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    The cameras go to the stage now and we see JBW creative member Anniesboobs out on stage wearing a pink JBW shirt to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. He already has a mic in hand and is ready for business.

    Anniesboobs: Well seems R(ob) is a bit too locked up to do his duty- you know announcing shit so, its up to me I guess. For our last three matches of the night, joining Pat and Dudley on commentary will be Sly!!

    Sly walks out on stage and stands near Anniesboobs. Anniesboobs looks at Sly and motions him to go to the announcers table- which he does.

    Anniesboobs: And joining them is the one and only facking Robstar!!

    Robstar comes out on stage and grabs the mic from Anniesboobs and says just one word into it FACK!. Anniesboobs grabs the mic back and demands Robstar head to the announcers table yet Robstar doesn’t budge.

    Anniesboobs shoves Robstar back but Robstar snaps right back into Anniesboobs face and yells out that one word again- FACK! Finally Anniesboobs has had enough and does an about face and heads backstage leaving Robstar just laughing. Robstar finally heads down and joins Sly, Pat and Duds at the table.

    Pat: Well thanks for joining us Sly and Robs…

    Robstar: FACK! You should all be honored to have me join you guys!

    Dudley: I sure am.

    Sly: Well what was up with you getting in Anniesboobs face?

    Robstar: Facking hell. I put him in his place. Fack him. Lets get on to this facking match!!

    Sly: And what a match it will be- K-Jamm….

    Robstar: Fack, let me finish. Its K-Jammin versus Romanflare. They will show all the JBW newbies how to do it in the ring. It all ends with K-Jammin making Romes his bitch!!

    Pat: But ...

    Robstar: Shut up Pat. I forgot to add. R(ob) made this an unsanctioned match way earlier today before you know… getting arrested and all - anything goes. That stupid Anniesboobs didn't even know that!!

    K-JAMMIN walks out to a pretty decent pop from the crowd. He takes his time walking down the ramp and hears Dudley yelling out for him.


    Instead of walking over to Dudley, K-Jammin circles around the ring. He then goes up to Dudley and motions for him to stand up.

    Dudley, all smiles, stands and K-Jammin hugs him and gets close to his ear. Dudley smile gets bigger and he shakes K-J’s hand. He waves at him as K-Jammin gets into the ring. K-J looks around, shrugs his shoulders and awaits his opponent.

    Robstar looks over at Dudley.

    Robstar: You two guys need to get a room.

    music plays yet he doesn't come out down the ramp- instead he makes his way out of the crowd and quickly slides into the ring and tackles K-Jammin, stomping and kicking him all over with intense rage! The crowd is loving it.

    The ref in the ring tries pulling Romes away but gets shoved on his ass instead by a pissed off Romes. And in that split second, K-Jammin rolls out the ring and walks over to Dudley and motions for something. Dudley ducks down under the announcers table for a second and retrieves two kendo sticks and tosses them to K-Jammin.

    Robstar: FACK!

    K-Jammin re renters the ring as Romes exits so K-Jammin drops the kendo sticks. Romes goes to ringside and grabs a steel chair.


    (Romanflare/The Necro Butcher.....K-Jammin/Sterling James Keenan)
    (Start @4:45, End @8:09)

    K-Jammin slides out the ring once more after getting hit.

    Sly: Nice uppercut by Romes. So far no chairs or kendo sticks have been used- its just been an ugly match so far with K-Jammin spending a lot of time outside of the ring.

    Dudley: There are no count outs in the match so why not.

    K-Jammin walks around the ring a bit more before finally sliding back into the ring once more. This time Romes quickly picks up a kendo stick and whacks K-Jammin on his head with so much force the kendo stick shatters into pieces. K-Jammin goes down and Romes quickly covers him for the pin…

    Dudley: NOOOOO!

    Robstar: Good this match is over!



    Kickout by K-Jammin!!

    Robstar: Fack!

    Romes goes to pull him up but K-Jammin pokes him in the eye. K-Jammin gets up and heads into the corner to pick up the other kendo stick but Romes gets up too and grabs K-Jammin’s arm. K-Jammin quickly turns around only to take a couple of punches from Romes, but K-Jammin hits him with a stiff hard clothesline and a hard right hand in the corner before whipping him across the ring and hitting a dropkick out of nowhere that sends Romes thru the ropes and onto the arena floor.

    Pat: Holy crap!!

    Dudley: Destroy him K-Jammin!!

    Robstar: Yeah, get it over with so you guys can get that room!!

    K-Jammin follows him out and grabs, then drags Romes to the guard rails. He slams Romes face into the rail twice. He goes to do it once more but Romes hits K-Jammin with a low blow, then grabs K-Jammin’s head bashing it into rail. Romes then grabs K-Jammin’s head once more and drags him to a nearby steel chair set up near the time keepers area.

    He goes to slam his head into it but K-Jammin is able to whip Romes into the guardrail- yet the impact is not enough to do any damage. K-Jammin charges, but Romes catches him with a Russian leg sweep, driving K-Jammin’s head into the guardrail- opening a pretty big gash on his forehead.

    Sly: I think that’s gonna be the turning point of the match.

    Romes heads under the ring pulls out a trash can, while he is doing that K-Jammin grabs the steel chair and drives it into Romes back twice. K-Jammin then picks up the trash can and hits Romes in his back then tosses the can into the ring. K-Jammin pulls up Romes and shoves him back into the ring too.

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    Dudley: There's our savoir- back on top!

    Sly: Your savoir maybe- but yeah K-Jammin is back on top I thought that gash on his head would slow him down…

    Pat: That gash woke him up!!!

    Robstar: If you would shut your facking gash Pat, I could enjoy the mayhem going on in this match!!

    Pat: What? I've barely said a word in this match!!

    Dudley: Shut it Patricia!!!

    K-Jammin then heads under the ring and pulls out some florescent light tubes. He slides those into the ring, then heads under the ring once more, this time pulling out an eight foot table. K-Jammin slides that into the ring too before finally getting back into the ring himself.

    Robstar: Goody- There will be blood- more blood!!

    Romes is finally stirring a bit by the time K-Jammin has re-entered and as K-Jammin goes to set up the table, Romes picks up a chair and whacks him in the back twice then tosses the chair to the side.

    Pat: K-Jammin wasted too much time!

    Dudley: Shut it Patty Cakes!!

