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    Athena lands a backhand too the face now right after, then a gut kick followed by a right punch into the nose. Red' appears to stunned almost by how she's bringing the fight right to her, and this brief lapse in judgement allows her to nail a Scoop Slam, right into the pin afterwards, no less.


    Kickout at almost the exact moment the count is started, and she drops an elbow in the face, pulls him right up, and quickly into another scoop slam, also quick to be followed up with a pin.


    Another almost instant kickout by Red', as he sits up with a laugh. Athena takes it instantly as a sign of disrespect as she kneels near him, and her demeanor furtherly changes-Only to cause her to eat a heavy haymaker right in the mouth.

    Pat:OH! We've seen before that Athena gets somewhat rattled when not treated with the respect she deserves!

    Dudley:Exactly why she shouldn't be in the ring with men. We all saw how that worked for her last time-She fought A Man...Beast-Then almost got killed in the process, arguably!

    Red' pulls her in with the Short Arm Clothesline, dropping her, then pulls her back up, never releasing her arm. He drops her with another whipping Clothesline, then repeats the aforementioned process for a third time.

    Now it's his turn to go for a pinfall.


    Once more, another quick kickout.

    Dudley:What's with all these one counts all night? I'm startin' to get tired of it! Just boring and not going ANYWHERE!

    Pat:....To wear down the opponent, playa.

    Dudley:Hey! Number one, I knew that, Number two, don't mock me!

    Pat:Just makin' sure. That reminds me of something I've been wanting to ask you all night...Ever since Warfare with that rumble...You've almost....Been talking different. Like your vernacular, has changed. What gives?

    Dudley:Maybe...Maybe, I've spent some time around the one of the latest new management hires, if you must know slim!

    Pat:Explains it all.

    Red leg drops her across the chest-Yes, he just leg dropped a woman's upper area...What way to show mutual respect, as the crowd begins getting upset with him. He turns to them with "Aw naw hell nah man!", with a wave of his hands. Athena sees the moment though, with a gleam in her eyes! She comes in from behind and rolls him up with force!




    K-Jammin, Muir, and LRB on the apron begin kicking the ropes, shouting, and shaking their heads. Red' can't believe it! Eliminated-By ATHENA! He then shakes it off and regains his composure somewhat, rolls out of the ring, then with a final glance, turns and shouts:"Ah fuck all'a y'all motha fuckin' n*ggas, this homie's keep it movin'! Fuck all'a' this shit!", then storms up the ramp.

    Pat:Well...That escalated quickly.

    Dudley:Ugh, I can not believe some of the shit luck being shown tonight, everyone doing stupid things screwing their team over, just all kinds of funk happenin' tonight! WHAT! THE! ACTUAL...FUCK?!?!

    Back in the other ring, we see Artemis Suplexing Pamich, which leads to a pin and a one count . Diamond slaps the ropes talkin' 'bout "Come on! Show 'em some Integrity!"

    Pamich gets up and goes for a European Uppercut, known also as "A Little Integrity." Art ducks it though, goes behind, and pulls him down with a roll up!



    -Diamond comes FLYING down into the fray and crashes onto Art so hard he furtherly knocks him down into Pamich!

    "No! NO! NO! No way! Not here and not now!"

    Diamond and Pamich start laying in shot after shot, after shot, to the trying to fight back Artemis. This continues to the point of the ref being caught between trying to repeatedly stop the two on one, and keep Shuriken out of the ring. He eventually just puts both hands in the air, then points to Diamond, then to the stage as the crowd pops huge! He begins shaking his head, repeatedly, asking "What are you gonna do about it?!? HUH?! WHAT?!?! YOU...Can NOT, force ME...OUT!" Then the ref points to Pamich to, threatening to point to the stage once more...Diamond, seeing it as his teams only chance to advance...Shakes his head slowly, then nods...Before he turns and drops Artemis with The Diamond In The Rough!

    Chris Diamond has been eliminated!

    Pat:Woah woah woah! What a turn of events! The ref's just dq'ed Diamond and then he just leveled Artemis!

    Dudley:Ho ho ho!

    Diamond now rolls out, standing by the barrier, leaning against it, arms crossed. Pamich now dives into the cover almost, then the count starts, as Shuriken looks on, exceedingly unhappy.




    Dudley:Holy fuck how did he just do that?!?

    Pat:With Diamond's help!

    Artemis Eclipse has been eliminated!

    Shuriken will have no more nonsense though, as all three of his partners have been eliminated in somewhat screwy or lucky fashion...And just rushes right into the ring, nearly knocks Pamich's head off with the knee as he kneels over Artemis, then it's an instant cover.




    Israel Pamich has been eliminated!

    Dudley:It's...over? What an interesting and shocking match that was!

    Pat: It sure is! Hmpmh, I guess Diamond and Pamich screwed up!

    Dudley:Their two jack fool partners didn't help either!

    Finn Learson:Here are your winners:Shuriken...J-Man...Artemis Eclipse, and The Sleeper! Team Shuriken!

    Dudley:And moving on now! Come on! Something do something to stop this crock fest night! Everyone I hate-Wins!

    Pat:Like Frewin and Kyojiin's cheating catching up to them? Or Redrum getting pinned by Athena?

    Shuriken is seen attempting to roll Artemis out of the ring, somewhat unhappy still over what happened with the Match Of The Week. Doesn't go well, though, as he pushes him away and begins bitching. Shuriken just looks at him as Art rolls out himself.
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    Muir walks around the ring, taunting Athena. He grabs her hands at first and she folds her arms. He moves around the ring like a boxer, throwing quick and playful jabs like a mosquito. Athena is clearly getting flustered but manages to keep herself together. He starts messing with her hair and begins making it dance.

