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    Pat: This is... unbelievable! TDA is back in play... and confronting the Sandman! But the Sandman is armed... and TDA isn't! But it's obvious that Sandman cheated... why isn't he getting disqualified?! What's going on???

    (Sandman steps up into TDA's face, wordlessly challenging his authority. TDA simply looks into the mask and mouths “DO IT. I fucking dare you.” The Sandman cocks back and swings.)

    Pat: He missed! TDA dodged the shot! But I don't –

    (Sandman turns around to take another swing at TDA - and is nailed by a superkick! FROM HOLY JOSE!!!)

    Dudley: How in the holy hel?!? That's not possible!!! HOLY JOSE WAS ALMOST FUCKING DEAD!!!

    Pat: Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, partner – and that was just enough for Jose! And what a kick – Sandman is reeling!

    (Sandman staggers from the sudden blow – one of the lenses of his gas mask seems to be broken from the impact! He steadies himself just in time to see TDA barreling towards him... just in time to see The Devil's Clothesline heading his way... before being trucked harder than taking an impact from a runaway train! “THAT'S a REAL clothesline, you bastard!” TDA yells as Sandman is nearly decapitated.)

    (Sandman stirs but is almost unable to stand, the world swirling around him. At last he manages to stand, TDA standing by with a vengeful look on his face... Smiling.)

    (Sandman groggily swoons, trying to comprehend this turn of events... until he turns... and sees Holy Jose holding the steel chair. “Chair shot!” the crowd chants repeatedly... Jose looks down at his weapon... looks at the fans... looks at Sandman... looks at TDA... holds the chair high…)

    (And he tosses it away. He looks defiantly at Sandman and spits out some blood before saying “Come at me, bro.” Sandman musters up for another charge, swings the pipe – Jose kicks him in the gut, causing him to double over and drop the pipe! Locks him up in a suplex hold, pops his hips... WHAM! But he holds on after the suplex connects... spins his hips... )

    Pat: Here it comes! The legendary Three Amigos, made famous by Eddie Guerrero!!!

    (WHAM! Second suplex connects! Jose goes for the third... but Sandman escapes! Clothesline! Wait – Jose frogman dodges it, bouncing up from a handspring! Sandman is caught off-guard – and caught with the final suplex! Sandman writhes in agony from taking three straight throws to the mat, but Jose won't let him rest – he swiftly picks him up, locks in the hold...)


    Dudley: He needs to go for the pin, NOW!!!

    (Holy Jose looks down at the fallen Sandman and elbow drops him for good measure. He staggers to the ropes and begins climbing.)

    Dudley: What the hell is this idiot doing? He has that freak down. Why is he climbing the ropes?

    Pat: I have no idea Duds…

    (Holy Jose makes it the top rope and catches his balance. As he stands, bleeding and bruised, he looks up and puts his left arm high. He uses his same hand to form a cross on his chest and screams “VIVA LA RAZA!” as he jumps off the top and hits a pitch perfect Frog Splash square on the middle of The Sandman. The audience is losing their minds.)

    Pat: He’s pinning him! He’s pinning him!

    (TDA goes down for the count. He looks at Holy Jose and Holy Jose looks back as he hooks Sandman’s leg for the pin. They both count together.)





    Dudley: That match right there was incredible! I don’t believe Holy Jose has won the JBW Championship here tonight! I’m completely stunned right now, Pat!

    (TDA leaves the ring and grabs the new Championship and stares at it for a second and looks at Holy Jose in the ring on his knees looking back at him. TDA hops back into the ring and walks up to Holy Jose and starts smiling under his mask. He hands Holy Jose the JBW Championship and raises his hand in victory. After he lets go, Holy Jose looks at the JBW Championship and falls down to his knees tears in his eyes. He goes over to the stage hand and asks for a mic.)

    Holy Jose: Two years…two long years I have busted my ass not just in JBW but all the other feds. I’ve been overlooked countless times never given the opportunity I was upper mid card at best.

    (Holy Jose looks down at the JBW Championship in his hands.)

    Holy Jose: I’ve doubted my ability for so long that I would never reach this level. That I would never even get one more shot at the championship. My last shot as at Blood Harvest our comeback PPV and well didn’t quite make it and from then on Shuriken whipped my ass from here to Neverland. After the last PPV JBW shut its doors once again and I was felt leaving hopeless that I’ll just be enhancement talent.