    Romes then sets up the table, pulls up K-Jammin then places him on top of it. Romes then rushes to the nearby corner and climbs up the top turnbuckle. He turns around and dives onto the prone body of K-Jammin on the table. The table breaks of course but Romes cannot cover him for the pin as he hurt himself too. The ref gets down and checks on both men and decides the match cannot go on. He goes to call for the bell but Romes yells out NOOOOOOOOO!

    The ref looks back to see Romes barely covering K-Jammin for the pin.



    Sly: And this match is over!!

    Kickout by K-Jammin

    Romes shakes his head, not believing K-Jammin had it in him to kick out.

    Sly: How the hell could anyone kick out of that? K-Jammin looked like he was out cold. Guess he had a little gas left in his tank!

    Romes gets to his knees and finally slowly to his feet. He pulls K-Jammin up and whips him into the corner. He follows up with a running knee to the corner but K-Jammin rolls out the way then slides out the ring and falls to the floor as Romes hits the corner hard with his right knee.

    Romes gets back up but is favouring his knee. He hobbles over the where K-Jammin slide out of the ring but he is nowhere to be seen. He had crawled under the ring when nobody was looking. Romes hobbles to another side of the ring, looks over the ropes- still no K-Jammin. He does it to another side- still no K-Jammin. Romes checks each side once more but still no sign of him

    Sly: Just where the hell is K-Jammin?

    Dudley: Under the ring doofus. Damn you're sounding like Patty Cakes here.

    Pat: Hey, I'm.......

    Dudley: Shut it Patty!

    Robstar: Fack! Will you guys shut up? Especially you Pat!!

    Romes goes over to the ref and they start talking. After about a minute they both exit the rring on opposite side and start to look underneath the ring. As they are doing that, the a small section in middle of the ring is cut open from underneath and out comes K-Jammin. He grabs a florescent light tube and the other kendo stick and quickly slides out the ring with them and walks right behind Romes who is still bent over looking under the ring.

    Dudley: Ha Ha! Our savoir! Our savior!

    After not seeing anything Romes stands up and is about to get back in the ring when K-Jammin smashes the florescent light tube over Romes head. He then whacks Romes over the head with the kendo stick a few times before finally dropping the stick and he shoves Romes back in the ring.

    K-Jammin picks up the kendo stick once more and throws it back in the ring then re-enters the ring himself as does the ref who barely misses falling into the hole K-Jammin made in the ring. K-Jammin pulls Romes back up and pretty much just tosses him into the corner. K-Jammin picks up another florescent light tube and smashes it over Romes head causing a lot of small facial lacerations.

    Pat: K-Jammin really should....

    Robstar: Fack Pat, I told you to shut your gash. Do like a good boy and listen.

    He then picks up the kendo stick again and repeatedly hits Romes over the head with it until it shatters. Romes is out cold but K-Jammin picks up a chair and slams it into Romes chest and blood can be seen coming out of Romes mouth. Finally K-Jammin pulls Romes away from the ropes and casually covers him for the pin…




    Pat: Thank Go...

    Robstar: Fack, are you deaf Pat?

    Finn Learson: And your winner of the match. K-JAAAAAMMMMIIINNNNN!!!!!

    The ref raises K-Jammin's arm in victory and K-Jammin falls to his knees as he is clearly worn out. He crawls to the ring apron and slides out and slowly walks up the ramp to a pretty good reaction from the crowd as even those who do not like him still appreciate the work he put into the match.

    Sly: What a match. Both of these guys will never be the same after tonight.

    Dudley: Our savior rightfully won this match!!!

    Pat: And....

    Robstar: Fack!

    Pat: Ok I will...

    Robstar: Fack!

    An EMT crew comes out and checks on Romes who is just now coming to. The EMT crew want to put him on a board but Romes refuses. Instead Romes gets to his feet and exits the ring by himself. He also walks up the ramp on his own but very slowly- the crowd pops for him pretty big but he is so physically drained he really doesn't seem to care.

    Dudley: I am actually surprised Roman Flare is walking by himself

    Pat: And I'm...

    Robstar: Fack!

    As Robstar is staring Pat down and Sly and Dudley are laughing JBW stagehands change out the ring mat for the next match..

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    We see a video on the JABETron focusing on the Shuriken Blade and Kyojin feud thus far. The cameras go back to the announcers sitting at the booth and Pat goes to speak.

    Pat: This feud has…

    Robstar: SHUT THE FACK UP!!

    Pat stands up furiously and begins screaming.

    Pat: You know what? No. No! NO! NO! NO! NO! I have been here a LOT longer than you! I have put my blood, sweat and tears in this place for forever now and I am NOT being silenced by you or this sonofabitch next to you! Dudley, I’m SO glad you’re going. Take Robstar, take you and take everything about you two and shove it up your asses!!

    Everyone at the table is silenced and just looking on. Pat smiles and sits back down.

    Pat: This feud has been coming to a slow boil for a long time now. It started in BITW and has lingered in the back of everyone’s minds for a long time now. I for one, am completely stoked to see this go down next! Anyone else have anything to say?

    Everyone kind of shifts uncomfortably in their seats.

    Pat: I’m not pissed. You guys can talk.

    Pat looks on as Sly is the first one to speak.

    Sly: Truthfully? I’m super excited to be out here and calling it. History in the making.

    Robstar: Yeah.

    Dudley: Yup.


    Pat smiles as the theme music of KYOJIN begins playing loudly in the Wells Fargo Center. The fans in attendance begin cheering for him and he comes out confused onto the stage. He lets go a smile and crouches down, as he raises the fans go crazy. He makes his way down to the ring and jumps onto the side of the ring, his coat hanging off the side, he throws his arms out and lets a scream go.




    Chants are heard all around. As he settles in, he cracks his neck whenSHURIKEN BLADE comes through the curtain and onto the stage. He puts his head down and the fans are still going crazy. Shuriken lifts his head up quickly and stares at Kyojin who’s in the ring staring back.




    The fans begin stomping in the arena and the emotion has reached a fevered pitch. The roof feels like its about to blow off, Shuriken unbuckles his coat and drops it on the ramp as he comes down. He hops onto the ring apron and continues to stare at Kyojin. Streamers come from the audience as Kyojin and Shuriken look around in amazement.







    Chants battle throughout the arena as the bell rings and both men stretch just another few moments. Then, they spring off the ropes and stop in the middle of the ring. They circle each other as the fans in attendance are stomping in the stands. The rumbling is loud enough that the announcers take their headsets off and laugh.