    She closes her eyes and just stands there. He moves closer to her face, quietly and staring intently. From out of nowhere, her arm rises and her hand is wrapped around his mouth. She uses all of her strength and picks Muir up with one arm and moves her second arm quickly up balancing him. She maneuvers him up and gets him into position for a Jackhammer. She drives him down and puts both hands onto his shoulders to keep them down while he’s trying to get momentum with his legs while being hurt from the impact.




    Mike Muir has been eliminated.

    Muir gets up with a shocked look on his face. The fans begin laughing at him for how quickly he got eliminated. He gets up and while Athena has her back turned, flexing for the fans, she gets walloped with a double axe-handle from Muir as he leaves the ring to join everyone on stage.

    K-Jammin gets into the ring next and begins smiling at Athena.

    Dudley: MY SAVIOUR!!

    He walks up to her and grabs her hand. He holds it up and kisses it. He smiles and she smacks him exceedingly hard in the face. He moves his jaw, smiles, and smacks her back as hard as he can. She smiles, and hits him back. His smile disappears as he hits her again. She does the same and smacks K-J increasingly harder. Finally, K0J rears back and connects with a fist to her jaw.

    She stumbles back a few feet amazed at what happened.

    Pat: This will NOT be good ladies and gentlemen!

    Athena walks back up to K-J and mushes his face. She keeps the connection and runs him into the ring post. She begins connecting with a flurry of fists and feet. K-J falls rope by rope until he’s sitting down. Athena backs up and goes running towards him and she picks her knee up to connect…. Only… to be met with a fist… in her crotch…

    She goes down hard.


    Pat: Yup. There’s one for the record books folks.

    K-Jammin saunters over to her and covers her in a sexual way as only K-Jammin can. He holds her arms down and gets on top.




    Athena has been eliminated.

    Pat: Even you have to admit this was a crappy way to be eliminated, Duds.

    Dudley: Oh, I do. But, a win is a win. My Saviour saw the spot, and did it. Did what he needed and that’s final.

    Athena leaves and goes to sit with everyone else. K-Jammin blows a kiss at her as Ali Kazam poofs in between. K-Jammin ends up kissing Ali Kazam by mistake. He cleans off his mouth and from out of nowhere hits a Stunner. Ali Kazam stumbles…


    Dudley: My saviour, former JBW Champion and soon to be again has made minced meat out of this team!!!




    Ali Kazam has been eliminated.
    K-Jammin wastes no time barking for the final man on the opposing team to get into the ring. The Vegas Kid has no option but to sneer at K-Jammin as he gets in the ring. TVK and K-J square off. They lock up and TVK gets the upper hand. He knees K-J repeatedly in the ribcage and backs him into the corner. K-J begins trying to break out of the lock up but to no avail. TVK moves everything down a bit and connects his knee to the bottom of K-J’s jaw.

    K-Jammin falls back into the ring ropes and TVK backs up and spears K-J hard into the post. Both men fall as LRB looks on
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    The Kid gets up, wiping sweat from his brow. He turns and shouts to the crowd:"Never ye fear, The Kid is here!", who repeats every word along with him. They cheer loudly as he picks K-Jammin up out of the corner, wraps an arm around his neck, grabs the tights, and yanks him right up-All the way down to the mat with a leap-DOUBLE DOWN! DOUBLE DOWN! The Kid hits his patented Leaping Side slam style maneuver to HUGE cheers from the audience. One lone heckler though shouts:"Learn some fashion sense!". He is quickly drowned out though by cheers of "KID KID KID!" .

    He goes up top, seeing as the chance is as good as any. The Kid KNOWs, about the right chances and opportunities. He crouches, preparing for his 450 Frogsplash, aptly known as "The Dead Man's Hand. (NO, no Ace's and 8's up in here, either. ) Unfortunately for him, LRB knows something about seeing when the chance is there, too. He rushes over to Kid at the corner, shoves him off into the middle of the ring, and he crashes a few feet away from K. LRB then goes in and places K-Jammin on top of TVK, to massive boos now.




    TVK has been eliminated.

    Finn Learson:Your winners:LRB, Mike Muir, Redrum, and K-Jammin...Team K-Jammin!

    Pat: Oh...Man. Like that?
    Dudley: HA! Yes! Finally a good team advances! Well, minus team Ronaldo from earlier of course, but that was a tough call with those two teams.

    TVK heads to the chairs as Team Shuriken comes back for the next match. J-Man and Blade still appear on the same page, while Artemis and Shuriken, do not, still. The Sleeper is anyone's guess, as he heads up the rear alone somewhat.

    To somewhat surprise, he's the first to enter the ring, as he locks up with Redrum as the bell rings. To not much surprise though, he breaks the test of strength, jumping flat on his back in the same motion. Boos ring out more than the last time this happened, understandably. Red' looks down at him, turns to the corner, and a mutual shrug is exchanged, as he then turns around and hooks the leg, with a somewhat quizzical expression on his face.




    The Sleeper has been eliminated.

    Pat: Again with that? When will the nefarious stuff stop tonight?

    Dudley: Probably when we leave here, honestly. Again, he's working towards the end of the night...Remember what happens there. He just lost a World Title match last night now, so if he can help secure an edge there, by all means.

    Red' kind of shakes his head at him as he promptly gets up and leaves, but a smile of slight understanding passes through his face as J-man enters the ring. They begin trading chops, until Red' uses his size and strength advantage to muscle him right into the corner. He begins hammering him with strike upon strike. Heavy shots to the face, ribs, and kicks and knees to the gut drop J-Man slowly. Red' lifts to the top rope, goes up with him...Hooks it up...Superplex!

