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    You can take your Doom, your DARK DAYS and your whole fucking holier than thou attitude and shove it up your stupid little ass. I’m not sitting in a corner crying, not going to cower in fear. You better bring your “A –Game” because I swear to you Sasha…

    He gets into her face.

    No one is going to shoot you but, I’m going to fuck you up….

    With that R(ob) reels back and connects his fist with her face in a shocking moment that sends the fans in an uproar. Cheers echo throughout the arena as Sasha falls. The wrestlers and cops cannot believe what just happened and they storm the ring, putting R(ob) in handcuffs while he’s laughing.

    Pat: Oh. My. GOD! R(ob) just completely laid out Sasha! The arena is going insane right now and R(ob) is being carted off for what I can only assume will end up being simple assault in the end.

    R(ob) screams “WHERE ARE DARK DAYS???” as he’s hauled out. As soon as he leaves, the arena goes pitch black and the cheers turn into horror. The JABETron comes to life, flickering with screams in the background. Suddenly, the lights come back on and Sasha is gone.

    Dudley: Fuck all of this. All of it.

    Pat: I honestly don’t know what is going to happen now. Umm... Sasha is supposed to be in our first match here tonight for the JBW Bombshell Championship. I don’t know… what a beginning. Wow, what a beginning.

    As Pat finishes his words the music for BARBIE PANZER begins playing. She comes out to the stage wearing a “#BostonStrong” Artemis Eclipse T-Shirt and waves as she makes her way down the ramp.

    Dudley: Now this, this is a Panzer sister I like seeing! Too bad she’s with Artemis. I’d show her what I can do.

    Pat: What you can do? You mean eat fried chicken in bed? So appealing.

    Dudley rolls his eyes as Barbie saunters into the ring and poses for the fans. The JBW Bombshell Champion is out next, EDEN SKYmakes her way out to a chorus of boos from the fans.

    Dudley: Nothing but walking sex right there.

    Pat: You take a Viagra or something tonight before you came out here Duds?

    Dudley: I must be homing Larry Zbysco or something.

    Pat: Now THAT is terrifying!

    Eden holds the JBW Bombshell Championship up high as the two females in the ring stare at each other.

    Pat: Well… here’s the moment of myst….

    Pat gets cut off AGAIN as the arena goes black. Silence falls as the fans in attendance await to see what happens. Suddenly, they come back on and there’s no Sasha in the ring.

    Pat: Well then… nothing like being cut off for nothing. I guess we won’t be seeing her tonight.

    The lights go out again and then flicker slowly back on. Sasha has appeared in the ring with her wrestling gear on now, and a completely blank look, she’s pale and her hair is covering her face.

    Dudley: Fuck. That. Nope, nope, nope. She looks dead. I’m fucking outta here!

    Finally she snaps out of her trance when the bell rings, as Pat is seen pulling Dudley back into his chair.


    The ref starts the match up with the opening bell, and all three women look at each other, sizing up the competition. Sasha's eyes are cold and soulless... Barbie's are alight with anger... and Eden... well, Eden's eyes aren't on her challengers for very long. Because she's on her way out of the ring.

    Sasha and Barbie both go after her before she can leave, both grabbing one of Eden's arms and throwing her down to the mat!

    Eden rolls onto her feet - and ducks, just in time to dodge the double clothesline! The Panzer Sisters put on the brakes and turn to see Eden bearing down on them - so they catch her with a double hip toss! But Eden lands on her feet! She taunts the sisters before sliding out of the ring to avoid their vengeance.

    Barbie immediately turns to Sasha and begins to yell at her...

    Pat: It looks like Barbie blames Sasha for their inability to subdue Eden Sky, probably pinning the miscommunication on –


    The sound is as sharp as a thunderclap, and for a moment hushes the crowd in attendance as Barbie holds her face, a large welt on the side of her face... as she glares at Sasha, who meets her gaze with her own withering stare!

    Dudley: Oh damn! Did you see that, Patty?


    The Panzer Sisters stand stock still while the air around them crackles with electricity. Even the ref backs away, probably feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and knowing instinctively that something bad is about to go down...

    Pat: Oh my GOD - it's a FIGHT! The Panzer Sisters are slugging it out in the center of the ring!

    Fists are flying as Barbie and Sasha lay into each other! Both sisters stand and trade blows with damn near no regard for their own safety, neither bothering to cover up or defend themselves! The fight hits a different note when Barbie catches Sasha with an uppercut to the bottom of the jaw, stunning Sasha suddenly before slinging her straight into a corner...

    Sasha fights to remain conscious - feeling Barbie's nails slash her across the face wakes her back up. She swiftly snatches up a solid handful of Barbie's hair, holding her sister fast while firing bombs into Barbie's face with extreme prejudice! Barbie escapes, dropping Sasha with a body slam! Sasha rolls onto her knees - Barbie kicks her in the ribs before she can get back up... and stands astride Sasha's back, grabbing her legs...

    Dudley: Holy shit, she's not playing!

    Pat: No, she's not - Barbie looking for the Sharpshooter, and a fast finish to this match! She wants this over with - NOW!

    Sasha struggles like mad in an attempt to escape, but Barbie will not have it –


    Barbie drops to the mat, blood spurting from her nose - courtesy of Eden Sky, who raced back into the ring and kicked Barbie square in the face! Barbie pulls herself back to her feet as she screams at Eden, pushing her... Eden responds with a fierce punch –

    But is thrown off - or down, rather - into a roll up!

    Pat: What a - what a match this is turning into! Already we've seen a near-submission and a near fall as Eden kicks out just at two! She had to know: if either of the Panzers score a victory here, her title reign will be over!

    Dudley: Which would be a tremendous shame, because without her as the Bombshells champion, the Bombshells would be nothing, I tell you - NOTHING! They need Eden Sky!

    Eden comes up with a mean roundhouse kick for Sasha - who ducks the kick - and the leg is caught by Barbie! Giving Sasha enough time to land an enziguri flush on Eden's temple! Down goes the champ! Sasha immediately follows for the pin –

    Only to be dragged off by Barbie! Barbie stomps Sasha in the back of the head before going to cover Eden Sky –



    Kickout at two and a half! Eden gets the shoulder up - and Barbie is infuriated! She grabs Eden's head to slam into the canvas - and recoils in terrible pain as she holds her eyes!

    Pat: Her eyes! Barbie just tried to gouge out her eyes!

    Eden crawls toward the ropes as Barbie stumbles around in a blind and excruciating haze, pulls herself to a vertical base and cinches in a rear waistlock on Barbie! German suplex! Wait - Barbie thrusts forward, her momentum pulling Eden forward too, and into another pinning roll up predicament!