    Kyojin goes to make the first strike with a swift lower sweeping kick, Shuriken dodges it. They circle again, this time, Shuriken going for a mid-knee strike, Kyojin spins, it misses, Kyojin turns and attempts to hit a rib chop as Shuriken shifts his torso and dodges it ever so slightly. He comes back and tries to hit a chop of his own, but misses, Kyojin switches up and goes for a series of fast leg sweeps.

    Shuriken stays sharp and moves through them like he’s jumping rope. As Kyojin stops and goes to fully stand, Shuriken begins with mid-kicks and low sweeping kicks, back and forth, he finally throws in some abdomen level punches but all are swiftly dodged.

    As he finishes, the fans go completely insane as both men just stand there staring at each other. They look around the arena as the fans are chanting:

    “THIS IS AWESOME!” *Clap, clap, clapclapclap*

    “THIS IS AWESOME!” *Clap, clap, clapclapclap*

    “THIS IS AWESOME!” *Clap, clap, clapclapclap*

    “THIS IS AWESOME!” *Clap, clap, clapclapclap*

    The cheers don’t die down as both men go in for more attempted strikes, high elbows are dodged, mid to high knee strikes are dodged, forearm strikes and various hand strikes are dodged until finally…


    Both men connect with their closed fists onto each other. They stare and finally, they begin connecting… with blocks. From out of nowhere, Shuriken whips around into a full 360 degree spin and backhands Kyojin stiffly and FLAT across the jaw and mouth area fully, as Kyojin recoils somewhat, as spit is seen flying! Kyojin responds with getting ALL of a Sidekick right cleanly in the gut as Shuriken's stomach can be see rippling A loud burst from the crowd can be heard with "OOOOOHHHH!" being belted out collectively!

    Shuriken now comes back at him with a violent vertical chop the side of the neck, and Kyojin actually yells out in response of pain "AHHH!", as the muscles around the point of impact are seen twitching, but nonetheless, the man from the orient bounces back with a CHEST OPENING left handed chop! Blood is seen on Shuriken’s chest now barely as the crowd are stomping and screaming wildly "NJPW IN JBW!" over and over again!!

    Shuriken merely looks down at the exposed flesh and then cracks off a Backhand Fist shot that not only knocks sweat everywhere off the impact, but...a piece of Kyojin’s TOOTH is actually seen flying as the camera gets in closer on the contact point and its effects! "PLEASE DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON"T STOP" is heard threatening to explode to building from the fans as the place is in pure awe at this possibly once in a lifetime dream fight! Kyojin looks at the piece of his tooth laying out at ringside now, nonchalantly smiles a cracked tooth smile, then hits Shuriken with an instant KNEE BRUISING Front Kick as the skin reddens and discolors!

    Shuriken comes back now with STIFF as hell Elbow Strike after Elbow Strike, grabbing hold of Kyojin's hair, and when it's all done, a slight trickle of blood slowly runs from the attacked area...

    Again it returns to how it started, with Shuriken hitting a Spinning Backhand to the side of the face and Kyojin’s nose can actually be seen moving to the side! Not to be without an answer though, Kyojin, at the same time, both men going for something at the exact same moment, spins around himself and hits a Spin Side Kick in the chest...And SHURIKEN'S HEART CAN BE SEEN ACCELERATING TEMPORARILY FROM THE HEAVY SHOT!


    Kyojin now holds his nose somewhat as Shuriken clutches at his chest...though very briefly as Shuriken now changes the offense up with a Go-Behind, and it's a SICKENING German Suplex that plants Kyojin FLAT ALL OVER on the top of his head, causing the announcers to break their silence.

    Pat: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch it man, that's how Misawa DIED in the ring with a head fall like that!

    Robstar: This… this is incredible. These men haven’t stopped since they started almost 45 minutes ago! Nothing but pure fight! FACK!

    Sly: These fans have come unglued for this match and something of this caliber, I wouldn’t expect anything less. My god though I hope Kyo is okay!

    Dudley: It’s hard to impress me but damn… just damn.
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    Shuriken struggles to stand from all of the abuse he’s taken so far, he looks back and Kyojin hasn’t moved. He’s breathing heavily and bleeding, Shuriken, showing the effects of the match begins limping to Kyo and holds his ribs in the process. He grabs Kyo by his hair and tries lifting his limp body up. He succeeds, and gets behind him, grabs his waist and thrusts him into the air again and hits another German Suplex. He holds on and flips over on top of Kyojin, he holds his shoulders down while sitting on his legs.

    Sly: No way Kyo can even move to get out of this one…



    KICKOUT BY KYOJIN who barely raises his shoulder from the mat. Shuriken quickly slams it back down.



    ANOTHER KICKOUT BY KYOJIN! His shoulder rose again. Shuriken twists him around and holds onto his left leg and sits on it bent in. He forces it forward and Kyojin screams in pain. He does it again and Kyo lets out another gut wrenching scream. Kyo comes back and slaps Shuriken in the face. Shuriken forces forward again and Kyo slams his arms on the mat in pain. The ref asks if he gives up, Kyojin mushes his face back and powers upwards, trying to break the hold.

    He grabs Shuriken’s face and punches him as hard as he can, Shuriken reels back but doesn’t let the hold go. Shuriken punches back, Kyojin punches, Shuriken punches, Kyojin Punches, finally Shuriken falls down onto his back and releases the hold.

    Both men lie there catching their breath as the fans begin stomping furiously in the arena. Shuriken and Kyojin get up simultaneously but Shuriken gets the upper hand, he grabs him and whips him hard into the corner across the ring, he follows, drops down and rolls forward hitting Kyojin’s chest with the sole of his feet. Kyojin drops hard and Shuriken stands over him. Kyojin tries to stand and Shuriken grabs him by his head and hoists him high in the air, dropping him onto the top rope, in a snap of a second, Shuriken is standing on the top rope, puts his arms in place and hits a Superplex sending them both onto the mat hard.

    Shuriken rolls over for the pin…


    Sly: This one has to be over!


    NO! Kickout by Kyojin!! Shuriken slams his hands down on the mat enraged. He picks Kyojin up and puts him against the ropes. He measures his chest and...




    Shuriken hits Kyojin hard multiple times, he whips him into the corner again and goes to follow with a clothesline, Kyojin uses his strength to pull up, Shuriken goes under him as Kyojin lands, Shuriken turns around into a furious jumping roundhouse kick!