    Redrum crawls over slightly into a cover.


    Kickout at one and a half, and then Redrum jumps up, fist dropping him in the open mouth no less, as he was trying to breath some air back into his lungs after the huge hit off the top.

    Pat: Oh! What an unfortunate turn of events that was!

    Dudley: You ain't kiddin'!

    Red' kicks him in the ribs as he begins getting up, though this doesn't help his breathing, either.

    Red' lifts him up into a Scoop Powerslam, running across the ring with him over the shoulder.

    Dudley: Special delivery! One J-Man in the center of the ring!

    Another cover attempt.


    Kickout at one and a half now, though closer to two.

    J-Man gets up, and starts eating headbutts from Red' as he measures him. Stiff knife edge chops light up the chest of the Man From Philly, literally, as he reddens, then it's a cracking Throat Thrust. J drops slowly as Red' now turns to tag in Mike Muir, who comes into the ring determined. He gets ready in the corner, with one smack of the knee. "It's time to finish him!", he shouts, to a mixed reaction. As J-Man slowly makes it up...Muir moves in with a Superkick aimed to kill, but no-J-Man ducks it!

    Muir comes back around, and you guessed it (Maybe), and J-Man connects with one of his own, of the Good Match Let's Go Eat variety!

    The crowd pops huge as he makes impact, and Muir drops. J-Man falls right into the cover now.




    Mike Muir has been eliminated.

    Pat: Sometimes it can happen so fast-Do you think Muir kinda got ahead of himself there Dudley?

    Dudley: Possibility.

    LRB says to Muir on the way out, "That's not how Mississippi does it?", and Muir shrugs his shoulders with outstretched arms, as he rejoins April Snow amongst the chairs. Redrum now comes back in , talking about "Let me finish what I started!". He waits for the back to him, J-Man to turn around, then rushes him in a heart beat with a Spear attempt. Not happening though-J-Man catches him quickly with a low GMLGE Superkick in the jaw at the last second, and the crowd roars: "Let's go eat!" Red' falls instantly backward, and J covers him with a forearm across the chest.




    Redrum has been eliminated.

    Dudley:Another quick one!

    Pat:It appears Team K-Jammin just want J-Man out of here!

    From the apron, Art and Shuriken can be heard arguing about The Match Of The Week again, as LRB enters the ring now. Artemis can then be picked up as saying: You know what? Just watch this." He then strangely enters the ring, kicks out one knee of J-Man, dropping him down to it...Then SHINING WIZARD on his parter, obviously to further piss Shuriken off!

    J-Man drops hard as Shuriken's eyes come alive, very much similar to when he was cost the match with Ano Doom the other day. Rage boils within them, as Artemis now has the nerve to rejoin him on the apron, right next to him no less. Blade stares through him, as Artemis merely throws that trademark grin. LRB takes the scraps too, with no problem or hesitation. K-Jammin merely applauds, amused, as he would obviously be in this situation.

    It's up...Down...REDNECK RIDE! LRB quickly goes into a full tightened cover on J-Man now!




    J-Man has been eliminated.

    Pat: Mmm mmm mmmm. More team problems going on here tonight.

    Dudley: That's kind of a key factor here tonight, though, Pat. Team Sasha bickered ALL night then barely scrapped by the first match. Then they turned around and imploded halfway through the next one. Team Ronaldo were cohesive, on the other hand, and managed to advance.

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    Shuriken now audibly somewhat loses it: "Ah! I don't need you!", and he hurls Art through the ropes and follows in after him. Artemis, after being flung to the mat, merely rises to a kneeling position, arms outstretched, with the trademark smirk again, leaving himself open and prepared for what he knows is coming.

    Pat:Wait a minute-What's going on?!? Boma Ye! Holy shit the troubles continue!

    Artemis merely laughs as he's cracked with the knee, stumbling backwards slowly as he falls flat. Shuriken stands over him then motions to LRB that he can have him, and leaves the ring.

    Cover by LRB!




    Artemis Eclipse has been eliminated.

    Shuriken now shouts to him: DON'T do this next time!", as Artemis has now shaken off the effects of the knee and left the ring. He merely waves him off with another of "The" grin. He joins fellow men in the chairs now on stage, dumping water upon himself.

    Shuriken enters the ring now in a flurry of offense, going full strong style as always. Hard, stiff, ridiculously rough chops pepper the chest of LRB, this stuns him into the ropes. Shuriken begins tearing into his knees and legs with the same style of rough brutal kicks, eventually completely taking him off his feet, hard.

    This sets him up for the big one...Boma Ye nailed as he begins getting up.





    LRB has been eliminated.

    He shakes it off slowly and leaves the ring, joining KJ and Darius on stage.

    Pat: Oh my-He just exploded into the ring!

    Dudley: He's been damn near furious with Artemis all weekend and then some, can't blame him!

    K-Jammin now enters the ring, the two captains now the lone men left. He appears somewhat focused, and somewhat ready to push Blade's buttons. He mushes his face as Shuriken comes back in anger, only to be dropped with a gut kick to a knee. K-Jammin now sees an instant opportunity for the win-He goes for it as Shuriken makes it up!

    Headjam coming! He thrusts the leg out, then misses as Blade ducks! He comes back around and flat out lunges fully backwards to the mat, as Shuriken flies over him with the knee.

    Pat: Woah! He just went Matrix and then some up in here!

    Dudley: Of course! Only The S-

    Pat: DON'T say it!

    Dudley: Well I was gonna say, Only the soundest mind can pull that off, but alright folk!