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    (Sasha Panzer = Miss Tessmacher/Eden Sky = Mickie James - start @ beginning, stop @ 1:15)

    Dudley: Hey... if neither of them can get up in time... could I -


    Dudley: But they're all knocked out - it's not like they'd notice. They wouldn't even know what that funny aftertaste is!

    Just before the ref can finish the count, both women manage to stagger up to a vertical base - though the effort is superhuman! Sasha and Eden literally have to hold onto each other just to stand up!

    Eden is the first one to realize this - so she grabs Sasha and drops her with a Flatliner! Sasha's face meets canvas as Eden flips her over and covers her -



    Thr - no! Sasha kicks out!

    Eden goes ballistic, telling the ref that his count is too slow and that he could count faster is he stops oogling her! She gets down, covers Sasha again -

    Sasha with a headbutt to Eden's face! Eden is gushing blood from her nose! Sasha overpowers Sky, sending her to the canvas - turns her over in a very familiar hold -

    Pat: Sharpshooter on Sky, with excellent ring positioning! Will this be enough to put the champ away -

    The answer is no - someone slips into the ring behind Sasha, wrapping an arm around her throat and throttling for dear life!

    Dudley: Are you shitting me?! BARBIE?!?! Is she really even alive after that fall???

    Pat: Apparently so - and look what she's doing! A dragon sleeper on Sasha - who has a Sharpshooter on Sky! This is a precarious position - all three women are extremely weakened and pushed to the limit... won't take long for someone to tap! But who? Who would move on to become champion?!?!

    At last, Sasha - suffering the brunt of it mostly - releases Eden Sky - who fled the ring - to sling Barbie off and stop the choke! Barbie can't get back up too fast - which means Sasha is on her in a heartbeat, dropping elbows and forearms onto Barbie - who counters by punching Sasha in the face, getting back up, and putting Sasha down with a gordbuster! Sasha's face bounces off the mat before she lies still... and Barbie closes in for the kill, wearily pinning her sister!




    Dudley: Hold it, where'd the ref go? SOMEONE DISAPPEARED THE REF!

    The ref only seemed to disappear... because Eden Sky had pulled him to the outside, where she was! The ref blew up at her, while all Eden could do was smile sheepishly...

    And inside the ring, Barbie was far from pleased... Eden had just cost her a valuable chance to put the match way! She stumbled over to the edge of the ring to hurl some choice curse words at Eden Sky while the ref was busy yelling his head off at Eden as well.

    So nobody noticed when Sasha, almost dead on her feet, snuck up on Barbie... and crowned her with the Lil WMD!

    Pat: No, not the loaded glove! I saw it - she put something in that glove of hers before she took out her own sister! Not like this!

    The ref slides back into the ring as Sasha goes to cover Barbie...

    But there's no count! Instead, the ref is pulling at Sasha's glove!

    Dudley: The ref knew! Maybe because Eden Sky told him while they were outside the ring! See, Patsy? Eden IS a wonderful and virtuous woman -

    The ref steals away the glove and tosses it out of the ring as he goes to check on Barbie... and Sasha is LIVID. She drops her cold, vicious persona... and replaces it with a loud, uncontrollable and volatile tone as she starts to yell and scream at him "I HAD A LEGAL PIN, YOU STUPID FAT BASTARD!!! I WASN'T CHEATING - I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE GLOVE!" The ref pays her little attention, instead checking to see if Barbie is breathing.

    All this time, Sasha was going thermal until she realized... something was wrong.

    She turned to check -


    The ref hears an impact, and turns around just in time to see an innocent Eden Sky crouching over Sasha Panzer's prone form - and no title belt anywhere nearby! Eden secures Sasha's shoulders to the mat...

    Pat: Don't do it, ref! DON'T DO IT!

    Dudley: Do it, ref! TOTALLY DO IT!




    Finn Learson: The winner of the match... and STILL JBW Bombshells Champion... EDEN SKYYYYYY!!!

    Pat: What an amazing opening bout from our ladies here in JBW!! I’m only speaking for myself here but, man… seeing that has me positive about the Bombshell division going forward. What a match!

    Dudley: I’ve seen better but, all the right movements happened at all the right times and I got a ton of fantastic pictures on my phone because of it.

    Pat: You sicken me.

    Ms. Mayhem walks out to the ring to catcalls from the crowd. She simply smiles at the fans and enters the ring and asks for a mic- which she is given by a stage hand. As she is about to talk, more stage hands enter the ring setting up a 6 foot long table and setting 4 bar stools for the participants in the contest.

    Ms. Mayhem: And now for the honor of taking me out at a later date- a Beer Drinking contest between The Panzer Division- Karl and Oli Panzer versus the Pardy Boyz- Rymac and D-Boy. So without further ado, lets get these guys out to get their DRINKSSSS ONNNNN! The losing team is the one who has a member pass out first.

    Dudley: Damn, I wish I was one of those guys.

    PARDY BOYZ, D-Boy and Rymac, walk out with a keg each under their arms. They slowly make their way down the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd. They get to the ring, slide the kegs in and tell at the stagehands to set them up, which they do. Both Rymac and D-Boy make their way to MS Mayhem when the PANZER DIVISION music starts.

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    Karl and Oli Panzer walk out on stage to a nice pop with two kegs each under their arms. They march down to the ring side by side, slide the four kegs in the ring and stagehands immediately go to grab them but Karl and Oil, now in the ring, politely tell them to back off. They pick up the kegs themselves and set them up. Rymac and D-Boy just laugh at them.

    Karl asks MS Mayhem for the mic so she hands it to him and smacks him on his ass as he turns away to talk. Karl turns back and smiles at her as Rymac, and D-Boy look on pissed. Oli just looks at the kegs with lust in his eyes.

    Karl Panzer: OUR MUGS!

    Karl hands the mic back to Ms. Mayhem.

    Former JBW Bombshell Champion Faith Leflur makes her way down the ramp with Karl and Oli Panzers mugs in hands. The JBW fans give her a nice pop as they hadn’t seen the beauty in months.

    Dudley: Damn, I am in love.

    Faith climbs up the steps and hands Karl the mugs and hugs him for good luck. She looks over at the Pardy Boys, then MS Mayhem and flips them all off. She then turns around and makes her way back up the ramp to cheers. Once on the top of the stage, she turns around, waves at the crowd and disappears.

    Dudley: Damn, and there she goes…

    Ms. Mayhem directs all 4 men to take their places at the bar/table and they do.


    Ms. Mayhem: OK, now that we got that girl sadly trying to get one last pop from the crowd out of here guys, you all ready to get this thing on? The first man to pass out loses the contest for their team.

    Rymac looks at Karl and Oli with their mugs and decides they need something to drink out of too so he gets out the ring- walks up to two fans and steals their cups, throwing the contents on them and bringing them back to the ring to boos, sitting back at the table.

    Ms. Mayhem: Ok, game is on.

    Pat: Not sure if I can watch this. 4 grown men trying to impress a woman with their drinking abilities- so sad.