    Kyojin is reinvigorated now, he picks Shuriken up and does a missile dropkick, knocking him down again.
    Kyojin goes for the cover now…



    Denied! Kyojin struggles to stand and kicks Shuriken hard. He picks him up and whips him off the ropes into an enziguri! Kyojin jumps to the top rope and dives off doing a rolling kick which lands directly on Shuriken’s chest, Kyojin stays on, grabbing Shuriken’s tights and goes for the pin…



    KICKOUT! Kyojin is furious, he punches Shuriken in the face, laying him out and goes to the top rope again, He stands backwards, looks back, crouches down and jumps for a shooting star press. He connects and pulls the legs up…

    Dudley: This has to be over now!



    2 ½…

    2 ¾…

    KICKOUT BY SHURIKEN!! Kyojin lets out a furious scream and sits there for a moment while Shuriken is moving, trying to stand. Kyojin grabs him, hits a scoop slam and goes back to the top rope to go for another Shooting Star Press, Shuriken moves and Kyojin lands hard face first onto the mat.

    Pat: That could cost him the match right there!

    With Kyojin out, Shuriken lifts up his body, Puts Kyojin’s head down, lifts him up high and hits a sitdown powerbomb!





    Robstar: FACK! FACK! FACK!! There is no quit…. NONE!!

    Shuriken instantly gets up and picks Kyojin up, he hoists him onto the top rope and sits him on the ringpost. He goes to try a move but Kyojin stops him, Kyojin throws a wild punch that connects and knocks Shuriken back off the ropes, he falls and quickly gets up as Kyojin stands and launches off, he goes for a hurricanrana but Shuriken stops him and hits a powerbomb as the fans erupt in cheers!

    Shuriken calls for the ending, He picks Kyojin up and hoists him high… he drops him hard onto a BRAINBUSTAHHHHH!!! In the middle of the ring.

    Sly: He used his own move against him!!





    Pat: I can’t even describe the feeling in here right now. Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring, these fans have been completely on fire and this match has been almost an hour and 15 minutes so far!

    Shuriken stands up, he rolls Kyojin onto his stomach and puts his legs up, puts his in between and falls backwards, hitting a surfboard. He’s forcing as much onto as Kyojin as he can, Kyojin struggles and puts pressure onto Shuriken’s left arm, he breaks the surfboard but catches Kyojin on his way down into a submission chokehold. The ref asks if Kyojin is going to quit, he doesn’t respond.

    The ref raises his left arm, it falls down.
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    He raises the left arm again, it falls down.


    He goes for a third as the arm stays up, Kyojin powers out of the hold, lays vicious forearms into the side of Shuriken’s head and stands up, he spits blood and screams “GET THE FUCK UP!!!” Shuriken is dazed, struggling to stand as Kyojin helps him up and connects a series of open hand chops across his chest. Kyojin whips him into the ropes and goes for another enziguri but Shuriken holds on, Kyojin lands hard but gets up, Shuriken runs towards him as he’s on his knees and BOMB-YE!!!


    Shuriken falls into the pin, he holds the shoulders down and lifts the legs high…






    Robstar: These men just put on one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long, long, long ass time! Congratulations to both men for lighting this place completely on fire tonight… wow!

    Pat: Shuriken is your winner of this brutal battle of the stars! I think it’s safe to say this dream match lived up to its potential completely!

    Both men sit in the ring facing each other. Kyojin stands and so does Shuriken. They both meet face to face saying things the cameras aren’t fully picking up. Shuriken extends his hand to be shook. Kyojin looks around the arena as the fans are letting more streamer and confetti go, Kyojin shakes his hand and both men embrace in the middle of the ring showing ultimate respect for each other.

    Pat: Wow… they’re both incredible talents to have on board here with JBW, that is for damn sure!

    Finn Learson: Your winner in the Dream Match… RYUSUKE… SHURIKEN BLADE… SSSEERRRAAAA!!!!

    Sly: Definitely a feel good match right there, man. But, shifting gears here. I’m worried. We haven’t seen anything from DARK DAYS yet and obviously there’s only one match left. Nothing good can come of any of this.

    Pat: After that remarkably stunning, just shocking revelation that took place before our Intercontinental Title Match; The confrontation and discussion between R(ob) and Sasha Panzer..."I am Dark Days."....I'm VERY nervous and worried about the safety of Cage and Hawk out here tonight as well.

    Dudley: I ain't even gonna attempt to front, Pat, I wholeheartedly agree...Sure, I've touted the woman as the best manager going around these days, but just damn...She's the one really who's had a part in the nightmarish hell they've brought through here??? She was here all along, all along...As the tallest individual from that mysterious team has said incessantly: "We've BEEN here." She could very well be responsible for that hellish unit making it in here!

    Sly: I leave for a period of time...and this happens? What's going on under this roof? I picked the wrong time to come back, obviously...This Dark Days though is...Something, I've never seen in all my time here.

    Robstar: I'm gonna be serious for once and say...Fackin Fack those guys are trouble...Every Time they're around, heinous, mass hysteria and broken bodies lie in their wake. A fackin' inside player too? Fack man.

    Pat: That's...That's gotta be it, Dudley, I don't really know any other explanation...She was always absent when they showed up, and the one night she was in the ring-She was barely touched. I just HOPE and PRAY that somehow, someway, this match goes off without a hitch and unproblematic....

    Dudley: Sly, you said it best. of mostly unknown assailants, have caused utter madness constantly since they showed up on our radar.

    Sly: So far, only ONE of them is known, and it's the "One who's been here the entire time", as Dudley alluded to previously before....I just hope no more of them are revealed, because that would only mean them appearing and tearing shit apart!

    Robstar: Fack why did I start working here now? I just hope they don't target our type, I didn't sign up for that shit!

    Dudley: I just...don't see how it took someone so long to come to grips with that fact; A couple of guys thought so, but, nonetheless, let's just hit the ring!


    The music of the man with the briefcase begins playing and the crowd is split half as
    MIKE HAWK begins making his way down. Half hate for his words but half admiration for his actions. He walks down the ramp with determination as he points to the case, holding it high, then motions to his waist. He slingshots into the ring now after sliding the case in, and a small section cheers the feat of athleticism. He hands the case to the ref now as they exchange looks and words, with Hawk nodding one final time before the ref hands the case to Fin Learson at ringside who also nods his head as he takes it.

    Then the music for the JBW CHAMPION blares massively to ridiculous level pops, and The Caged Assassin,
    MALCOLM CAGE, hits the stage; unstrapping the belt then holding it high to the sky, looking to the heavens he mouths "Thank you.". He then lowers it down to his shoulder and smiles brightly down to the ring, slapping hands and quickly snapping pictures with kids and homies on the way.