    The veteran who never won a world title putting over the new talent just so I could get overlooked like always in favor for some new guy and you know what I came to terms with it I said if that’s all I’ll ever be then so be it. But JBW opened once again and I told myself this was my last run, my last chance to prove myself and when I was in the number one contender match last week… I… I lost to Sandman.

    But, I saw something there. I went head to head with a monster that everyone was afraid of but not me, and that match was one of my best in a long time. And tonight, right before TDA came out to retire, I was informed that I was going to be in this match. And right then I knew, I knew I had to pull out all the stops. I had to give it my all. I was either going to beat that myth of a man, or I was going to go home a shell of a man. And I did it… it was a long time coming and, I did it..

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    (Holy Jose turns to TDA.)

    Holy Jose: And you, Mr. Krayden Havok, the man that believed in me since day one. The man who was always there to defend me whenever I didn’t believe in myself, this man right here, this fucking legend… he was the one to do the three count tonight! The things he and I have been through, what we’ve done together, TDA I cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart, I will never be able to thank you enough for being there. I hope you have an amazing retirement you sonofabitch… when you go off into the sunset, make sure it goes... Supernova. (Holy Jose winks.) You’re going to be missed bro!!

    (Holy Jose turns back to the crowd and raises the JBW Championship high above his head with his right arm.)

    Holy Jose: Now here I stand YOUR JBW CHAMPION! And I will be for a long time! THANK YOU!!

    (Holy Jose’s music starts to play as he drops the mic and poses for the crowd and he comes face to face with TDA after talking to each other for a moment, they embrace each other and hug celebrating. TDA raises up Holy Jose’s arms and rolls out the ring pointing to him. Holy Jose shakes his finger “no, no, no” and points to TDA.)

    (As TDA walks up the ramp, he puts his head down and arm up. Fireworks and confetti begin going off in the arena and the audience begins chanting “THANK YOU TDA! HOLY JOSE! THANK YOU TDA! HOLY JOSE! THANK YOU TDA! HOLY JOSE! TDA turns around, pounds his chest two times and walks out of the arena as Holy Jose falls to his knees one more time and begins hugging the JBW Championship as the cameras fade to black on FOR THE CAUSE!)


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    The sun is going down over the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as the party outside begins to rev up. Music is playlaying from the huge staging area set up. All around the entrance is poker tables, black jack tables, craps, slot machines, everything for you to gamble. Betting on the card and all!

    In the middle of the ring we see two up and coming JTB (JUSTIFIABLY TOMORROWS BADASSES) wrestlers from the JBW training facility in the ring showing off their training from their time there. All the way in the front is a red carpet with photographers from all around the world taking shots of arriving stars.

    The JBW creative team all arrive together in a stretch black limo, as they get out they wave at the crowd and sign autographs on their way through when suddenly…

    A familiar looking electric blue Mercury Montclair pulls up, classic with custom touches (like the ion blue rims) looking supremely impeccable. At first everybody gathers around, wondering just who came and joined the party.

    Then they get their answer...

    Out of the car steps a small man suited up in a sharp looking two-piece: black jacket and pants with a white shirt and a royal blue tie... matching blue rose in the breast pocket... royal blue shades... and a silver tie pin shaped in the sign of the archer. He looks around, dreads tied back, with a million-dollar smile at everyone as they start to recognize him - especially when he slings the JBW United States Championship over his shoulder. He steps around to the passenger side of the car and opens it...

    And out steps a big and beautiful woman dressed in an elegant pink evening dress that sparkles and shimmers as the light plays on it... her feet shod in lovely white open-toed high-heeled shoes... she is basically looking on point from her head to her toes, the kind of vision that would put Beyonce to shame... on one shoulder she totes her purse, white with pink trim, held closed with a golden clasp in the shape of the sign of the twin fish... and on the other shoulder she bears the IWA Vanity Championship belt.

    The crowd comes alive! Some call out "What's up Sagittarius!" While others yell out "We love you, Pisces!" But a growing number of them chant...
    "Star Signs! Star Signs! Star Signs!"