    Dudley: If I had to kill my liver for one shot with someone like Ms. Mayhem, Ms. Sky, or Ms. Leflur or any other JBW Bombshell I would do it in a heartbeat.

    All 4 men start filling their mugs and cups and start drinking one beer after another. After a few minutes each man has emptied a keg each. As D-Boy and Rymac only brought out one keg each, they have a stagehand bring out two more as Karl and Oli have already started on their second kegs. By the time D-Boy and Rymac have their second kegs hooked up, Karl and Oli are halfway finished with their second kegs each.

    Pat: How can those Germans drink so fast?

    Dudley: They were born to drink- and they are drinking the weak stuff either.

    Rymac and D-Boy do their best to catch up to the Panzers and finish their second kegs about a minute after Karl and Oli finished theirs.

    Karl Panzer: MOREEEEEE!

    Rymac, D-Boy and Karl’s brother Oli all look at Karl and laugh but stage hands bring out 4 more kegs- one for each guy. They set them up for them but Ms. Mayhem gets up to make an announcement.

    Ms. Mayhem: As to not let you guys drink yourself to death after this last keg each, if you are all still standing I will judge you all to see who is the drunkest. Again, the winners will get a date with me at a later time.

    After about 3 minutes, each man has emptied their kegs. Ms. Mayhem has each one of them stand up and hop around on one foot for 30 seconds- they all fall. Next she has each man count down from 50- they can’t, though because MS Mayhem does not know German she supposes Panzers could not count down either.

    Ms. Mayhem: Well damn, you guys all had too much to drink to actually have a winner so how about you guys wrestle- again the winners get a date with me at…

    Karl Panzer grabs the mic out of her hand.


    Finn Learson picks up a mic and heads up to the ring.

    Finn Learson: Lets ring the bell and make this official, Pardy Boyz vs Panzer Division. Send in a ref.


    Karl drops the mic he had snatched from MS Mayhem and knocks over the table. Ms. Mayhem quickly exits the ring and Karl dives across the ring and takes down a keg but quickly realizes its not one of the Pardy Boyz so he gets back up. D-Boy, Rymac and Oli are all laughing at him but Oli quickly decks Rymac, then D-Boy who quickly stop laughing.

    Pat: I am thinking this match will be over rather quickly. These guys are in no shape to wrestle. Karl Panzer thought a beer keg was a man. Least Oli had sense enough to know where he was.

    Oli cannot take advantage as he falls to the mat and pukes. Karl rushes over but slides in the puke but somehow takes down both Rymac and D-Boy in the process.

    Dudley: Well that’s one way to take your opponents down.

    Karl goes to pin both Rymac and D-Boy but the ref just made it to the ring and only can count to one. Oli has made it back to his feet again and tells Karl to get out the way. He picks up an empty keg and throws it to Karl then Oli picks up another for himself.

    As they turn to Rymac and D-Boy, they see they had the same idea- they both have empty kegs and all 4 men rush at each other. All you see is kegs crumpling and 4 men stumbling in the ring, all trying to get up. All falling down again.

    Pat: Ok, I admit that was funny.

    Ms. Mayhem tries to cheer them all on but Karl curses her out, first in German, then in English.

    Dudley: How dare he curse that lovely lady out. She did nothing to him.

    MS. Mayhem then sees the Panzers beer mugs and retrieves them from the ring as they are near the edge of the ring. She then yells back at Karl then smashes them both against the ring post and they both shatter into pieces as Karl yells out. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

    Karl gets on his knees and starts crying. Oli ask what happened as Karl, though sobbing, tells him, Oli breaks down too

    Dudley: Sad, two grown men crying, over beer mugs.

    Pat: Maybe they had sentimental meanings to the brothers?

    Dudley: They were beer mugs, objects. But Karl pissed off MS. Mayhem so it serves them both right!

    As the Panzer brothers are sobbing, D-Boy and Rymac pick up two more empty kegs and smash them over Karl and Oli’s heads, knocking them both out. D-Boy and Rymac pile Karl on top of Oli and both cover them for the pin. The ref jumps down and counts the pin.




    Finn Learson: And the winners of the match- The Pardyyyyyyy Boyzzzz!!!!!

    Rymac and D-Boy try to get to their feet again but are too wasted so they crawl to the ring apron where MS Mayhem is jumping up and down in joy. She tries to help them out the ring but they just fall to the floor. Ms. Mayhem goes to the back and sends out stagehands to help.

    As the stagehands are helping them to the back Faith Leflur rushes out with a steel chair and lays out both Rymac and D-Boy with it. She hits the stagehands too. Soon Mike Muir and April Snow walk out as Faith looks down at all the chaos she just caused and starts to cry.

    April consoles her and walks her to the back as Mike Muir heads to the ring and checks on Karl and Oli. Soon some members of the JBW EMT team come out and also check on the Panzer brothers. MS Mayhem comes back out with 4 members of JBW security and they help Rymac and D-Boy up and to the back.

    Dudley: Well that did not end well for all involved. Well other than Rymac and D-Boy winning and getting another date with Ms. Mayhem.

    Pat: But she kind of helped them win by smashing the Panzer's beer mugs…

    Dudley: Yeah, those stupid Germans. I mean beer mugs, come on, they can be replaced. They should have focused on what really mattered- Ms. Mayhem.
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    Pat: But she kind of helped them win by smashing the Panzer's beer mugs…

    Dudley: Yeah, those stupid Germans. I mean beer mugs, come on, they can be replaced. They should have focused on what really mattered- Ms. Mayhem.

    Pat: In your mind, maybe. But truthfully, none of those men should have been in the ring wrestling. I’m not going to talk about it anymore..

    Pat looks frustrated.

    Now we have the 6-man tag team match.

    Dudley: Oh such a fun match we have in store here. Yawns.

    Pat: What?

    Dudley: We have the boring team of Ryan Wells and who knows vs. Mr. Smyth and Black Blooded. I mean really is there any point to this match? Smyth and Black Blooded are going to dominate this match against a couple wannabes and a “freak”.

    Pat: I don’t think so. Ryan is a powerhouse and whoever he gets will surely be a great in sync team with him.

    Dudley: Oh now you say In Sync now that should get Holy Jose’s attention now!

    Pat: First off no it won’t that would be *N’sync plus he likes the other boy band but that’s off topic! On to the match!


    MR.SMYTH comes to the stage, holding his briefcase ever so closely to his side. He holds it up and opens it, pulling out the JBW Television Championship. He sneers at the audience and makes his way down the ramp.

    Pat: Out first is Mr. Smyth! He is one dominant singles competitor! Honestly he is going to be a challenge for Wells and whoever he has lined up.

    Dudley: ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!? No. Smyth is more than just that. I guarandamntee that Smyth get’s the pin on that FREAK Wells.