    He ven letting a kid hold the belt as it almost melts his mother's heart to see such jubilation in the young boy's face. "You can do it Malcolm!!!", is heard from his new friend as he steps in the ring, holding the belt overhead on every turnbuckle as the fans get steadily louder and louder. Malcolm jumps down, shouting loudly "LET'S FUCKIN' DO THIS! OH YEA!" .


    The belt has now been handed to the ref, who's placed it at ringside as Fin Learson again stands up.


    The bell rings as Learson sits back down and we're under way! The crowd in attendance is fully chanting "J B W! J B W!", over and over again as the excitement and intensity in the air can be felt! Both men just eye each other first before things get under way briefly. They half slap hands as Hawk waves him to come on.

    Cage wastes no time at all then, and rushes forwards and drills Hawk with a Running Elbow, sending him right back into the corner! The crowd instantly ignites furtherly and Cage throws a boot Hawk's way...slowly...almost, as if he WANTS him to catch it...Hawk does, and Cage uses force to spin around and crack him in the head with the other foot, Dragon Whip connects!

    He drags him out of the corner and then into the middle of the ring and we have our first cover of the match!


    Kickout right at one from Hawk as Cage begins shouting to the crowd!

    Cage pulls him up and jumps over the back with a spin, coming down from mid air and plants him with the Float Over DDT!

    Another cover in the middle of the ring!


    Another Hawk kickout as he shoves the leg up with force, fighting through the slight damage that's been done to him with forceful vigor!

    Cage hits him in the face quickly as soon as he begins getting up, the champ is on fire and is on top of his game tonight, on all angles!

    Pat: Cage hasn't given Hawk an inch to breath ever since he said bring it on!

    Dudley: There's a price to be weary of when you tell the man who's technically the best right now to come on!

    He lifts Hawk up quickly along with a kick in the gut, then slams him down all on his face, chest and gut! Flapjack from Cage!

    Another quick cover as the champ wastes no time in showing why he's where he's at!


    Hawk kicks out JUST A TAD bit slower now at one and a half!

    Pat: Hawk's barely slowing down there with the kickout! Lord knows how much he wants this but he's got a LONG way to go here!

    Dudley: Cage is tearing shit up out there!

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    Hawk now rolls away from Cage after pushing him off and away as he attempted to raise him up, and makes it over to the ropes, breathing in air slowly, just slightly worn out from Cage's early nonstop onslaught. Hawk again calls Cage to come with it and when he does, he suckers him in and tosses him back into the second turnbuckle pad face first to slight boos from the crowd! Cage hits hard and falls backwards somewhat slowly to the mat!

    Hawk scrambles over to the apron and blasts himself off the ropes, springboarding off the top with a HUGE Frog Splash!

    Pat: He countered his advance! Champ's down and what a big move!

    Dudley: Here we go, you have to believe he's going right into a cover!

    Dudley is correct, as Hawk instantly crawls over on top of Cage and hooks the leg!


    Kickout from the champion as Hawk sits up off of him after with Cage clutching his gut making it back to a vertical base, when Hawk starts attacking the legs with Martial Arts style kicks! one! The crowd are popping loud for the stiff kicks (Damn smarks), and are split down the middle; talkin 'bout "HAWK! CAGE! HAWK! CAGE! CAGE! HAWK!".

    Dudley: The people are really coming to life here for our showstopper of a main event! This has been one hell of a night; I just hope Sasha and company stay out of here for the rest of the evening!

    Pat: You're got dang right these folks are going nuts, this is bound to be one hell of a contest! I can't tell you enough though how much I'm trying to prepare myself for the inevitable if things go nuts before the end of Blood Harvest III tonight!

    Sly: I don’t even want to think about it.

    Robstar: I’m loving the competition here tonight and my main concern is for the wrestlers. With what I’ve seen here, I’m glad JBW is my home. Even though we may very well be torn to shreds in the very near future. In case that does happen… fuck you all very much though. Because it’s every man for himself haha!

    Pat: You’re a class act!

    Robstar: FACK RIGHT I AM!!

    Cage is feeling the effects of the leg kicks slowly but surely until he manages to bat one away, then deflects and parries another with his own foot, and Hawk decides it best to let it up and change the fight style! The two begin trading punches center of the ring, both firing with everything at each other! It's a raw unmitigated slugfest live on PPV as the fans are really into it!

    Hawk with two shots! Cage with three! Four by Hawk! Five in a row unanswered by Cage! Hawk comes back with six in a row as both men are looking punch drunk!

    Hawk begins putting INSANE chops to the chest of Cage now, as the flesh can be visibly seen shaking and bouncing, almost like a slowed down clip of NWJP! Oh man, the fans are coming to life for Hawk's strong style and pure burning drive! A big Front Thrust Kick in one knee and Cage is down! Snap DDT from Hawk! Snap DDT has Cage floored briefly! Hawk gets a brief gleam of realization in his eyes and runs to the corner, running all the way up to the top and bouncing off backwards, Springboard Moonsault off the top! Hawk lands down on him with CRASHING Impact!

    Right into the cover as the crowd cheer and gasp at the athleticism of Hawk!



    Sly: Whoa! Cage kicks out just after two and things are really picking up in this match!

    Pat: Man! The ante is constantly and suddenly rising in this thing! Hawk's been bringing the heat to Cage HARD and it's showing! That's the longest count we've got yet!

    Dudley: What a match, what a match, and it's only at about the fifteen minute mark so far!

    Hawk sits up off of Cage after being forcefully hit with a shoulder in the face, realizing he got a two count, then jumps into the air and NAILS all of a Standing Shooting Star Press in the middle of the ring before Cage can regroup and fully get up!

    Right into the cover, hooking the leg on Impact!



    Again Cage hits Hawk with his shoulder; getting it up SO HARD with such drive to continue, right after two!

    Pat: My god, Cage is breaking the covers so hard Hawk's being caught by it! Every time he gets the shoulder up, Wham, right into his face slightly!

    Dudley: I've NEVER seen anyone keep going SO HARD like that Pat except for Shurken and Kyojin haha!

    Hawk again kneels over Cage, somewhat touching his cheek that's been hit by the fiery kick outs out Cage, when...Malcolm...BECOMES UNCAGED! He jumps right up and slaps the mat with both hands, somewhat to the surprise of Hawk! The people in attendance explode at the sudden re-ignition of the Champion! Cage comes forth out of a cannon with a Discus Punch, then a kick in the gut, then a Super Kick! Right on the jaw and Hawk stumbles over backwards slowly!

    The crowd's on fire! "CAGE CAGE CAGE CAGE! CAGE! CAGE! CAAAAAGE!" Cage with the quick tight cover!



