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    Sami Callihan (D.U.F.) vs. BxB Hulk

    BxB Hulk has a much darker look. He spits a red liquid in the air like Gangrel back in the day. The stream goes out right as Hulk made his entrance and when it came back on Callihan hits a series of scoop slams onto the ropes on Hulk and then he slams Hulk's leg into the ring post. Callihan going after Hulk's leg to take away his kicks. Callihan spits on his hand and then starts chopping Hulk before hanging him up in the ropes. Callihan puts the boots to Hulk and then starts chopping at Hulk's knee. Callihan climbs up top and dives off with a stomp onto Hulk's knee. Hulk comes back with a back kick and then a Bicycle Kick on Callihan! Hulk stomps Callihan down in the corner and then stands on his head. Callihan spits at Hulk so Hulk hits a dropkick to the back of his head. Hulk hits a Arm & Legs Trapped T-Bone Suplex for a nearfall! Hulk then hits a series of elbows on Sami's elbow as we see a shot of Christina Von Errie standing in the entrance way. Hulk hits a series of round kicks and then a front kick to the face of Callihan. Callihan gets fired up so Hulk kicks him in the head again. Hulk hits him in the face a third time and then again. Callihan flips Hulk off but then eats a back kick followed by Backflip Kick. Callihan answers back with an Enziguri on a charging Hulk and then a DVD! Callihan hits the Shotgun Splash off the ropes on Hulk for a nearfall. Callihan hits a Roundhouse Kick and then a springboard Lariat on Hulk! Hulk falls out to the floor and Callihan follows with a Tope Suicida through the ropes! Callihan then hits a running chop that sends Hulk over the guardrail into the front row. Callihan goes to grab Hulk over the guardrail but eats a Roundhouse Kick from Hulk. Hulk rolls Callihan into the ring and then hits a Springboard Spinning Heel Kick! 1...2...NO Callihan kicks out! Hulk puts Callihan up on the top rope and climbs up with him but Callihan headbutts him repeatedly and then goes for a Sunset Bomb, but Hulk blocks it! Callihan then Superkicks Hulk's knee causing Hulk to crash to the mat! Callihan blows a kiss to Christina and then locks in the Half Crab! Hulk gets to the ropes and then Callihan goes for a Brainbuster but Hulk blocks it. He goes for it again but Hulk blocks it but then his leg buckles and Callihan hits the ropes only to eat Mouse from Hulk! Hulk sweeps his legs and then hits a round kick followed by a Standing Moonsault! 1...2...NO Callihan kicks out! Hulk goes for a springboard move but his leg gives out and Hulk crashes to the mat. Callihan climbs up top and hits a Splash onto Hulk's knee and then locks in the Stretch Muffler! Hulk counters into a rollup! 1...2...NO Callihan kicks out and then eats a kick from Hulk! Hulk goes for Flash but Callihan kicks his knee and then sets up for Stretch Muffler again! Christina gets up on the apron and spits something into Callihan's face! Hulk hits a suplex and then First Flash! 1...2...3!

    Winner: Hulk via pinfall (First Flash). After the match Christina raises Hulk's arm revealing she's the new member of Mad Blankey. Callihan says he shouldn't have ever trusted a woman because D.U.F. (Dirty Ugly F*cks) don't trust women. Callihan says what happened with Hulk and that "slut" is past him but what he really cares about is tomorrow and his Street Fight with Sabu at Mercury Rising '12. He says that's all he can think about and tomorrow he will end Sabu's career. He calls Sabu an "extreme loser" and old but then the lights go out! They come back on and Sabu attacks Callihan! Sabu locks in the Camel Clutch but Arik Cannon runs out and blasts Sabu! Pinkie Sanchez out as well and the D.U.F. beat on him until Jon Davis & AR Fox run out to even things up! The brawl is on now. Sabu hits a clothesline on Cannon in the ring and then locks in a Camel Clutch! The announcer announces the Street Fight between Pinkie Sanchez & Arik Cannon against Sabu & on Davis is on now!

    Next was a Street Fight between Sabu & Jon Davis vs. Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez

    Davis Press Slams Pinkie onto the apron! Davis hits a Snapmare Takeover using his shirt to choke Pinkie as Sabu and Cannon fight on the floor. Davis chops the hell out of Pinkie and then goes for a Buckle Bomb but Pinkie blocks it and then dropkicks Davis' knee. Pinkie hits a sliding dropkick but then eats a Leg Lariat from Davis! Sabu and Cannon back in the ring and Sabu stabs Cannon with a spike repeatedly! Cannon is busted open now. Sabu sets up a chair and then stabs Cannon again before diving off the chair with Air Sabu in the corner! Sabu actually throws the spike into the crowd and then dives off the chair for Air Sabu again, but Cannon catches him in midair and hits Total Anarchy! Davis breaks up the pin attempt and then starts beating on Cannon and connects with a Spinebuster! He follows up with a Running Knee for a nearfall before Pinkie breaks it up! Arik lifts Pinkie up in the air and drops him down with a Senton Splash and then Cannon hits a Senton Splash of his own on Davis. Cannon follows up with a Superick and then a clothesline to Sabu! Sabu tries to set a table up but Cannon clotheslines him. Pinkie climbs up top and then Cannon shoves Davis' head into Pinkie's ass which pisses Davis off. Davis tosses Pinkie off the top to the guardrail and then hits a nasty Lariat on Cannon! Sabu lays Cannon out on the table and hits Arabian Facebuster through the table! Davis then hits the Pounce on Pinkie followed by the 3 Seconds Around The World! 1...2...3!

    Winners: Sabu & Davis via pinfall (3 Seconds Around The World). After the match Sami Callihan attacks Sabu and then blasts him with a beer bottle! Sami says he wants Sabu to think all day tomorrow about how it will be his last time in a wrestling ring because he will end Sabu's career.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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