    Pat: Oh so confident. I’m willing to bet but I’m not supposed to take sides.

    Dudley: Well I do take sides anyways. Sucks to Suck Pat. But I’m sure you know all about sucking huh? Do it every night I hear.

    Pat: Yeah and you’re wife tells me nightly she enjoys sucking .

    Dudley has an awe stuck look on his face and just blinks.

    BLACK BLOODED’s Harley’s are heard revving up in the back as Mr. Smyth looks on with a slim smile as they ride down the ramp and circle the ring. They park them at the entrance by the ring and get in, joining Mr. Smyth.

    Dudley: Anyways here’s Black Blooded, the best damn team around and those other guys won’t be able to handle it!

    Pat: I wouldn’t be so sure Duds.

    RYAN WELLScomes onto the stage and poses for the female fans in attendance. He flexes and smiles as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Pat: And here is why! Ryan “The Freak” Wells making his way out to the ring. He has had a very illustrious career. Even outside JBW but right now a win here. A win over Black Blooded and Mr. Smyth could catapult him to higher status in the company.

    Dudley: What? From shit stain to shit wiper? Yeah, very illustrious!!

    Pat: Well? Who’s he got?

    Ryan smiles and points to the ramp. For his team mates to come out.

    ICONOGRAPHY run down to the ring with fans cheering him on. They slide into the ring and Ryan Wells joins in with them and they begin to quickly beat down on Black Blooded, catching them off guard.

    Pat: Told you whoever he got would gel with him.

    Jason Todd throws Mr. Blood out of the ring and Ben Reilly throws Mr. Black out. Jason Todd runs the ropes and Ben Reilly springboards him out of the ring right on top of Mr. Black. Ben then runs the ropes and flies out and lands on Mr. Blood.

    Meanwhile Wells sends Smyth into the ropes and does a powerful spinning spinebuster. He picks Smyth up but Smyth rakes the eyes and gets out then the ref separates the two men and makes them go to their respective corners.

    Pat: What action and the match hasn’t even started yet! The referee is just now restoring order.

    (Edge, Jericho, Benoit=Wells and Iconography. Evolution=Mr. Smyth and Black Blooded)
    (Ignore ending)

    Wells and Smyth are fighting outside. Smyth sends Wells out into the guardrails and begins to beat down on Wells. Stomping him and repeated punches. Meanwhile in the ring Ben Reilly and Mr. Blood are in the ring. Mr. Blood has Ben in a choke hold. On the apron Jason Todd is trying to get the crowd to cheer on Ben. The crowd is getting into it and Ben is feeling it. Ben gets up and launches Mr. Blood into the ropes and does a big body drop on Mr. Blood.

    Ben tries to go over to Jason Todd but Blood stops him and whips him into the turnbuckle and tags in Mr. Black. Mr. Black stomps on Ben. As Mr. Black is about to tag in Mr. Blood again Wells out of nowhere shows up and pulls Blood off the apron and sends him right into the steel steps. Mr. Smyth rushes Wells and hits him with a strong clothesline. Back inside the ring Black turns around and takes a strong inziguri to the to back of the head. Ben crawls over and tags in Jason Todd.

    Todd rushes at Black but is speared by Smyth but Ben hits Smyth in the gut and Jason recovers and blocks a shot from Black. Both Ben and Jason toss Smyth and Black into the air and hit a cradle DDT. Smyth rolls out of the ring and Jason goes for the pin.




    Finn Learson: Your winners... ICONOGRAPHY and RYAN WELLLSSSSSSSS!!!

    Pat: They did it! Iconography and Wells pick up the win.

    Dudley: NO WAY! That wasn’t right!

    Pat: Looks like you’ll have to eat those words now.

    Ryan Wells and Iconography all quickly get out of the ring and make their way up the ramp. All are seen celebrating while standing at the top of the ramp.

    Pat: Folks, we have had a blockbuster night so far, and now we have a show-stealing match for you next - the JBW United States Championship match!

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    Dudley: Right! In it, we have the Rapid King, Shaz, going one on one with our resident poor Ethiopian orphan, Sagittarius Blue!

    Pat: Despite my colleague's grossly inappropriate comments, we will be watching a match... no, a fight, that has been brewing for a long time! These two crossed paths several times - TWE, IWA... and now here, in JBW! Sagittarius Blue, the biggest little man in this company, recently became the US Champion - marking the first time he has ever won wrestling championship gold!

    As well, Shaz recently qualified to be the number one contender to this title in a grueling trial of his own... and we understand that these two care very little for each other as a result of their encounters elsewhere! Is it possible that their blood feud will reach a head here?

    Dudley: Is it also possible that you stop being such a windbag? Seriously, doesn't talking that much make your lungs hurt, Patty?

    SHAZ makes his way out to a rawkus fan approval. He smiles at the recent turn of events from recent weeks as he goes down the ramp, he’s motioning around his waist that’s he’s going to walk out with gold.

    Next up is SAGITTARIUS BLUE… He makes his way out with Pisces Pink and he looks onto Shaz. He kisses Pisces passionately and she goes to the back. He screams “IT’S NOW OR NEVER!!” And he makes a beeline for the ring. He jumps in and they just begin going at it.


    Shaz charges into the corner - nobody home! Blue floats up and over - Shaz crashes chest-first into the turnbuckle! Stumbles out of the corner...

    Dropkick from Blue!

    Wait - Shaz sidesteps it - and Blue falls on his face! Shaz is on him in an instant -

    Dudley: The Shazmission! He caught Blue half-stepping, and now he's gonna make him pay!

    Pat: May be so - the Shazmission is near-inescapable, a genuine match killer - Blue's reign could end right here!



    Shaz suddenly lets go and scrambles away, a look of surprise and shock in his eyes!

    Pat: So clever! Blue knew he couldn't easily break the hold - so he rolled onto his back... and with Shaz holding him from behind, it would pin Shaz's shoulders to the canvas! Shaz would have to let go - or the pin would be counted on him, and the match would end!

    Blue fights for breath as he crawls to a near corner... Shaz's face goes from momentary surprise to belligerent fury, realizing that he had been duped. And Shaz HATES being duped. He traps Sagittarius in the corner, pelting him with heavy punches!

    Blue is bleeding from the mouth and nose... Shaz grabs Blue, tosses him down towards the center of the ring... Blue is down on the mat, Shaz climbs up to the top, facing away from the ring holding two birds up to the crowd before taking off... SHAZ-SAULT!!!




    THR-NO WAY!!!

    Pat: Blue kicked out! BLUE KICKED OUT!!!

    Shaz rolls off in a frenzy, pulling at his own hair in sheer frustration! Blue, badly hurt, slowly struggles to get up - coughing blood from the last impact! At last, up on wobbly legs -

    Shaz runs up, pounces him from behind - ANOTHER SHAZMISSION!