    Now it's Cage's turn to get a two count that's quickly broken immediately afterward! He stands and lets Hawk rise, looking at him with determination! Again he jumps over and swings himself around, dropping Hawk another time with the Float Over DDT! With EXTRA force added onto it as well! He ascends the top rope as he yells out a primal scream to the crowd, "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!"Hawk begins rising as Cage gives him the classic directors hand sign, squaring him up in his vision...Cage SOARS off the top as Hawk gets up enough to be taken down with a Diving Bulldog!

    Right into the cover as the fans are still losing it out there!



    Another time Hawk kicks out after two-JUST a SLIGHT bit slower though now!

    Dudley: Match is moving along now and we're passing the 45 minute mark!

    Pat: What a night it's been, and these two dudes are tearin' the house down out here!

    Sly: What a night it is to be back! Well, sort of...Looks around the corners of the desk.

    Robstar: This is what FACKIN' JBW Main Events are all about! I think you boys are really proving something to me out here tonight! Fack what a barnburner!

    Cage gets up off the pin as Hawk begins pushing himself up, sweat running to the mat, dripping from both men's faces!

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    Cage turns to the crowd and shouts out a loud "J! B! W!" chant, that the crowd ALL instantly start repeating, when he's hit from the back by Hawk!

    Pat: Whoa, whoa! He hit him from the back!

    Dudley: It's the chance of a lifetime though brotha! You GOTTA do what's needed at times!

    Sly: He's right, you don't normally hit folks when they ain't lookin...But this is a chance of realizing a dream!

    Robstar: Why in FACK would you turn away anyways?!!? He had em in control mother facker!

    Hawk runs the ropes and jumps and lands a flying boot forward into Cage's face, throwing himself at him fully after hitting the ropes behind him and then coming back!

    Cage just ate his boot! Oh shit the champ's down!

    Cover INSTANTLY by Hawk who closes his eyes and bites his lip!



    No! It was close but no! He got the shoulder up and the crowd can't believe it! Neither can Hawk!

    As Cage is recovering, slapping himself in the face to get feeling going and attempting to shake off the pain, Hawk starts repeatedly putting three in the ref's face, pleading like hell! The ref just keeps throwing up two and apologizing!

    Pat: Hawk may not be EVERYONE's kind of star, but his drive to reach the top is showing through hard! He just can't get over the fact he's not new champion!

    Dudley: Not for nothin! Neither can I! I'll be damned surprised if Cage isn't spitting up leather later tonight!

    Sly: How DO you kick out of that?!?

    Robstar: Fackin drive man, I suppose!

    Hawk wipes sweat from his brow and regains his composure, then nods to himself and looks back to Cage, who is rubbing his mouth getting up from hands and knees, pushing himself up. He stands with his back to him, then floats over, flipping over backwards!

    Dudley: Look at this! Ah yes! Going for that Ultimo Dragon innovated Cravat style Inverted DDT!

    Pat: Wait! Cage countering him! He's changed position and caught him in the air! Gonna go Back Suplex here!

    As true to what they've said, Cage has indeed stopped the Asai DDT in its tracks and switched over to go Belly to Back! Not to be either, as Hawk has hooked the head and pulls Cage down flat on the back of the head and neck! Inverted DDT by Hawk and the crowd can't belive the two effortless counters in a row!

    Hawk jumps onto Cage with a pinfall attempt!



    NO! Another time Cage finds a way when it seems to be over! CAGE IS STILL ALIVE! Hawk can't stand it either, as he kneels over him with a distant look of thought on his face...

    Pat: Leg up again by Cage! What a string of counters to come back from!

    Dudley: The champ has worked too long to be put away like that!

    Sly: What a match, and this keeps going on, time will start to get slim out here!

    Robstar: JB-Fackin W! Ok, you got me! I love this shit as much as you two FACKS!
    Hawk once more wipes sweat, running his hands down his face, gritting his teeth, then runs and jumps over to the apron as Cage is stirring! Something big coming here

    Pat: Look at Hawk on the outside! Time for that bird to soar boys!

    Dudley: What's he gonna do though?!?

    Hawk responds that question with TRUE REAL athleticism, front flipping RIGHT OVER Cage, and yanking him down hard with a Neckbreaker off the springboard!

    The crowd bursts out into dual chants of "WHAT A MOVE!", and "HOLY SHIT!"

    Robstar: I like this crowd! Do you always have such FACKIN' profanity on these PPVS and what not?!?

    Pat: It's somehow become the norm, matter of fact!

    Sly: Cuss motherfucks the fuck out! I'm sorry folks, but damn I'm feelin' this match! This has GOTTA be it!

    Dudley: Hawk may lose it it if it's not!

    Hawk covers Cage with forceful vigor, shooting the half on him and hooking the leg too!

    The crowd begins loudly counting with the ref!



    NO! NO! NOOOO!

    Dudley: What the hell?!?!? He just kicked out a Springboard Front Flip Neckbreaker! Do you know the physics coming into play there that add to the pain that does?!?

    Sly: Sure, Velocity, height, speed, momentum!

    Pat: Exactly Sly, but the champ rolls on! My god!

    Robstar: What the FACK, is more like it Duds!

    Hawk is hitting the mat with his fists, kicking the ropes, and generally losing it! He runs the ropes and throws himself outwards, coming down on the chest, gut, and heart of Cage with a Senton Backsplash!

    Sly: Oh man, lookin' just like Joe!

    Robstar: He does possess some of that same style, maybe that's where he fackin learned it?!?

    Hawk's obviously through playing, and he just jerks Cage up from the matt as he claws at the tights! He just says GET OUT and throws Cage right straight from the ring through the ropes with a forceful toss, and the people let out a gasp of awe as Cage hits the floor!

    Hawk looks out at Cage now, to the ropes behind him...Cage...the ropes! Cage! The ropes! Everyone in attendance has seen this type of thing enough to know what's coming! Hawk gives one final back and forth glance, then nods hard! Hawk hits the ropes behind him, dashes full speed....

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    AND FLIES OVER THE TOP CLEARLY TO THE OUTSIDE! The crowd explode at the grace and skill of Hawk's Suicide Dive! Which turns out to be exactly what it is! Cage somehow counters, tossing Hawk into the barricade face first! Hawk's busted open!

    Sly: Blood! Blood! Oh my god!

    Pat: What a crash and burn man!

    Robstar: He FACKIN hit his forehead damnit!

    Dudley: That's that style though, you don't connect it's gonna hurt! THAT'S what the belt means!