    K-Jammin makes it back to the vertical base, and tries it again with the Headjam as Shuriken returns! Both men READY to end this NOW! Blade though catches the leg, throws him around, goes for the knee again, but gets pushed away as K-Jammin gets his hands up! He half blocks, half shoves him back, then goes for the kick again-Gets THIS close to nose of Shuriken before he again catches him, this time shoving him to the mat backwards! K scrambles to get to a defensive position, quickly trying to get up-But can't! Shuriken obliterates him with the Boma Ye finally!

    Pat:OHHHH! Got it! Got it! That's it finally!

    Dudley: Damn, I gotta say though, what a finishing exchange! EITHER man could have ended that in a literal flash!

    Cover by Shuriken as the crowd bursts into a frenzy, having been silently on the edge of their seats!




    The bell rings now as Shuriken gets to his feet, slightly shaking his head with anger. He looks to the stage, near the end of the chairs, where Sasha Panzer sits sideways in the lap of Ano Doom, legs crossed, in quite the unique image. He glares at her with fury as she stares back through clear blue eyes, with madness sitting slightly behind them. Blade taps the knee three times and points right at Doom. Sasha merely lowers her gaze slightly then raises her fist to him, and then cuts her throat into a thumbs down.

    Dudley: Woah....Talk about foreshadowing! Let's keep it going though!

    Pat: That's right, finals, here we come!
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    The throngs in attendance are ready and raring to go, chanting "JBW!" over and over...

    Pat: And here we are, folks... two final teams will be competing here, within these two rings, within this one cage... for the opportunity of a lifetime: a contract that will give them a chance to become the next JBW Champion. The match will be in elimination tag team format, with each eliminated member being removed from the area and sent to the stage to wait. Eliminations happen by pinfall or submission - no count-outs or disqualifications!

    Dudley: Which means that this is going to be one hell of a fight! And check out the teams involved...

    The two rings sit side-by-side connected... in one ring, Shaz, Ronaldo Romulus, Mike Hawk and Mr. Smyth all stand together... and in the other, Jman, Artemis Eclipse, Shuriken Blade and The Sleeper await.

    Dudley: It's the New Blood vs the Originals!

    Pat: Good eye, Duds - everyone on Romulus' side are the newest major players in JBW whereas Jman and company are longtime JBW alumni! So the past meets the future in this decisive battle - and we get to see which side will come out on top tonight!

    The bell rings, and on the New Blood side, Ronaldo Romulus addresses his teammates and starts handing out orders. Mr. Smyth looks distracted, Mike Hawk dismisses him, and Shaz seems to be getting angry at him. The ref is in their ring trying to get them to decide who will start off...

    Meanwhile, the Originals are getting psyched up - JMan is getting Sleeper and Shuriken ready to go. The only one who doesn't seem to be with the program is Artemis Eclipse - who walks off, climbs onto a turnbuckle and lies across the top as if he's enjoying time on the beach. JMan scolds him, but Sleeper is looking at the other ring...

    Ronaldo Romulus and Shaz are now going head to head. Romulus is telling Shaz that Shaz will go first, and in return Shaz is letting him know that there is no way in hell Shaz is taking orders from ANYBODY. The end. Shaz makes his point clear just before Sleeper slips into the ring and scoops him with a school boy! Shaz out at one - and boy is he livid at getting snuck up on. He swings on Sleeper - who catches the fist and segues into a slick judo throw that sees Shaz land on his ass.

    Sleeper reaches down and applies a sleeper hold - Shaz rolls out and the two get to their feet, but Shaz is quicker on the draw, snapping off an arm drag that sweeps Sleeps off his feet. Sleeper up, Shaz tries again for the arm drag - Sleeper lands on his feet and gets Shaz with a belly-to-belly suplex! Shaz is flustered and appeals to his team for help... but they simply stand on the apron watching impassively! Shaz berates his teammates while trying to fight off Sleeper - the two trade an impressive series of moves that can barely be followed by the naked eye! And during the entire affair, neither man ever gets pinned for more than one!

    Dudley: For a guy called The Sleeper, that guy in the mask can really freaking move!

    Pat: Both of these guys are near supersonic in terms of wrestling ability - this is a match that would put the X Division to shame! But how long can they hold out expending so much energy?

    The two reach a stalemate - neither can overwhelm the other, but Shaz is not eager to continue this contest, and swiftly tags out...

    Or tries to - his teammates move away as he approaches them! Shaz is enraged by this revolting development - "You WORTHLESS BASTARDS!" - and Sleeper ambushes him with a backstabber, then drops a knee across the face! Sleeper with a pin -



    Out before three! Shaz holds his face from the knee shot as he gets up - and is struck by All Up In Your Grill from Sleeps! Who then picks Shaz up for Sleepytime - but Shaz escapes, and cinches in the Shazmission! Sleeper tries his hardest to escape but Shaz is too angry, too rabid to let go, to loosen up

    And Sleeper taps out!

    The Sleeper has been eliminated.

    Shaz is on his feet celebrating like it's 1999 - as the ref escorts Sleeper from the ring, he jumps about in the ring, then leans over the ropes as he torments Sleeper from afar!

    Pat: First elimination - point goes to the New Blood as they send Sleeper to the ramp!

    Dudley: And you know it was my boy Shaz that scored that first elimination, did you see him in there? Ass Kicking Machine!

    Shaz is so pumped up that he runs over to the other ring and begs them to send out their next man. Jman steps into the ring to answer the challenge -

    Right as Smyth pulls Shaz back into their home ring! Smyth seems to be trying to talk sense into Shaz... and Shaz responds with a Shaz-Ma-Taz right into Smyth's face! Smyth is dropped - and the rest of the team seems to be quite unhappy with this turn of events! Especially Romulus - who steps into the ring and screams at Shaz: "You are a loose cannon! Control yourself - or I will do it for you!"