    DENIED!!! Blue goes with the momentum - and tosses Shaz forward over his head! Shaz hits the canvas hard, but is up on his feet, still burning to get at Sagittarius! Shaz lands a Yakuza kick dead to Blue's face...

    Blue doesn't budge! The kick finds its mark, the damage done, but Blue is still standing! Shaz follows up with a discus clothesline - and Blue intercepts him with an enziguri! Shaz is shaken but still standing as well! So Blue strikes again... and again... AND AGAIN! Something like this...

    Blue with the pin!



    Shaz kicks out!!! But Blue doesn't seem to care - he's feeling the adrenaline, feeling the fire, feeling it coursing through him as Shaz is back up on his feet and after him again...

    (Sagittarius Blue = CM Punk/Shaz = Curtis Axel - start at beginning, stop at 1:20)

    Pat: Incredible! Not many people can take Sagittarius' high kick and still be on their feet -

    Dudley: Unless they're an Ass Kicking Machine, Patsy! Unless they're Shaz!

    Shaz wobbles back and plants five upside Blue's head! Blue totters, but returns with his own right hand!

    Except he misses...

    But Shaz doesn't! SHAZ-MA-TAZ!!! Blue goes down like an elevator with it's brakes cut! And Shaz pins him!






    But it happened - Blue kicked out! Shaz is beside himself being beside himself - and can't decide between begging the ref to reconsider the count or just tossing the ref out of the ring! In a moment of madness, he makes a decision... Ref won't count to three? REF HAS TO GO. He runs down the ref, who gets the whole "deer in the headlights" thing going for a moment -


    Pat: Holy God - Blue just leveled Shaz with Stardom! He springboarded off the ropes just in time to intercept Shaz chasing the ref!

    But Shaz is so far gone that he jumps right back up - even after taking a flying roundhouse kick to the side of the head, as if he didn't feel it! Blue doesn't see this coming - and the subsequent clothesline spins him 360 degrees in the air before he comes down hard on his face and stomach! Shaz smells the blood in the water - knows that Blue just gave his last gasp... and picks him up for -

    Pat: No - not now! He was so close -

    Dudley: Oh yeah, it's that time... B.I.T.W. baby! Goodbye, Little Boy Blue!

    Shaz has Blue in position for the Best In The World!

    And Blue squirms out of said position! Cracks Shaz in the head with another high kick - then...

    (Start at 0:03, stop at 0:08)





    Finn Learson: Your winner... and STILL JBW United States Champion... SAGITTARIUS BLUE!!!
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    Pisces runs out to greet her man as Shaz rolls out of the ring mouthing “Don’t get too attached to that, we WILL be doing this again!” And walks into the back, leaving Sag and Pisces to celebrate in the ring.

    Pat: Man, what a night so far folks! This has been an amazing Pay-Per-View and I’ll be damned, like usual JBW is putting on one of the best shows out there!

    Dudley: I’m still waiting on Dark Days… when they come, I’m leaving. I swear to all that is almighty and holy… I will fucking run!!

    Pat goes to speak but before he can THE ALPHA DOG comes onto the stage barking at the audience as he has Selena come out behind him. He screams “WHAT’S MY MUTHAFUCKIN NAME??” and a good bit of the fans scream “THA MUTHAFUCKIN ALPHA DOG!!” and he smiles while walking down the ramp. He grabs Selena by the waist and gets behind her as they get to ringside. He hops on the ring apron and barks again. He gets in and patiently awaits his opponents…

    Dudley: The Alpha Dog is the crowds favourite but that doesn’t mean shit. He has to want to win but with that whore by his side, his has to be off his game.

    Pat: I don’t think so. She is there for moral support.

    Dudley: Yeah right. I bet she is just there to help the Alpha Dog win. He is nothing but a cheat.

    RONALDO ROMULUS comes onto the stage and immediately looks around in disgust. He looks down at the ring and sees his opponent, the Alpha Dog, with Selena by his side, and Romulus immediately takes off his robe and makes a beeline to the ring in record time, in fact it catches the Alpha Dog and Selena off guard. Romulus gets right in Alpha’s face and starts chastising him for what happened last week. The ref jumps between them and sends them to their corners.

    Dudley: Now Romulus is focused- that’s why he will win this. He doesn’t need some skank helping him win a match. Hell Romulus is so focused he didn’t even look up to his Lord after he got in the ring. He knows HE is with him at all times

    Pat: She is not a skank, she is not a whore. And Alpha is not a cheat. You want a cheat? Look at Romulus

    Dudley: I am. He is a winner.

    The ref rings the bell and both men go at it as Selena exits the ring.


    (Benoit/ALPHA DOG vs Animal/ROMULUS)
    (Start @1:35, Stop @3:02)

    After hitting Romulus with 3 straight German suplex’s, the Alpha Dog goes for the pin.



    Kickout by Romulus

    Dudley: That was close. If Alpha wouldn’t have raked his eyes, Romulus would not have been in the position to be suplexed not just once but 3 times!

    Pat: What are you talking about? Alpha didn’t do that. He hit Romulus with 3 Alpha Grips, fairly. He didn’t cheat…

    Dudley: Sure he did- you were just looking at Selena. You know you want that!

    Pat: I was looking at the action in the ring!

    As Romulus gets to his feet, Alpha Dog goes to hit him with a clothesline but Romulus ducks, grabs him by the arm(his right arm), shoves it behind his back, then shoves him down to the mat twisting Alpha’s arm like he is wanting to rip it from its socket. The ref jumps down and tries to pry Romulus off to no avail.

    Selena is screaming her head off and is about to enter the ring but the ref gets up and sends her to the back. She refuses so JBW security grab her and drag her to the back, kicking and screaming. Meanwhile back in the ring, Romulus continues trying to rip Alpha’s arm off. Alpha is in so much pain his face is as red as an apple.

    Dudley: Now it’s a fair fight. You saw Selena got caught trying to cheat. Serves her right for..

    Pat: She was concerned for her friend Alpha, she was merely just…

    Dudley: Shut it Patty Cakes!

    The ref tries pulling Romulus off again but Romulus again refuses so the ref threatens to DQ him. Again, Romulus refuses to stop. The ref starts to count for the DQ…





    Romulus lets go at the very last second. He gets to his feet and kicks Alpha in the back of the head, seemingly knocking him out. The ref pushes Romulus back so he can check on Alpha. Romulus leans back in the corner as the ref checks to see if Alpha is fit to continue. The ref lifts Alpha’s head up and Alpha immediately snaps, he gets to his knees and shoves the ref back.

    Romulus, thinking quickly, rushes at Alpha and goes to kick him in his chest but Alpha grabs his foot, trips him and jumps on top of him, mauling the shit out of him with hard left and rights, busting a big gash on Romulus’s forehead.