    Sagittarius Blue: Hi everyone! We appreciate you all making us feel welcome, but it's actually us who should be welcoming you to Vegasville - The Show Before The Show! As you know, JBW is going to be hosting Luck of the Draw - possibly the biggest and baddest PPV we've ever done! And to commemorate this special occasion, JBW is throwing a party for everyone... and it's right here, in Vegasville!

    Pisces Pink: Dat's right, y'all! You bout to rub shoulders with some of the best and the baddest in all of wrestling! Hey, I see you over there Lei'D Tapa! Where's Kharma at - You know we gotta go to the bar, girl! *Giggles excitedly* So have yo'selves a ball - I know I will!

    Sagittarius Blue: That's my girl! At Luck of the Draw, there will be victors and there will be losers. Some will come up aces, and some will crap out. But I guarantee: it will be a show like nothing you've ever seen - and you, as the fans, are all winners! So go out there, have a time... and we'll see you at Luck of the Draw! Hey - Pisces wait - remember, no more than two shots... remember what happened last time!

    They begin laughing as the cameras move to the red carpet of the Planet Hollywood Casino in Vegas where a big JBW star is set to make a guest appearance to promote Luck of the Draw. As the limo drives up to the carpet and the cameras get ready to take pictures, the limo door opens up to reveal Mr. JBTV himself, Mike Hawk.

    Hawk comes out but the title is no where to be seen on him but before anyone says a word, Miss. Mayhem hops out of the limo in a glamorous red dress with the JBW TV title around her arms. As Hawk takes his title he walks down the carpet with Miss. Mayhem around his arms and begins to speak to the camera.

    Hawk: Tonight, it is only fitting that the most talked about title on JBTV today is displayed proudly at a place that was built by men like myself. Planet Hollywood Casinos, a place created by men who made their fortunes delivering some of the most blockbuster hits in movie and TV history. A place that doesn't care about where you come from, how great your family is, what businesses you run or who you beat, it can make or break even the strongest of souls.

    JBTV is live here in Vegas as the lovely Miss Mayhem and I prepare to take some pictures, sign some autographs, and pander to crowd as we warm them up for a night excitement and unpredictability as we get ready to make more TV magic and more unforgettable JBTV memories. Such as Kyojin taking Eclipse in a grudge match for the soul of JBW. Our world heavyweight champion HolyJose going all in with his title against the very man I defeated to become TV champion, Malcolm Cage.

    And speaking of the TV title, we get to play an exciting game of roulette as I defend my title against Mr. Smyth, Ronaldo Romulus, and Mike Muir. It may be one of the gutsiest wagers I have ever made and sure the odds were never in my favor to begin with, but here in Vegas, playing it safe doesn't make for thrilling TV nor does it ever pay big. I am all in now and it is time all three of those men learn why JBTV has become the most must watch program in wrestling history.

    But don't worry boys, Miss. Mayhem has agreed to keep the title warm for me while I take care of my obligations in whooping your asses for the millions of viewers around the world. She was even kind enough to lend a hand welcoming the JBTV fans that flew here tonight to watch me beat some sense into my opponents and watch me reclaim my title and my fans and a bit more afterwards. Now if you'll excuse us, we have TV magic to make.

    Hawk takes Miss Mayhem’s arm as the two head inside the casino leaving behind a huge crowd of fans roaring for more as the camera’s move down the street where RedRuM is at a Chinese buffet…


    Three little Chinese men are trying to keep him at bay but finally he breaks away and busts through the door. He rushes to the nearest little Chinese woman who smiles at him even though he’s looming high over her. As she looks up he blurts out:


    She giggles and blushes. She bites her bottom lip and rubs his arm. Another small Chinese man comes up and starts yelling in RedRuM’s abs, that’s how high he reaches… and RedRuM grabs him by the face and mushes him to the ground.

    Chinese Lady: H….Hus… Husband!

    She says while looking a bit worried.

    RedRuM: This lil’ nigga yo’ husband?? Bitch… you pretty bitch. You got some nice tits and a… turn around here… He looks at her ass and cups it. She lets out a little squeak and when he turns her around, she’s blushing more. That’s what I thought!!! You got a tight lil’ ass, hoe!!

    He takes her hand a puts it on his crotch. He moves it down… further…. Further… further… until about three inches from his knee. She has a look of excitement on her face and smiles.


    He picks her up and lets the husband go. He jumps up trying to hit at ‘RuM but with one swift punch he flies over two tables. A bunch of the Chinese men rush to his side.