    Shaz cocks his head curiously at Romulus... and then walks away. Romulus follows as he continues to talk, all the way til Shaz gets to the corner, steps out onto the apron... and then tags Romulus with a smile, saying "You're it." Romulus' face is that of a man who realizes he's been had - and badly! His eyes almost seem to boil out of their sockets as he stares knives at Shaz before he turns back to the task at hand -


    JMan had snuck into the ring while the quarrel was taking place - superkicked Romulus the instant he turned around! But Romulus does not fall - he is barely conscious but is still on his feet! So JMan pulls him to the center of the ring... lifts him from a front facelock...




    Ronaldo Romulus has been eliminated.

    Artemis begins laughing and waving bye to Romulus. He can be heard being a dick by saying “Where’s your God now?”

    Dudley: What?! NO!

    Pat: Even score, with the Originals picking up the next elimination on Romulus! Looks like he was more focused on directing traffic than contributing -

    Dudley: He WAS contributing, you moron! He was the team leader - why am I even arguing with you, Patty? You never see the picture...

    The ref takes Romulus out of the area as JMan raises his hand for the fans. The remaining New Blood watch as Romulus leaves... then, realizing that the ref isn't there at the moment, the two New Blood members descend on JMan and a beating ensues! JMan fights to get back to his corner and just barely escapes Smyth and Hawk!

    JMan quickly tags in Shuriken Blade - who hits a double clothesline on Hawk and Smyth as they enter their ring! Hawk gets up first and springs off the ropes for a cross body - Shuriken nails him in the head with a roundhouse kick in midair, leaving him on his back! Smyth attacks, and Shuriken catches him with a falcon arrow - planting him on top of Hawk! Pins both at the same time!



    Th-NO! Both men kick out!
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    Pat: That may have been the elimination of the night! Not only would that have been a double elimination, but it would have taken the New Blood out of the game entirely!

    Dudley: It was close - closer than my down south cousins Annabelle and Anthony - but Hawk and Smyth are just the men to weather that kind of trouble!

    Smyth rolls away and out of the ring - leaving Hawk to contend with Shuriken! Shuriken throws Hawk with an arm drag - and Hawk rolls away on impact, comes up in the corner, runs up the turnbuckle and hits a Whisper in the Wind that knocks Shuriken to the mat! He drags Shuriken up for follow up - elbows to the back of Shuriken's head - Shuriken pushes him away to get some space as he steps backwards towards the corner with his teammates...


    Shuriken turns around as Artemis Eclipse steps into the ring! Eclipse gives Shuriken a dirty look, motioning for him to step out, and Shuriken does... with hesitation. Hawk and Artemis face off and stare down... Hawk with a gut kick! Eclipse snuffs it and puts a headlock on Hawk!

    Then lets go, walks to the corner, tags in JMan... and hops down to the floor!

    JMan is confused - as is everyone else... all Eclipse did was a mere headlock! JMan squares up for Hawk when Eclipse yells at him "HEY - ONE MORE THING!" JMan turns to him - just as Hawk rolls him up in a rear crucifix pin!




    JMan is eliminated.

    Dudley: And the tables turn! Or are even now. Or one of those cliches that involves tables...

    Pat: I don't believe it - Eclipse just sold out JMan! He knew JMan had been hurt from earlier when he tagged him in, then he sold him up the river! Now it's two on two - but I don't think these teams can hope to coexist through this!

    Shuriken jumps out of the ring to confront Artemis Eclipse - who claims that he just wanted to tell JMan to watch his back! Shuriken cocks back to bring the point across when he is dropped by Hawk with a running suicide dive through the ropes to the floor! Artemis looks on as Shuriken is drilled with kicks to his ribs while Hawk seems to go into a berserker rage! He lifts Shuriken Blade and flings him headfirst into a set of steel steps! Hawk couldn't care less about all the boos he gets for his punishment of Shuriken... for the Bird of Hell can see that his prey, his quarry, is weak. Hurt. Wounded. And for all intents and purposes... alone.

    Shuriken is rolled into the ring like a sack of so much laundry... He comes to with a wet sensation in his eyes... He wipes at his face, and his hand is covered in crimson. And in that moment, he realizes that SHIT JUST GOT REAL. He greets Hawk on his way into the ring with a stiff Yakuza kick, finding the adrenaline to power him on while Hawk's head bounces off the mat... Hawk is dragged to his feet and feels gravity's wrath as Shuriken puts him down with a Tiger Flowsion! Now the spectators have reason to cheer - Hawk is lying on the mat in the ring's center, and Shuriken lies in wait in the corner... "BOMA YE! BOMA YE! BOMA YE!" chants ring out across the arena... he coils up, ready to strike...

    And Shuriken Blade shoots out of the corner, racing towards destiny.

    He never saw Smyth coming. The knee trembler snuffs Shuriken in a heartbeat.

    Smyth looks at the downed warrior... then at Hawk, who shakily gets to his knees with a look of gratitude and reaches out to shake Smyth's hand. Smyth reciprocates, accepting Hawk's hand.

    So that he can yank him up onto his shoulders... and hits The Rule! Hawk is flatlined on his back next to Shuriken... and in another baffling turn of events... Smyth rolls his unconscious opponent onto Hawk! The ref is so stupefied at this that Smyth has to threaten bodily harm before he counts the pin!




    Mike Hawk has been eliminated.

    Dudley: ......... ?!?!?!!!?!?!???


    The arena is awash in confusion... but none more confused than Mike Hawk, who looks back at his teammate with bewilderment... and hatred. Yet through it all, Smyth retains a cold, impersonal look... even as he notices Shuriken show some signs of life on the canvas. Which Smyth snuffs out with a hard elbow drop to the heart and a cover...