    Pat: Alpha just needed that split second opening and now he is on top. Suck on that Duds!

    Dudley: Fuck you Patty. Seriously.

    The ref threatens Alpha now with a DQ unless he stops- so he does. He then pulls Romulus up and whips him into the ropes, Alpha hits him with a clothesline, then quickly covers him for the pin.



    Thre…. Romulus puts his foot on the rope breaking the count!!

    Pat: Alpha grabs by Romulus by the other leg and drags him into the middle of the ring. He kicks Romulus in the face and quickly covers him for the pin once more…



    Kickout by Romulus!!

    Determined to win the match, Alpha pulls Romulus up once more and is about to lift Romulus up when, unseen by the ref, Romulus low blows Alpha and rolls him up for the pin.

    Pat: Blatant cheating right there…

    Dudley: Better get your eyes check Pat. Romulus is a ring general, he reversed a move into a roll up. He had this match won the second the bell rang if it were not for Alpha cheating so early.



    Thre…. Kickout at the very last second…

    Pat: Ha!

    Romulus, a bit groggy from blood lose gets to his feet, thinking he just won, starts to leave the ring. The ref stops him and tells him the match isn’t over. Romulus turns around to see Alpha coming at him with a spear. Romulus drops to the mat, narrowly missing getting speared and Alpha flies right thru the ropes onto the arena floor, landing on his right arm.

    Dudley: Ha back at you Patricia. I told you Romulus is a ring general.

    Romulus, still a bit groggy, slides out the ring and pulls Alpha up and rams him, right arm first, into the ring post. Alpha screams out in pain. Romulus pulls Alpha back up and shoves him back in the ring, Romulus follows suit back into the ring and covers Alpha for the pin.



    Kickout by Alpha!!

    Romulus cannot believe it. He wipes the blood from his face, punches Alpha in the face, then covers him for the pin once again.


    Kickout by Alpha!

    Dudley: Damn you Alpha, just give up!!!

    Romulus pulls Alpha up and starts to try to whip Alpha into the ropes but Alpha reverses it. As Romulus bounces back off the ropes, Alpha hits him with a spear then quickly goes for the cover.

    Pat: Holy Crap!!!!




    Romulus kicks out a second too late.

    Finn Learson: And your winner- The Alpha Dooooooooog!

    The ref goes to raise Alpha Dogs right arm in victory, but Alpha winces in pain. Instead Alpha looks back at Romulus, laughs then leaves the ring to mostly cheers. Romulus then gets to his feet, face again covered in blood. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and looks up towards the sky, arms wide open. He stays there for a good minute before finally jumping off, then leaving the ring proudly.

    Dudley: Now that’s the true winner!!
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    Pat: Regardless of our thoughts on this, what a match those two had and we now continue this night of nonstop action with another title match!


    Pat: What's gotten into you boy!?!?

    Dudley: Hey, I just like seeing that savage rip through everything and throw bodies around like only he can!

    Pat: This has been building for a while...Lord knows There's been word after word between Artemis and Sasha, The MOTW where Artemis got Shuriken DQ'ed, Remember way back in that Warefare Rumble where Doom went right after Artemis before he could get in the ring?!?


    Pat: Well folks I'm glad this one's amped through the roof for our Intercontinental title match, here we go!


    The fans pop huge as
    ARTEMIS ECLIPSE steps out onto the stage with his hood on, kendo stick in hand, motioning for the belt around his waist. As he walks a short bit, then does his customary apron hop run down to the steps leap, he looks to the camera: "TIME TO SHUT THE BITCH UP!"

    Dudley: Now that was uncalled for and exactly why he's gonna be beaten lifeless out here tonight!

    Pat: Have you been listening to Sasha or something? Because that sounds a lot like what she would say almost...

    Dudley: Sasha is a visionary and more! Here we go with the most powerful woman in JBW coming next!


    Sasha walks out onto the stage, with boos filling the entire arena, with the Intercontinental title draped over her right shoulder, changed into a white shortsleeve dress shirt and black dress pants and tie and black heels, beaten visibly from the hellacious show opener, and drops to her knees, arms spread wide with the same crucifix pose from earlier in the middle of the stage, and deranged coldness is evident in her eyes. She shouts madly, almost with sick, terrifying joy:
    "Come forth, Meine unchained Krieger von Terror und Rache ... Sie Fest .... JETZT!"

    Suddenly, then a red spotlight drops onto the stage, and smoke begins flowing outward until Sasha can no longer be seen, and the entire arena shifts from intense fight feel to monstrous ominous, and ANO DOOM walks out, and the smoke parts from around Sasha, and her eyes open as the bright blue shines sickly, and Ano Doom places his hand on her shoulder, as she rises with a vicious smile.

    She licks her lips with warm madness as she stands and takes hold of the belt again and wraps a much smaller arm around his tree trunk like neck as they head to the ring, with Sasha chattering away to him in German the whole time.

    Pat: What...DID she say?

    Dudley: I don't know, but obviously Ano Doom was beckoned forth! I don't know who to be more afraid of...That...That killer...or the only one around here that can control him!

    As they near ringside, Sasha slowly begins removing his horned helmet, spiked gauntlets, and chained and spiked vest. She shows him the JBW Intercontinental Title as he looks closely into the gleam of it. She then lets it rest over her shoulder as she begins clapping him on both of his shoulders and upper biceps, then begins hitting him in the chest, all the while muscles ripple and shoulders roll in intensity. She then puts a hand to his face, then begins shaking with ferocity as she cuts her thumb across her throat.
    "Der Augenblick ist da ... und essen ihn zum Abendessen!"

    Ano Doom nods his head one single stoic time, and as she takes her place at ringside, and Ano Doom begins to enter the ring, as the ref asks her for the belt which she is gripping tightly, she can be heard shouting refusal at him. "No! This is where it's going to be after the match, so this is where it stays!". The ref decides it best not to argue with her, so he merely signals for the bell.

    Pat: She just refused to give up the belt!

    Dudley: Why would she?!? You heard her! Might as well save time! Let's get it going though!

    Artemis stands across from Ano Doom a slight ways, Artemis throws that trademark grin!

    Dudley: Why would you do that!??! Why would you just smile at that savage?!?

    Pat: I'd say mind games, but I really don't know...Artemis isn't the most sane himself, you know....



    On cue, Doom rushes forward to Artemis, But he catches him with a series of lighting quick chops in a row! It's cut off though after Doom fights through it and connects with a Discus Uppercut in the jaw, dropping him.

    Right into the cover by Ano Doom!

    O-Not quite a full one count as Artemis uses strength to kick up!

    He pulls him up by the mask and then takes him over with a gigantic Snap Suplex down to the matt, after sending him high overhead!

    Another instant cover here by Ano Doom!

    O-Again, not quite one!

    Pat: He's wasting no time going right after him!