    RedRuM: ANYMORE YOU LIL’ NIGGA WANNA FUCK WIT’ A G, NIGGA??!?!?!?!?!? He stares. That’s what I thought…

    He turns around and smacks the woman’s ass while beginning to pull her pants and underwear down before they even go into the bathroom. Finally he slams the door and locks it. The man begins crying and sits there. Muffled sounds of pleasure can be heard while gagging noises are made. Spitting and rubbing can be heard beyond the door. Finally RedRuM lets out a groan of pure pleasure and you hear movement. He slams her against the door and immediately glorious sounds of pleasure can be heard from her.

    The words “Lick faster!” can be made out in English while the man outside begins weeping louder. She screams now and the door starts moving like she’s shivering. Finally, the banging against the door begins. The loudness of her voice tells you it’s in a place very uncomfortable. Like, the back of a Volkswagen. But she’s loving every second of it. Then you hear he in more pleasure. More and more, and more… this lasts for two hours.

    FINALLY, loud groans from both of them can be heard and silence… A lighter sparks and the door opens. The Chinese lady comes out covered in sperm with her hair all over the place. She’s walking like she just got off of a horse with no saddle, still hasn’t even put most of her clothes on. She has a blank expression on her face and her mouth is wide open. She wanders out a couple feet and then collapses face down, ass up. Falls asleep.

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    The man can’t even begin to bring himself to look at her. Out comes ‘RuM glistening and smoking a blunt. He smiles from under his red bandana and says:

    RedRuM: Best Chinese I’ve had in my entire life!! I hope this bitch will be ready to go again in an hour! I’ll definitely be hungry for more by then. She lets out a sensual “Mmmhhmmmm”. ‘RuM, who’s butt ass nekkid, grabs a plate from the buffet and begins putting a ton of food on it. He sits down at a table and happily eats.

    After two hours we still have plenty more people arriving and partying as we go back to the front of the MGM Grand where Sasha steps up onto the scene of the red carpet, in her now customarybusiness attire, with glasses and formal clothing.

    She walks forward with Ano Doom, who in his helmet and spikes, looks like a nightmare in the Land Of Luck. Sasha seems very, very furious, and serious tonight, and she doesn't exactly appear to be happy as they run into Ms. Mayhem. She stands with a microphone ready, As Sasha stands with an evil glint in her eyes.

    Ms Mayhem: Hello Sasha, Mind if I ask you a few questions about tomorrow before the show starts?

    Sasha never changes demeanor, as she looks on with something dormant laying within her under the surface. Ano Doom towers over the both of them by more than a foot, as he stands with the utmost negative energy, dark fury, and intensity just seemingly leaking out of him, silent as death and night, casting an aura over the whole interview.

    Sasha: Yes Mayhem, let's make it quick though. I would rather not speak to you at all really, because tonight I'm going to make sure I bring the Intercontinental Championship to someone who will become the most dominant champion in JBW,and also the most dominant IC champion ever in the history of JBW.

    Mayhem: Yes, The Demon Cyborg is facing off with Athena tonight, for that very belt. How ready is he to hear the bell ring, because it's no secret that Ano Doom loves nothing more than a good war inside the ring?

    Sasha's lip almost curls into a half evil smile, twitching, but she keeps her composure, maintaining her solemn and cold state of mind. She now has hand on Doom's left bicep, standing beside him closely.

    Sasha: Athena has no idea what's in store for her tonight. My Ano Doom hits hard and without remorse, and I will make sure to take the most vengeance in every time he makes contact with her. Listen to me, Mayhem. I am through being pushed around and disrespected, and it starts tonight. Everyone that gets defeated by my Demon Cyborg, shall be in the name of, revenge.

    Mayhem: What are your thoughts on Athena saying you should be competing against Faith Leflur for the title in the ring as well?

    Sasha looks on at Mayhem, all the while glaring at her in the face sharply. She maintains a grip on Ano Doom, as she keeps her composure once more. *
    Sasha: If I wanted to I could get in that ring and twist and beat any woman back there, and maybe sooner than later, is all I will say about that. With that I am out of here Mayhem, I have nothing else to say to you or any time left to be wasted by you. Much is to be done , and I must go now. Remember, In the name...of vengeance.

