ivelisse defeated Su Yung with the code red

    Caleb Konley defeated Yosuke Santa Maria with a version of a boston crab

    Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy defeated DGUSA Tag champions The Bravado Brothers by DQ when Moose interfered

    Rich Swann defeated Tony Nese with a twisty spinny senton

    Mr A defeated Shane Strickland and Fire Ant in an elimination match. Mr. A came back with the black hole slam and a splash for the pin

    EVOLVE champ AR Fox defeated Drew Gulak with lo mein pain to retain the EVOLVE title

    Johnny Gargano defeated Trent Baretta via submission to retain DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate title

    Here is the final card for tonight's DGUSA iPPV event:
    * Open The Freedom Gate Title Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong
    * EVOLVE Title Match: AR Fox vs. Chris Hero
    * Open The United Gate Title Match: The Bravado Brothers vs. Chuck Taylor & Drew Gulak
    * Fire Ant vs. Jigsaw
    * Rich Swann & Shane Strickland vs. Anthony Nese & Trent Baretta
    * Caleb Konley vs. Tim Donst
    * New Talent Initiative: Yosuke Santa Maria vs. Debuting International Talent
    * New Talent Initiative: Singles Action With Two New Debuts

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    DGUSA attendance estimate:"High estimate of 250. 100 people sitting,rest standing. Small place.

    that kinda sucks for the show.

    im following the show on twitter, or at least trying. not much results are given. hopefully a site will have em up soon. guess everybody is watch EC.

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    Chris Hero defeats Ar Fox and is the New Evolve Champion.

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    Dragon Gate USA Way of the Ronin 2014

    1. Caleb Konley defeated Tim Donst

    2. Blake Edward defeated Jay Freddie

    3. Yosuke Santa Maria defeated Ethan Page

    4. Jigsaw defeated Fire Ant

    5. Trent Barreta & Tony Nese defeated Shane Strickland & Rich Swann

    6. The Bravado Brothers defeated Drew Gulak and Chuckie T to retain the Open The United Gate Championship.

    7. Chris Hero defeated AR Fox to win the EVOLVE Championship

    8. Johnny Gargano defeated Roderick Strong to retain the Open The Freedom Gate Championship


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