    Dudley: Artemis kicking right out though both times! We've just seen his attack plan though, and defense at that! Hit him quick over and over!

    Ano Doom brings Artemis up, who fights back quickly! Stiff chop after stiff chop again in the chest, sending him back, before he charges head on at the Man Beast, elbow cocked towards him!

    Not to be though, as Ano Doom Pops him up sky high, then catches him down in his arms...Overhead Release Belly To Belly!

    Artemis flies across the ring to the awe of the crowd, and then Ano Doom covers him with a forearm across the chest, at the fierce behest of Sasha.

    O-Almost a full one count this time; much closer than before!

    Pat: That's that sudden strength and intensity you've gotta watch from him in there!

    Dudley: You're damned right, and it's the same combination that's gonna retain the belt!

    Doom goes to reach down for him, and Artemis flicks him in the eyes to a sudden pop from the fans!

    Dudley: Oh come on, that's illegal!

    Pat: What if it was Ano Doom, Hmm?

    Dudley: Shut up FAT BOY!....Wait...Wrong fed...But, Ano Doom doesn't NEED to hit people in the eyes!

    Artemis comes from the side as Ano Doom is VERY briefly still in the position on the mat where he reached for him, wiping at his eyes, and Artemis begins laying in quick kick after kick in the face, holding his neck with one hand to insane delight of the crowd!

    Pat: He's mounting more of that striking game he's known for!

    Dudley: Won't last! Watch this!

    Artemis hits one more stiff quick kick, then a forearm chop to the back of the neck, then he moves back while The Man Beast is briefly stunned, hits the ropes, and goes for a graceful Scissors Kick, when Ano Doom manages to move out of the way!
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    Artemis lands on his feet, but turns around into a gloved hand around his neck! Doom lifts him right into the sky with ONLY the hand on his neck! The crowd is in awe at the one armed strength as Artemis is Chokeslammed down flat!

    Cover instantly once more with a hand pushing Artemis' head down and to the side!


    Kickout right after the full one count!

    Ano Doom goes to lift him up by the mask again, but this time, Artemis kicks him away with a straight kick into the air, right in the face as he maneuvers away!

    Pat: Come on Art, stay away from the monster and fight! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

    Dudley: Well, it seems we've both got favorites out here folks!

    Artemis keeps viciously kicking him away with nothin' but heart, as the scene looks like Jason Voorhes being fought off slowly by surely a would be victim...Artemis keeps attacking with everything, while Ano Doom merely grunts and recoils! Artemis has now stood up again, and he hits a One Legged Dropkick that is heard around the building!

    IT DROPS THE SAVAGE! Ano Doom is down as Sasha can't believe it. She grips the belt tighter as she lifts one hand slowly, signaling him to get up.

    Artemis wastes NO time at all in covering him now!


    Artemis is thrown off of him towards the ropes, where he lays on his stomach and does the tongue between two fingers gesture at Sasha to instant rage!

    He turns back around as Ano Doom is hitting the mat with a fist, and Artemis runs over to him as he sits up, placing a boot right in the side of the face to more sudden cheers!

    Doom falls over again and Artemis dives into a cover!


    Ano Doom roughly throws his arm up after the one once more!

    Dudley: He's managed to drop him finally, and man he's kicking out monstrously!

    Pat: Would you expect anything less? Art's doing it right though!

    Ano Doom begins getting up as Artemis maintains positioning over him, and Art begins Elbowing him in the face with everything he's got, shouting increasingly louder each time! He's like a mad man attacking The Man Beast in the face! Artemis now has him back down long enough to hit a Jumping Elbow off the top into the heart, Just like Punk and Savage!

    Pat: Huge Diving Elbow!

    Dudley: NOPE! Won't matter!

    Artemis covers him again, this time sitting on his neck for added leverage!


    Ano Doom gets the shoulder up at one and a half, even managing to punch him dead in the shoulder on the way up!

    Dudley: Look at that!

    Pat: He's getting closer though!

    Artemis now begins looking over at Sasha as he stands near her, shouting
    "I got this shit bitch!"

    Wrong idea though, as Ano Doom has taken the time to get back up and heaves him over and down with a ravishing Belly to Back Suplex!

    Ano Doom gets him back up as he clutches his back on the mat, then pulls him up by the arm, Hammerlock Suplex onto his arm and back as the arena fills with boos!

    Sasha turns to the crowd behind her and strikes the Crucifix pose again in the face of a child, who bursts into tears as boos flow furthermore!

    Ano Doom once more pushes his head sideways with a forearm now in his chest too, as the cover takes place!


    Artemis now kicks out at one and a half!

    Ano Doom now begins strangling him with one hand on the mat as Sasha can be heard shouting him on in German rapidly, when the ref tries to get him off of him-Ano Doom just suddenly jerks his head in his direction...And the ref jumps back away as Ano Doom approaches him!


    Artemis now goes for a Dropkick in the face as Ano Doom turns back around as ordered, but he's surprisingly caught in mid-air by the legs, then spun around a few times insanely high, and planted with a huge Spinning Double Leg Takedown, then just as quick as he's dropped down, he's hit over the face hard by Ano Doom!

    Another cover!


    ALMOST a two count but not quite!

    Pat: What a midair counter there! Followed by a stiff strike that was like a club!

    Dudley: They're going back and forth out here!

    Ano Doom grabs him by the neck with one hand as he lays out alongside him, jerking him up and down as he slams his head off the mat and chokes him at once!

    The crowd boos louder than before now, and Sasha loudly

    This causes boos to get louder, as Ano Doom steps up to his feet and kicks Art, pushing his head some slightly.

    Artemis is getting up somewhat slowly, when he ducks a THUNDEROUS right hand shot, then a left hook misses him too, as the fans go wild when Artemis actually Matrixes it! Ano Doom just takes the
    "Fuck it, come here!", attitude, going behind him and hooking in an Inverted Facelock before he can rise, but Artemis has it scouted! Kick over his own head while somehow holding himself up, and the crowd bursts into chanting his name as Art begins repeatedly kicking Ano Doom in the chest from the odd and unbelievable angle!

    Dudley: How do you do that?!? What skills and athleticism!!!

    Pat: That's what Art's all about! Change of heart there perhaps, pal?

    Dudley: No. I still hate that man and he'll learn his lesson soon enough.

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    Artemis uses his other leg to catch the stunned Doom in the knee, with a Back Mule Kick, then another, then another, then another! Ano Doom is on one knee, and this time, Artemis connects fully with the Scissors kick he went for before! He crashes into him, and Ano Doom actually falls hard!

    The arena can't believe the impact, as Artemis looks at Sasha on the cover, who merely shakes her head, saying

    Almost two now on Ano Doom as he kicks up once more!

    Artemis stands in the middle of the ring, shouting aloud:
    "I'm gettin' there!"