    Sasha walks off with The Man Beast Ano Doom, and she now has her hand on his shoulder, all the while speaking to him in rushed, hurried German, never stopping or slowing down at all. We make our way to the slot machines where Samuel Ka$hmen, Lenny Lightning, Mustachio, JJJ and others are standing by as JMan hits the jackpot, he screams:


    Everyone cheers as we go back to the front of the red carpet but this time, we go over to the right, beyond the gate and we see two men, KJ Punk and Darius are seen standing on the strip of Vegas with signs that read “CONSPIRACY VICTIM” and “JBW IS CORRUPT.” Passerby’s are looking oddly at the two men as the spew their conspiracy theories. Punk notices the camera and drops his sign down onto the shoulder.

    Punk: JBW is a sham! The men in charge take away what shouldn’t be taken away! The give to the unworthy and take from the deserving! Why can’t you people see this! Why else wouldn’t we have a match? Ain’t that right Darius?

    Darius nods his head as he chases after two unbelievers.

    Punk: This crusade is only just beginning. How ironic is it that the opening rounds of the war of light and truth will be fired from the city of sin? Soon all will become enlightened to the true nature of the beast that is JBW and they will be clamoring for the days of when it was what it should be! DEAD!!!

    Punk turns around and starts chanting as he raises his sign again. This time the cameras fly over the festivities and into the back where an all-black, roofless Jaguar is parked around the back, by the corner. A man leans against it in a remarkable three piece black pinstriped suit, with white tie, and red dress shirt. Black dark sunglasses cover his eyes, even in the night. He smokes a white cigarette, smoothly, as smoke flows. A beautiful woman stands with him, leaning on the vehicle as well.*

    Long dark hair caresses her shoulders, as she leans against the man, lovingly. She is dressed in a royal blue Christian Dior dress, white bright white corsage, that is illuminated in the night. Her somewhat light skin is subtly beautiful, as she stands in Louie Vuitton black pumps. The pair are none other than the Frewin’s. One should know when an opportunity for shady gambling presents itself, they won't be far away.

    Elfreida: So, my lover, are you ready for this evening? It marks our arrival in the land, of JBW. It marks your ultimate chance, to show just what you're capable of. In, and , out of the ring. Everything in play?

    Frewin: Through clouds of smoke, with a raspy voice here and there. Yea, All taken care of. I don't even know who I'm against, but I know the winner, gets the ultimate factor in picking the variables for their match. If any, audibles, come around...I've got ALL I need to handle them. (Elfreida touches his left coat pocket, then his hip, with a devious smile.) You know what's going on tonight, we could turn this shit into the old West style gambling real quick. The fix is in, without a doubt.

    Elfreida: Ha ha ha. Nothing can stop us tonight then, or going forward. You win the blackjack game, then maybe even make your chanceless opponent fight you in an MMA style match, setting things perfectly in your favor. Hell, only kicks, boxing, or flatout nothing but submissions, you have all the cards in your hand tonight. Not to mention the fool will be constantly worried about how you could throw any number of the above mentioned rules at them, and you still will outmatch them.

    Frewin: Yea, without a doubt, there's not a thing to worry about tonight. At that table, or in that ring. Of course these glasses will hide my eyes miss, that's a gamblers given. I've done these sorts of things my whole life and that means I've got another advantage. You're right too, A KO match, a five round MMA style, or Boxing in a cage, It's all in my favor.

    Elfreida: You know, I'll be in your corner, whatever you may choose. So, we win the game, then we win the match, all the while, showing the world of JBW, what the name Frewin, really means. It stands for expert fighting, monumental money, and above all else, crippling power, and unwavering respect. All those other card players, do not know, that they've already lost. This is just a sideshow to them, this has been your whole entire life, things like this.

    Frewin: God dang fuckin right, nothing can stand in our way tonight. Justifiably, Badass, Wrestling, had better be prepared, to face it's new ruler, this evening, right here in Las Vegas. Our time begins, and the rest of em's ends. If it's KOs only tonight, I'll smash their skull, just for you. The Frewin Freight Train, takes off tonight.

    With that, he flicks the now butt of a cigarette, into the sky, then nonchalantly kicks it with a spinning high kick, right from the sky, in a suit, no less. The camera fades away as the last shot is the two of them gently kissing, with her hand being placed on the same hip from earlier. "Hey miss, watch that hip , you know what's sitting there, can be heard as we fade out." The last sound or sight is "Ha ha ha, I just love to fuck with you."