    Shuriken Blade has been eliminated.

    Pat: I think I understand... if I know Smyth, he probably thought everyone on his team was a liability to him... Romulus - too controlling, Shaz - too headstrong, and Hawk - too bloodthirsty... I'd bet money that Smyth had this whole thing set up! Probably thinks it's "what's best for business"!

    Dudley: I... I - I don't know what to say... except THIS IS AWESOME!!!

    The roar is at a crescendo... all that can be heard is the excitement, the anticipation, the energy of every man, woman and child in the arena... as it all comes down to the last two men. One, a man who could possibly usher JBW into a new era. The other, a man who helped define it from the generation past.

    Mr. Smyth. Artemis Eclipse.

    Eclipse slid into the ring with wary eyes on his final opponent... and Smyth cracked his knuckles in anticipation. Both men started to circle each other as chants of "JBW!" came out, louder and louder! Both men stopped to hear the crowd... and Mr. Smyth pointed to himself and declared "I am JBW!" To which Eclipse argued otherwise "No, I am JBW!" The two began to shove each other in their war of words to establish their claim... until Artemis swung on Smyth! But Smyth slipped away from the punch - and escapes the ring! Artemis follows - Smyth catches him with a knee to the gut... and runs him headfirst into the steel cage wall! Again, again, again... until Artemis falls to the hard, cold floor from the repeated impact of head against cage! But Smyth isn't done! He races back to one of the rings, reaches under the apron...

    Eclipse finally braces himself against the cage to stand up... and feels the sting of a steel chair across his spine! The effort he makes to stay upright is superhuman - and Smyth bashing him in the face and chest and back with the chair don't help! Eclipse knows he can't take much more of this... so he snatches the chair away and cracks Smyth once in the face with it... then drops the chair on the floor - AND DROPS SMYTH ONTO IT WITH AN EVENFLOW DDT! Smyth twitches once and is still as Eclipse looks at him with a dark vengeance in his eyes... Smyth gets dragged to the nearest ring, and Artemis strains against his wounds to roll Smyth back into the ring, slowly following...

    Artemis pounces on him before he can stand - TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Mr. Smyth feels his body nearly tear in two - his vertebrae creak, his muscles scream, his body on fire with pain that exists only in nightmares! His hand is raised above the mat...

    And hovers...

    And shakes...

    And comes down...

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    On the bottom rope! But the ref does nothing - since there are no DQs, rope breaks are irrelevant! There is nowhere for Mr. Smyth to go!

    So he marshals all of his strength to twist out of the devilish submission hold - Artemis is flabbergasted! And before he can realize what the holy fuck just happened, Smyth is behind him, powers him down to the mat - and then...

    (Artemis Eclipse – Alex Shelly/Mr. Smyth - AA)



    Finn Leasron: Artemis Eclipse has been eliminated! The winners of this match... Mr. Smyth, Shaz, Ronaldo Romulus and Mike Hawk!!

    Everyone in attendance is on their feet at this astonishing finish! Mr. Smyth staggers to his feet, the sole survivor, as his teammates are allowed back into the area - all of them amazed at his victory. While leaving the ring, Artemis sees Romulus. They stare at each other for a moment and Romulus nods his head in approval. They all get in the ring now.

    And all of them silently getting ready for what they know is coming. The briefcase begins to descend and the referee separates all four men. Mr. Smyth sits in the corner trying to catch some breath while the rest of his former team mates are stretching and looking up beyond the cell’s roof.

    Pat: Here it is ladies and gentlemen! What could possibly be the main event of the evening. No more eliminations, no more teams. It’s all four men alone against each other. Everyone out there has been involved in a war here tonight in one way shape or form. The end of the tunnel is now. The light is clear!

    Dudley: Shaz, Mr. Smyth, Ronaldo Romulus and Mike Hawk. All four of these men are the embodiment of what the future holds for JBW.

    The referee looks at all men and asks if they’re ready. Each one of them nods and he calls for the bell. All four men furiously rush out of the ring and onto the mat. They’re battling to see who can get to the cell door first. Shaz makes it there but his outreached arm is knocked back by and incoming Hawk hand blocking. Hawk connects to Shaz’s face with a flying elbow and knocks him down.

    Romulus makes his way to the cell door, only to be met by Mr. Smyth who just casually brushes him off. Romulus has a confused look on his face and asks “Rube, Why did thou squander my optimum triumph?” Smyth merely points up and Romulus looks. As his head is coming back down he mutters “What insolence I…” he doesn’t get to finish the sentence because Smyth’s whole fist is in his mouth.

    Smyth being the only one standing, opens the cell door to many cheers and boos.

    Pat: It definitely won’t be long now. Considering that door was like Pandora’s Box, we now have the end on our hands.

    Smyth looks up and goes to climb the cell wall but stops only after a few feet up. He lets go and falls to the ground. He’s grabbing his ribs and not getting up. A referee rushes to his side and sits with him for a moment. Hawk is next out of the cell, Shaz follows behind. Hawk has tried to climb but Shaz pulls him down.

    Shaz and Hawk meet with a flurry of punches to each others torso and face. Neither man letting up. Romulus has now made his way out of the cell and onto the wall of the cell and has begun climbing. Shaz notices and stops Hawk. Both men go to the cell and begin climbing the wall along with Romulus. As they catch up a battle begins on the cell. Punches and kicks are flying with each step up the steel mesh. Finally, Romulus is hit hard enough by Hawk to be sent reeling backwards.