    Ano Doom is coming back up to his feet from his knees, as Art runs off the ropes with a Springboarding Hurricanrana, heaving the Savage into the middle of the ring!

    Artemis is now dashing across the ring, jumps over Ano Doom, then flips backwards off the ropes-Springboard Moonsault!

    Another cover now on the Man Beast!



    No! Only nothing but a full two count and it's instantly kicked out of after!

    Pat: Wow! A two count on that monster!

    Dudley: There's A LOT left there! Ano Doom is KNOWN ALL AROUND for his undeniable durability and endurance!

    Artemis now jumps up high, looks to Sasha with a middle finger in midair, then leg drops him in the chest! Then, another ring run and a spring off the ropes....BACKFLIP SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP IN THE FACE!

    The crowd are alive with chants of "HOLY SHIT!", at the insane athleticism, while Sasha again merely says

    Art into the cover!



    NO! Instantly after the two again, Ano Doom ends up throwing him off of him again just like before! Artemis' face shows shock, and then as he begins coming back towards Ano Doom, he sits up and fiendishly cuts his throat into a thumbs down, as Sasha is now shown shouting
    :"It's not over, it's not over! I told you!"

    Pat: Oh my god...He's obviously back in this and ready for more!

    Dudley: See? See?!?! You heard Sasha! It ain't over! I told you! That son of a bitch eats carnage for breakfast, dines on fire for lunch, then swallows down a ton of agony for dinner! FEED THE MAN BEAST!

    Artemis rushes in on him as Ano Doom stands up fully, and with fire in his eyes, Artemis is tossed straight into the air around seven feet high, then popped in the mouth hard on the way down! Destroyer Fist connects, the Toss Up Uppercut!

    Ano Doom now goes into another cover, with his hand on his neck!



    Kickout at two and a half now!

    Dudley: There's that strength and intensity again! Like he hasn't even been on the defensive for so long either!

    Pat: We're getting closer to the end here all the time too!

    Artemis clutches his mouth now, as blood can be seen near the exposed mouth area, and it practically drives him wild! He instantly begins shaking his head laughing like a fool almost! He is pulled right up by Doom by the neck with both hands, and then Artemis does something he might regret-He SPITS right in the face of the Man Beast, who instantly begins choking him with both hands, then yanks him to his feet...Two Handed Falling Chokeslam!

    He shoots right into the cover as Artemis slams down hard!



    Again with two and a half! Artemis is now smiling again through all the pain, and he again pokes Ano Doom in the eyes! Ano Doom begins wiping his eyes again as Sasha looks on fiercely, and Artemis rolls away from him and comes up and hits a Running Superkick that sounds through the building to massive cheers!

    Pat: What a kick!

    Dudley: What a cheap shot!

    Artemis stuns him slightly, then runs the ropes and bounces back, throwing himself onto his neck and shoulders with a Seated Senton!

    Artemis holds into the cover now!



    Ano Doom now up at two and a half too boos from the crowd heavily!

    Pat: This thing could be over anytime if this keeps up!

    Dudley: Eclipse is gonna lose tonight, but I'll say-They've hit hard and heavy all match, nonstop! There hasn't been one rest period at all! Speed and skill against God given-No, Devil given power and intensity!

    Pat: This is our JBW Intercontinental Title match in case you've forgotten or just tuned in folks!

    Artemis now waits for him to get up, and then kicks his legs out and then drops a big knee right in the face of Ano Doom!

    Cover again!



    Two and a half again and this time it's closer!

    The crowd boos as Doom keeps fighting on, and Sasha maintains her death grip on the belt. Artemis lets him up once more, and then goes up top...Double Knees in the face of Ano Doom as he goes crashing down!

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    Cover as Artemis hooks the legs from his position on his neck!



    Another kick out at two and a half now as it gets closer! This time, Artemis gets thrown off again away from him as it's such a strong show of power!

    Pat: Oh my god...He's still full of that hellish fire!

    Dudley: This is gonna end real quick! Title retained, watch!

    Sasha begins peppering Ano Doom in German now,
    "Steh auf! Lassen Sie uns gehen! Ich weiß, du hast es in dir! Stoppen fucking mit ihm! ENDE DIESES! Wir haben andere Dinge zu tun, heute Abend! Speisen Sie auf seinem gebrochenen Körper!" and Ano Doom looks at her sideways and nods one sole time savagely. He begins sitting up, only to see Artemis RUSHING at him full force!

    Pat: Oh my god...Oh my god...Shining-Shining Wizard coming! He gets this it might not be any coming back!

    Dudley: Just watch what happens Pat!


    Artemis leaps into the air off the knee as Ano Doom is getting up, only to be SNATCHED around the neck with both hands in mid-air! The arena falls into hushed silence of shock as Ano Doom maintains the titan like grip on him as he comes up to his feet slowly, looking him in the eyes the whole time, breathing so hard it can be heard all around ringside!

    Ano Doom is on his feet again, as Sasha is smiling the sickest and widest smile, eyes narrowed as she leans in under the bottom rope...And Artemis is on his feet again in front of him, and Then he's yanked up by the neck with both hands and then CAUGHT onto his shoulders in a freakish display of strength, and sent HURTLING down to the mat with a ring shaking thud heard through the whole building!

    Artemis is flat out leveled as he lays spread eagle off the Double Choke Lift Powerbomb!


    Pat: We've seen that before! What power and sick freakish strength! No one should be that strong Dudley!

    Dudley: I almost agree...How does one even get that powerful...Seriously!???!? Good god...

    Ano Doom now looks to Sasha with an ominous jerk of the head, and she simply taps her right arm briefly and nods to him as their eyes meet.

    He nods one time in return and appears to go into an even more intense and demonic zone, swings his arm around, and then begins cutting his throat thumbs down style...Leaned over, hands on his knees...Artemis slowly gets up...and is CRASHED INTO with a frightening Lariat, aptly named "The Terminator"! Artemis flies through the air as he's taken off his feet, then lands flat on his back in the middle of the ring, as the crowd roars into insane levels of boos!

    Pat: That Terminator got him! Again, he hit him so hard it oughta be illegal! You can't HIT PEOPLE like that man!

    Dudley: There's NO coming back from that move! He's lucky if his neck's not broke!

    Cover now by Ano Doom with his head pushed to the side, as boos fill the arena still!




    The bell rings and boos continue flowing worse and worse now, and Sasha is in the ring now as they both stand over Artemis, and She raises the arm of Ano Doom high in the air as she callously looks on with insanity in her eyes shining through.


    Sasha now raises the belt high overhead with fire burning in her piercing blue eyes, as boos ring out more and more steadily, then she turns toward every section of the crowd, letting the boos flow freely. She then lowers it back down, placing her arm around Ano Doom's neck again as she gets closer to him, eyes shining with dancing madness now as she converses to him in words that can't be heard, but are obviously German.
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