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    We go back up front where we see a white limousine pulls up in front of the stadium and the photographers begin taking pictures not knowing who's about to come out. The driver exits and opens the passenger's door and offering his hand. The beautiful Eden Sky walks out in a designer pink dress and begins posing for the photographers before she starts walking down the carpet on her way to the door. A loud man with a mic on hand gets her attention and Eden walks over to him. The man signals his camera guy to get everything.

    Guy: Miss Sky can I have a moment of your time?

    Eden: Alright, but just a moment.

    Guy: Miss Sky I know this is a JBW event, but I was hoping I could get your reaction on the events that transpired on what is considered by many the last episode of TWE in which you as well as all the TWE champions were stripped of your titles which means that even if you were to win the JBW Bombshell title you won't get the chance to be the first ever female dual crown champion, or at least not at the moment.

    Eden seems annoyed by the question, but she grins wide and answers.

    Eden: It'a definitely not something I'm happy about, clearly I had other plans in mind which required me to hold on to that title, but that's not gonna change my plans to be the first ever female dual crown champion, it's simply a delay in my plans.

    The Board or should I say the morons that used to run that place think they got the last laugh because they screwed the fans and the wrestlers alike, but I'm the one who's getting the last laugh because I was already in the process of suing them for several grievances and you can add stripping me of the title to that list so it doesn't matter if they're in charge of the fed or not because they're still getting sued and I'll be a very happy and rich woman after the lawsuit is settled.

    Guy: So I understand you still believe you'll be able to beat Faith Lefleur to become the next JBW Bombshell Champion, is that correct?

    Eden: Of course, there was never any doubt in my mind I was gonna beat her. What happens in other feds doesn't change that fact, I'm not broken down over everything that happened; if anything I'm more determined than ever.

    Guy: And one last question we know all the fashion divas love to answer. Who are you wearing?

    Eden grins wide.

    Eden: I'm wearing the strapless coral Miu Miu bustier style dress embellished with Swarovski crystals, my jewelry is from Fred Leighton and Chopard and my heels are from Christian Louboutin.

    Guy: Very classy, nothing less could be expected of the gorgeous Eden Sky. Have a good time tonight!

    Eden: Thank you!

    Eden turns and walks inside as the interviewer continues staring at her. A graphic on the screen reads, about 2hrs. earlier, while RedRuM was having fun, The camera shows a somewhat far away view, of a man walking down the strip, in Vegas. The man is dressed in an shortsleeve red dress shirt, with the sleeves tattered, and stars, stripes, medals and other honorable decorations adorn his shirt.

    He wears finely pressed black slacks, with shined to the t, black steel toe combat boots. Black leather, official looking, gloves cover his hands, with dark black sunglasses covering his eyes. The camera slowly begins to pan in on him, and it is soon revealed to be, none other than, Alexander Ivankof, The Crimson Warrior.

    He walks along, shaking his head and scoffing with disgusted disdain, at every single he sees. One would almost worry that his head might get tired, in fact, from all the disapproval. He then stops and looks at The Sphinx, the symbol of The Luxor Las Vegas, and begins snarling one side of his mouth.

    Ivankof: Hello, I am Alexsander Ivankof. I have not been here in this place of travesty, war, and unfair laws, for a month, and each minute that passes on the clock, I get sicker and sicker. I come here to see "The bright lights", and "Allure Lady Luck", and all I see is a waste of time, money, and sense.

    All these mindless addicts, not being able to leave these ridiculously lavish buildings, and others get so full of, drugs and alcohol, they make complete fools of themselves! This is another reason...I HATE AMERICA!

    He now looks up at the sky, and everything all around, spitting on the sidewalk.

    Ivankof: These unneeded lavish lights are still killing my eyes! Another problem, that wasted money could have been used to help the needy!

    He now continues walking down the street, and something happens, that can not end well. An outrageously dressed drag queen, takes a look at him. That kind of look. The man then extends a hand in offering, slyly saying "Well, use some of that fury, you Russian bear..."