    Cage heaves him into the ring, and comes in after him and covers!

    Pat: Gotta be it gotta be it!

    Again the crowd fully counts also!



    T-NO! NO! The match continues!

    Cage just says the hell with it, and starts hammering Hawk in the face, opening that wound!

    Dudley: He's targeting that blood spot!

    Sly: Come on Cage!

    Cage drags up the now dripping blood Hawk, and Superkicks him dead in the mouth! It appears to take all of it out of Hawk, but he won't have it! He won't go down! He stumbles and staggers like he's drunk, but he uses all's he's got to maintain a vertical center of gravity! Cage is in true awe as Hawk merely shakes his head no and spits out blood!

    Hawk with an Enziguri to the stunned Cage! Cage buckles with a snap from the kick!

    Hawk spits blood once more, wiping his mouth, and cracks his neck side to side, and leans on the ropes very shortly! He shouts to the crowd with all of his energy needed "MAY-HEM!"

    Pat: Oh man! The Mayhem Driver coming!

    Dudley: Sly and Rob may not know-That's a SICK Front Flip Driver!

    Sly: DAMN! I don't think I've seen him do it!

    Robstar: He gets it this is FACKIN OVER! FACKIN OVER!

    Hawk uses everything to pull Cage up, down between his legs, then motions to the mat hard! NO! Cage comes up and kicks him in the gut! A HARD Elbow Strike to the face dazes Hawk! He grabs him up by the neck and runs the corner! CAGED AGGRESSION! CAGED AGGRESSION!


    Pat: He got it! He got it! No Mayhem but PLENTY of Aggression!

    Dudley: GOODBYE!

    Sly: This is over folks!

    Robstar: What a FACKIN move!

    Cover now as Hawk has been slammed to the back of his head!





    Pat: What a match! What a show!

    Dudley: That's how we do it here folks!

    Sly: GOT DANG that was a slobberknocker and a half!

    Robstar: What a FACKIN match from bell to bell!


    As soon as Learson finishes, Malcolm Cage gets the JBW Championship and on stage with no music a man appears. The fans go absolutely batshit crazy and begins cheering for him as they notice who it is.

    MA$$DINERO has made his return to JBW!

    Pat: No way!!! No way!! Ma$$ can’t be part of Dark Days!! OH MY GOD!!

    Ma$$ makes his way down the ramp while Malcolm looks him in the eyes the whole time. He grips ahold of his JBW Championship and Ma$$ gets into the ring, Malcolm looks around the ring to make sure no one else is around, and as soon as he looks back, Ma$$ connects with MY FRIEND WENT TO LONDON AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS BLOOD STAINED SHIRT!!

    Sly: Jesus!!! That connected hard!!

    Ma$$ grabs the JBW Championship from the knocked out Malcolm Cage, he holds the belt up, and looks down. Suddenly, a slightly puzzled look washes across his face. He appears to shake off a slight chill down his spine.

    The fans in attendance all suddenly feel the apparent same chill down their spine, many letting out small gasps, with a few females letting out full on screams that echo through the building.

    The very air itself begins to go cold, and Ma$$ is surprised to see his breath clouding up. A worried look spreads across his face.

    Dudley: This is great! Ma$$ has somehow made the temperature in the arena as cool as he is.

    Pat: Are you crazy? Look at the look on Ma$$' face, Dudley. He's just as confused as we ar-!

    The lights in the arena suddenly go out, and the screams from the fans are deafening.

    Sly: Just what the hell is going on around here!?

    Dudley: Who said that!?

    Robstar: I can't see me facking lager!

    Pat: What in the name of insanity is going on!?

    A blue spotlight shines across the whole stage, and an eerie mist begins to rise.

    Pat: Holy shit. You don't think... Dudley. Remember the mist, Dudley?

    Dudley: .... Fuck this, I'm gone.

    Dudley throws his headset down, and jumps over the ringside barrier behind him.

    Sly: What!? Where are you going, man!?
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    Pat: S-Sly, I-I think it's th-the...

    To a vast chorus of gasps, a giant of a man walks out onto the stage. He is wearing a long black trenchcoat, and his face is covered with a demonic looking gas mask.

    Pat: .... SANDMAN!

    Robstar: What in the bloody FACK is a Sandman!!??

    In the ring and through the flashes of light, we see Ma$$ looking down at The Sandman who is standing there, looking on. Ma$$ looks around, sees no one is there, takes the JBW Championship and makes his way out of the ring, over the barricade and through the fans as The Sandman slowly begins his walk. Malcolm and Hawk are still in the ring laid out, soon following Sandman… six hooded figures follow closely behind.

    Pat: Oh my god…… Sandman is their leader…

    They get to the ring before him and a couple of them hold the ropes open so he can make his way through. He stands in the middle of the ring, looking on, as his followers take Malcolm and Mike, puts them in separate corners and strings them into crucifix poses.

    The smallest one takes out a knife, and puts it to Cage’s chest. They make one long cut down the center and into the abdomen. This is followed by two smaller cuts going in the same direction, to the left. Finally, a triangle overtop the three marks. One is pouring gasoline on Malcolm and then they go to Mike. The same ritual is performed. The markings and the gasoline. The Sandman grabs a microphone from his coat and begins speaking.

    Sandman: I told you… I’ve told you all you’ve forgotten about us. We’ve been here the whole time. Under JBW contract. But, with how they wanted to run the company… there was no room for individuals like us anymore. When TDA counted my shoulders down at FOR THE CAUSE in May… I went away.

    My compatriots were already gone from the fold. I never liked any of them, I denied them on multiple occasions. But finally… I let the darkness take over. And now that it’s here… there’s nothing you can even remotely do to stop it. Sasha has been warning you all for months. I have been warning you all for months. The coming tide is something you will not make it from. You have brought all of this upon yourselves.

    Your inability to change and adapt have brought this. Your ignorance and self-indulgent bliss have brought this… everything has been laid out. Before we do the sacrifice to begin our reclamation of what is ours… I know you want to know who follows me. Sasha, come forth.

    She does, taking her burlap off in the process. She smiles a sick smile and begins laughing maniacally. Sandman motions for her to take off another hood. The second hood to come off belongs to none other than her beast… ANO DOOM

    Pat: These three alone are just horrifying.

    She walks to another, MACABRE is under the sack. Another… it’s THE BUTCHER. Women hold their children close as fear comes over the fans.