    Shaz follows suit and connects with a mean knee to Romulus’s face sending him down of the cell and onto the hard mat below. It’s just Shaz and Hawk battling it to the top now. Hawk touches the roof first and tries to pull himself up, only to be pulled back by Shaz. Smyth begins to stir at the bottom of the cell and looks up. He becomes furious at who’s on top and pushes the medics out of the way. Romulus has begun his ascent to the top of the cell as well.

    Back to Shaz and Hawk who are both over the first ring on the cell structure. The briefcase hangs directly between both rings. Shaz and Hawk aren’t even trying to wrestle at this point. Their fists and feet are flying like it’s a fight from Dragon Ball Z. Finally Romulus breaks them up by doing a double clothesline. Smyth is behind Romulus, he grabs Romulus and all of a sudden falls onto Romulus’s back and stumbles to the cell. Romulus had hit him with his elbow in his ribs.

    Dudley: Damn. This man is taking one hell of a licking tonight.

    As the men are fighting on the structure it’s clearly becoming weaker. They’re close to the middle now as Romulus, Shaz and Hawk continuously attack one another. Smyth gets up and runs after Romulus. Screws begin falling out of the cell roof, and all at once, Smyth connects with a spear knocking himself and Romulus clear to the other side of the second cage cell when the roof collapses to the first one with Hawk and Shaz going for a fall.
    Hawk held onto the roof and rode it until it slammed onto the ring ropes. Shaz wasn’t so lucky and fell to the middle of the first ring and landed with a gruesome thud onto the unforgiving mat.


    The fans are going insane and can’t believe their eyes as to what just happened. Smyth and Romulus avoided the fall but are both out. Hawk looks directly up and sees the briefcase hanging there. He smiles and looks around to see no one able to stop him. He begins climbing the once cell roof up and hopes it doesn’t give way as well. He’s almost to the top when Romulus’s hand comes from nowhere and begins trying to pull fingers off the cell. Hawk rears back and clocks Romulus in the head. Leaving his limp body hanging over the cell structures former roof.

    Medics are attending to Shaz as we see Smyth holding his ribs lying on the top of the cell and Romulus is knocked out. Hawk sees the briefcase and closes his eyes. He lets out a smile, walks over to it and pulls it off the hook. Pyro starts immediately as Hawk drops to his knees holding the briefcase Confetti and streamers pop off as we see Hawk hold the briefcase up high and he screams at the fans.

    Finn Learson: Your winner of all of BATTLE TACTICS and the JBW Championship briefcase… MMMIIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEEE HHHHHAAAAAAWWWWWKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pat: What an incredible night this must be for this young man. But, he has a decision left to make. And who knows how rough of shape he’s in. How tough can this decision actually be? We’ll find out very soon.

    As Pat was talking, the medics are helping Shaz out of the ring, Romulus and Smyth off of the cell. Hawk climbs down and looks around holding the briefcase up high. He stands there awaiting…


    Out comes the JBW Champion who looks extremely rough from the beating he took from The Sleeper’s group yesterday. He slowly makes his way down the ramp with his Championship firmly around his waist. He looks on and Hobbles into the ring. Both men stare at each other for a moment and Malcolm points to the briefcase and unstraps the Championship to hold it high.

    Mike Hawk has a rough decision to make. He asks a stagehand for a mic and receives one.

    Mike Hawk: Not tonight Malcolm. No, no, no. Not tonight. I will beat you for that wonderful piece of hardware you’re wearing though. This is my year. It will end with me holding that JBW Championship up higher than you ever could I am the star around here. Lights, camera, action… all eyes on me.

    Hawk drops the mic and the entire arena goes pitch black. People start screaming and cell phone lights come on. Lighters light up and everyone is looking around. The JABETron lights up and a masked man comes on to the screen. It’s blurry, the man has a sack on his head and it sounds like screams can be heard in the background

    “You think you know what pain and suffering is. You think you know how to respond to the worst feeling of your life. You don’t. You will pay the cost of flesh and loss. Be prepared, DARK DAYS are coming.”

    As the screen fades out the screams stop and laughter begins. The lights come back on instantly and Hawk along with Malcolm Cage are completely laid out. Blood splattered everywhere. The briefcase and JBW Championship are covered in blood as the fans are in awe with what they’re witnessing.

    Pat: This is mortifying. Absolutely incredible…

    We get one last shot of the ring area where Malcolm and Hawk are laid out. The final shot we see is of the JBW Championship covered in blood.


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    The cameras circle around the arena as we see signs from the fans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We go around to the stage to see it set up like a graveyard, a very disturbing graveyard. With body parts around, opened caskets and plenty more gore for the Halloween spirit. We come back around to see Pat and Dudley sitting down at the announcer table putting their headphones on.

    Pat: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I am Pat and sitting here next to me as per usual is my good friend Dudley! We have one helluva show for you all tonight and I think we’re just going to get right…

    As Pat finishes his word, R(OB) enters the arena and looks around while on the stage.

    Pat: Well now, can’t get mad at him for interrupting, now can I?

    Dudley: Nope. Never could before, definitely can’t now.

    R(ob) looks behind him as he makes his way to the ring. He looks under the ring on each side as he walks around it. He pays close attention to his surroundings and then walks up the ring steps and crouches under the middle rope. He makes his way to the middle of the ring and stands there as cheers and boos echo throughout The Wells Fargo Center. He pulls a mic out from his back pocket and begins talking.

    R(ob): I told you all at COUNTDOWN! Las night that I would be here. I’m ready and waiting. DARK DAYS are supposed to be a group of forgotten individuals within this company. People that have been here before. I say to each and every fucking one of you… come out. Come out NOW!!! If you don’t come out and reveal yourselves, you’ll wish you had when this is all said and done. This Pay-Per-View is NOT getting started until you freaks come out!