    Ivankof looks him over once, then becomes furtherly disgusted, as he clasps his hand forcefully, then quickly whips around in a 360, smashing into his face with a thunderous Bloody Sickle (Bullhammer), right in the middle of the street. The man slowly falls flat to his back, facing the bright sky , spread eagle.

    "How's THAT, for an answer!??!?" , can be heard, as Ivankof leans down over him. He then begins continuing his sight seeing, as he shakes his head more violently. He adjusts his glasses, and right glove now, somewhat settling.

    Ivankof: You see, that is just another example of what I find wrong with this discriminative rathole! Unwanted, unasked for, and lude, crude sexual advances, from uncouth slimeballs in the street! What is wrong with THIS CITY?!? Lies on every corner, false promises of hope, and now THIS! Damn you Lady Liberty! WHY must you continue to disappoint me so much?!?

    Gambling, drugs, manwhores on every corner, drunken forgotten nights...FUCK The Hangover, that was only a glorified example of the stupidity that makes up this entire street! In fact, Before I left the service back home, we showed it as an educational way of how not to act! Already blind and stupid people, become mindless slaves and drones, to that "Cli cling, cli clink!" The President Of The United States, is no better, for he does not do enough to help his people! If not even he can say what needs to be, I WILL!


    We come back to the present where we see another limo pull up. This time, Artemis Eclipse gets out wearing his mask but, dressed up in an awesome and inspiring purple and black suit from Stuart Hughes, the exquisite Cashmere wool and silk suit is adorned with diamonds that give this suit a bespoke look. In all, the suit is trimmed with 480 diamonds weighing 240 carats in totality. He stops to let people take pictures of his million dollar suit and walks over to open the door. Out steps Barbie Panzer in a literally dazzling dress, created by British designer Debbie Wingham, it is adorned with 50 two-carat black diamonds, and weighs 29 pounds.

    The dress, is valued at a staggering $4,593,050.00, making it one of the most extravagant ever made. It was presented at a fashion show in Kiev featuring several other diamond-encrusted dresses from Ms. Wingham's collection. Artemis extends his arm as Barbie grips it. They walk the red carpet with everyone trying to get an interview. Cameras are flashing as they just keep walking up the carpet. They finally get to the end and Artemis can be seen wording “Are you ready?” Barbie nods and says “yes” and smiles.

    Artemis dips her back and passionately kisses her while people start gasping and clapping. One man yells “FUCKING FINALLY!!” as Artemis and Barbie keep embracing. He brings her back up and they smile as they continue into Vegasville.
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    Back to the front of the Vegas Strip, cameras are flashing, people are screaming, and a sleek 2013 solid black Lamborghini Aventador rolls up, tinted windows, and an engine that roars as it turns off, all the attention by cameramen, guests, and other participants is attracted right to that car and the mystery of who this person is.

    The door opens up, out steps a single solid black John Lobb custom made dress shoe, and the person finally gets out, to find out as everyone gasps as it is Ryan “The Freak” Wells steps out and buttons up his custom made William Fioravanti Bespoke suit, two button, gray jacket, light lavender shirt with a gray and white polka dot tie.

    Cameras start flashing as his arrival is by far the best tonight and will not be forgotten. Cheering all around as everyone knows tonight is his debut with JBW, one of the most highly anticipated in JBW history.

    He flashes his Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 15,000 Gauss watch as he walks onto the red carpet with women swooning as he shows off his billion dollar smile and his biceps tightly wrapped by his suit, showing off the enormous muscles. He shakes hands with fans, poses for pictures, does autographs, kisses some babies and steps up to various reporters ready to take questions.

    Reporter 1: Ryan! You look absolutely stunning tonight, you get my vote for best dressed. But moving on, tonight is your JBW re-debut which has been on every wrestling magazine, blog, and website as we all anticipate tonight. How do you feel? Do you feel ready?

    Wells: I certainly am. Thank you for the complements by the way. But tonight is a joyous night. Tonight starts a revolution, with my re-debut. It is something I have been very much looking for since I signed back on with JBW. I am in the best shape of my life, I just had this suit custom made and flown in from Milan this morning by my good friend William Fioravanti, the best suitmaker in the world. And it almost doesn’t even fit, I guess I’ve been working out too much lately.

    Flexes biceps, women can be seen fainting and people looking at his physique in awe.

    Wells: But tonight is a great night, I certainly can’t wait.