    Pat: No… this just went from bad to worse…

    Sly: These guys are responsible for horrible acts… utterly disgusting. Macabre takes pictures and video of his victims and The Butcher… well… we shouldn’t even need to tell you what he’s about…

    She goes to the next one, it’s CHAINSAW… The fans gasp and some kids even begin crying at what is going on in the ring. There is only one hood left, as she reveals it, the fans are stunned. The man that Sandman fought on Mayhem almost to re-death was standing before them… SAMSON has risen again!

    All seven of them stand in the ring together as Samson takes out a board. They douse it in gasoline and light it on fire. He hands it to Sandman and he walks over to Malcolm, he places the torch at his feet and lights it on fire. He walks over to Hawk and does the same. Both men erupt in screams as all seven individuals of DARK DAYS holds their arms to their sides , outstretched in unison.


    As Pat finishes, his prayers have been met. Ring crew have fire extinguishers as the JBW locker room is spilling out into the arena. They put Malcolm and Hawk out. The locker room circles the ring and the lights go completely out. Sounds of fighting can be heard as the fans cheer. Finally they come back on again and they’re fighting themselves. DARK DAYS have left. Everyone is confused and look around.

    The symbol that was sliced into the chests of Malcolm and Hawk appears on the JABETron as the camera fades out and the JBW logo appears.
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    The cameras roll around the Bridgeton, NJ high school football field to a PACKED stadium! Almost 3,000 people have showed up for the free event in R(ob)’s hometown! He wanted to do this on Thanksgiving Day as a special to all of the JBW faithful. Just a few moments ago the Bridgeton Bulldogs beat Cumberland Regional Colts in a special game requested by R(ob).

    The fans have been interacting with a myriad of JBW stars all day long in this event. Autograph signings, pie eating contests, food donations for the homeless and poor. Toys For Tots, everything has been going on and we’re nearing the very special JBW: THE DAY OF THE TURKEY!!

    As the cameras go around to see what’s going on in different places, we see Travis and Jason coming to the ringside area while the ring crew finishes everything up.

    Jason: HAPPY THANKSGIVING MOTHERFUCKERS!!! We come to you LIVE on 6 ABC right here in R(ob)’s hometown for a very special event! We just saw his High School football team beat the Cumberland Regional Colts 24-14 and next at JBW: THE DAY OF THE TURKEY we’re going to see the TURKEY BOWL! I have no idea what the hell it is but, it’s something.

    Travis: R(ob) said he’ll come out and tell us what…

    Just as Travis was talking, Alesana “The Thespian” begins blasting on the PA system in the field and out comes JBW Owner, R(OB) to a loud chorus of cheers and adulation. He smiles at the fans in attendance and holds the mic to begin speaking.

    R(ob): I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and spending so much time with us today! I know no one has really explained what the TURKEY BOWL is so, here we go. I’m going to make it quick.

    The purpose of this is, we’re having an eight man, single elimination tournament!!

    The fans cheer.

    At the end of the tournament, the winner will face the JBW Champion, Malcolm Cage for a chance to become JBW CHAMPION!!!

    The fans begin stomping and cheering loudly in the stands.

    Now, let me introduce you to the eight men battling it out for their shot in the sun!

    R(ob) motions for them to come out and ARTEMIS ECLIPSE makes his way out first as the fans go nuts. Then out comes SHURIKEN BLADE with more cheers, Artemis and Shuriken are staring at each other in disgust as the third man makes his way out in MA$$DINERO, he’s holding the JBW Championship up high, and if people need reminding, he’s had it for over a month now, and Malcolm Cage hasn’t gotten it back. As the fans cheer, KYOJIN makes his way out and the arena shifts to massive boos. Kyojin and Ma$$ begin cussing each other out, Artemis laughs and Shuriken leers at them all.

    After things begin to die down, K-JAMMIN comes out to a very mixed reaction. He laughs and gives the “jerkoff motion” to the fans and flips the bird. SHAZ makes his way out next as the fans cheer wildly for him, SAGITTARIUS BLUE then comes out to a raucous round of cheers. And last but certainly not least, the man that’s been on fire recently, MIKE HAWK comes out to cheers and boos… mainly boos but hey, it’s cool.

    As all the men stand there bickering with each other, they begin to brawl and the fans go crazy. R(ob) calls Bridgeton Police in and the security for the event rush as well. They quickly regain control and escort the men to the four sides of the ring where two chairs are positioned on each side and awaiting for them all to sit.

    R(ob): Here’s the deal, this is single elimination. The first round will be this:





    This is pretty sexy here folks! So lets get this started!!


    As both men rise from their chairs, they quickly get into the ring and begin brawling. Fists are flying, being blocked by both men, kicks are going strong as well. Finally, Shuriken gets the upper hand with and uppercut to the jaw of Artemis that sends him flying.


    The connection sends Artemis onto his back and he’s laid out. Shuriken goes to pick him up but he was playing Opossum and Artemis kicks him in the head. Shuriken stumbles back and Artemis stands, wobbling just a bit but has enough in him to throw another kick, connecting with Shuriken’s temple!

    Jason: HOT DAMN!

    Shuriken rocks back and leans against the ropes, holding his head. Just as Shuriken shakes his head, he’s met with a high knee to the face from Artemis. The fans are going crazy at the fast paced action in the ring.

    Travis: These two are definitely not holding back! All of a sudden this surprise, one off show just became the show to beat at this time!

    Jason: Dude, BLOOD IN THE SNOW is going to be incredible.

    Travis: I said AT THIS TIME didn’t I motherfucker?

    Jason: Damn, Artemis hit a bulldog, he’s laid Shuriken down. Artemis is going to the top rope and…

    Artemis turns backwards and hits a moonsault, landing directly onto the chest of Shuriken.



    NO! Shuriken kicks out!

    Jason: Of course he does. Everyone knows this is just the beginning of the match and there’s no way that would put anyone out!

    Travis: Your mom puts out pretty easily. Usually at the beginning of a match as well. I mean, she’s typically lubed up and has an apple in her mouth but, I digress.

    Jason: Fuck you right to hell you fucking fuck!

    Travis: You set things up WAY too easily. Fagbot.

    Shuriken has stood up, holding his ribs and head, he fights back. Artemis is being knocked back while blocking the series of back fists and kicks, finally, a real hit connects and he slumps for just a second. This allows Shuriken to repeatedly hit knees in Artemis’s face.











    Shuriken lets Artemis go and he comes out of the corner swinging, and falls flat on his face. Shuriken walks towards Artemis, turns him onto his stomach and positions him where he needs him in the ring. Shuriken goes to the top rope.
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