    The fans in attendance cheer like no other for him. R(ob) smiles a bit but just as he does, some familiar music begins playing.

    SASHA makes her way onto the stage as the fans boo as loud as they can. She smiles a gorgeous devious smile and proceeds to strut her way down the ramp as only she can.

    Dudley: If I weren’t afraid for my life right now, I’d make some sort of remark about what she’s wearing but… I’m petrified.

    Sasha looks around the arena. Looks at the JBW logo in the middle of the ring and pulls out a black magic marker, one of the super thick ones. R(ob) stares on at her and shakes his head as she puts a gigantic X over the JBW logo.

    R(ob): You… you do realize we own a ton of them right? It’s not going to mean anything when it’s all said and done. But to the facts of all this. I told DARK DAYS to come down here. Not you, the poster child for gonorrhea.

    The audience laughs as Sasha grabs the mic from R(ob)’s hand, she puts it to her mouth and purses her lips to speak.

    Sasha: You don't get it....Do you? I've tried to drop every damn subtle and obvious hint as I could for the longest time now...So I'm just going to flat out say it: I AM DARK DAYS. In fact, I want you to watch what I'm about to do. I should have done this shit a long time ago, obviously. Since no one can't put it all together...Just take a look at this.

    She begins to loosen her solid white tie, and undoes it and removes it from her neck as boos reign out louder than before, just massive hate pouring out, then she slowly begins undoing the buttons of her short sleeve dress shirt, amidst whistles and cat calls which almost send her over the edge instantly at an alarming rate. "Shut your fucking mouths now freaks and perverts I'm not fucking stripping!"

    Then as she continues to fully undo her shirt, Large, all capital letters begin appearing, like scratches on her flesh, until they’re fully and visibly there from the blood coming out and dripping down her body. They spell out "DARK DAYS ARE HERE!” and she simply drops the mic and spreads her arms into the crucifix pose that served as Dark Days' initial MO when they attacked, having left several wrestlers in the ropes in the exact same manner.

    Sasha: Well now what do we have to say, R(ob)? This pose here look familiar? You wanted Dark Days, you got it. I AM the fire. I AM the hellish pain.

    I AM the nightmare. One of our own told you and told you we were HERE ALL ALONG, and that meant none other, than yours truly. Who's been here the entire time since it all came up originally? Me. I can't believe you, the Owner, never figured it out, honestly.

    Dark Days is standing right before you, your move now.

    She continues the crucifix pose, defiantly and sickly just rubbing it into his face while waiting but R(ob) begins laughing instead, which throws her off as she shoots a completely evil look into his direction.

    R(ob): Look sweet cheeks. This is nice and all. Thanks for giving us a free show but simply put, the fact of the matter is this, you don’t scare a fucking baby. Your associates are the ones that are scary. I understand you’re with them but, you aren’t them. The one that’s been talking this whole time, the main one..,. he’s the one I’m most curious of all. But, I will get my hands on the other six. And now that I fully know who one of you are…

    R(ob) waves his arm as Ryan Wells leads a group of three more wrestlers and about eight Police officers from Philly down the ramp. They circle the ring and she frantically grabs her hair and screams. She wipes the blood all over her face and arms from her body as the wrestlers cringe. The cops hold their hands on their gun clip on their belt, awaiting to open fire.

    R(ob): Now, it’s your move. What are you going to do now? Call your friends? THAT’S WHAT I WANT!!!

    R(ob) gets into her face and smiles. He kisses her passionately and begins laughing.

    R(ob): Come out, come out!


    R(ob): I see. Looks like your group has forsaken you. No one has the balls to come out here. What do you think about that?

    Sasha picks up the mic she dropped and furiously gets into R(ob)’s face and spits right onto it disrespectfully. The arena collectively gasps and boos immensely as his smile fades immediately while his eyes close. She wipes her mouth with disgust now as she looks R(ob) dead in the eyes.

    Sasha: How dare you fucking kiss me like that, you ekelhaft Stück Scheiße! I believe you're forgetting about the absence of a certain someone who I'm pretty sure will make you choke on your own blood for that act of brashness! Don't MAKE me bring HIM out here! I dare you to push me far enough! I DARE YOU! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO...MEET THE MAN BEAST?!?

    The feeling in the arena has just shifted once more, to a hushed shocked feeling of unbelievability, the fans in awe of Sasha's frightening threat.

    That goes TRIPLE for all of you Jungen in blau! I'll stand here and watch you unload rounds into him and...He'll just keep going! I can't stress enough...even though I'm representing Dark Days alone right now...You're forgetting about my IT FACTOR! He steps out here and it'll change the whole fucking situation instantly! You KNOW IT!

    Ryan Wells and everyone with him DAMN SURE know it! Since you all like to seemingly threaten and are prepared to shoot an unarmed

    Maybe I should bring out an equalizer...You say you're not afraid of me...But you're afraid of the POWER I have! This is what it's all about! Anyone that knows me...Even fucking BLADE, will tell you I'm all about POWER AND GLORY! With Dark Days arriving...TONIGHT!...Nothing will be able to stop me from reaching that dream! I've struck a deal with the devil...and I WILL be the one that grants them access in here tonight, I'll come right out and say it!

    I did it before and I'm gonna do it again! Now...Answer this question...R(ob)...Are you prepared to fight with Ano Doom...for your life?!? THEY won't be able to stop KNOW it!

    R(ob) smiles at Sasha as he cracks his neck.

    R(ob): Let me tell you something you stupid little bitch! You think you have power. You think you’re all sorts of awesome. I’m here to tell you NO ONE tries to take power from me. No one tries to make me look like a fool and I’ll be damned if some whore turned power hungry little cumstain is going to challenge me either.
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