    Reporter #2: Ryan, tonight, you are in this new format, a sort of blackjack game. How are your blackjack skills exactly?

    Wells: Oooh, good question. Well, I did the casual blackjack games with the fellas back in the day, but I became more serious when I was rehabbing from my initial neck surgery, and I qualified for the World Championships, so I would say I’m pretty good, being modest of course, and tonight is going to be very good for me, on the blackjack table and in the ring, I can promise that for sure.

    Reporter #3: Ryan, what is your goal in JBW? With your prestige in the wrestling world, insane wrestling skill and total hype coming into the company once again, the sky must be the limit for you?

    Wells: Well, that is all very flattering, thank you! But I’m aiming for my first world championship, and I know I can attain it here in this great company. But I’m going to work from wherever I need to be to holding that title around my waist and being on the top of this company. There are plenty of great wrestlers here for sure, and I know competition is tough, but hey, I’m tougher, so with the JBW faithful in my corner and with all the hard work and dedication I’ll bring to JBW, I know I can be world champion here. But that day could be tonight, tomorrow, a week, a month, whenever, but I guarantee I will be before you know it.

    The whole crowd of people start cheering louder than ever tonight for Wells as he smiles and waves and can be seen saying “Thank You!”

    Wells: But that is all for now, I must be going, I promise I will answer more after the show tonight, thank you all and tune in!

    Wells blows kisses into the crowd, shaking more hands before going inside the casino and out of sight.

    Reporter #4: That was a Q&A session with world class talent, Ryan “The Freak” Wells. For QBNT Channel 4 news, I’m Nick Kaufman, back to you!

    The cameraman turns off the camera for QBNT and the interviewer and cameraman begin talking as the JBW cameras pull away from them. We venture back down the red carpet where we find as said earlier, the wrestling ring in the middle of it with Vivica getting in. As the camera pans over the ring, we see an empty announcer booth. That quickly changes when from out of the curtain we see Dudley walking out. He grabs a mic and begins speaking…

    Dudley: Tonight, I will not be commentating with my normal partner… no, no, no!! This, my fucking friends… is VEGASVILLE! Pat is a fucking stick in the mud and obviously won’t be here! And with him not being here, I can be my normal self again and do everything he doesn’t like me doing!
    With that in mind, let me introduce to you, my partner for tonight… the new announcer for ABSOLUTION and an all around douche dick of a guy… ROBSTAR!!!

    He comes out from the back with a bottle of Gentleman Jack and chugs almost half the bottle before passing it off to Dudley who finishes it. Robstar grabs the mic from Dudley and lets out a mighty:


    He and Dudley begin laughing as they walk to the announcer booth as the music for the newest JTB star begins blasting.


    She comes out onto the stage with her Samsung Galaxy S4 taking a video of her debut. The audience sees the phone and begins cheering. He hair is different colors and she’s wearing a small skirt and a Rancid T-Shirt. Thigh high stripped socks and Doc Martin boots. She’s high-fiving people down the ramp as she tries to get as many faces in the video as she can.

    She stops at a little boy and gives him a peck on the cheek. She slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. Vivica is standing there giving a mean look in to the camera as she pushes it away and stomps her feet to get the match started.

    Robstar: My first fucking match to be called, and it’s a goddamned FACKING BOMBSHELL MATCH??? WHAT THE FFFAAACCCCKKKK?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Dudley: Definitely don’t be disappointed. These two are smoking hot and Ruby is debuting tonight. YUM!


    Ruby/AJ vs Vivica/Naomi
    *Note, not for Championship, Ignore the divas, watch from 2:29-7:10*


    She grabs Vivica and tosses her into the ropes, as she whips off Ruby jumps in the air and hits a Lou Thesz Press. She pounds her over and over. She grabs her hair and starts slamming her head on the mat as they bounce around the ring from impact. Vivica finally grabs a hold of Ruby’s hair and pulls her down. She puts a version of Hell’s Gate on her and Ruby’s arms begin flailing around trying to gain some sort of ground. She looks like she’s about to tap but… her arms go limp.

    Robstar: These bitches are putting on a decent show out here. Sucks there’s no nipslips though. That makes everything better. ALWAYS!

    Dudley: Yeah, I can agree. This is one of the better Bombshell matches in a while. The one from WARFARE a couple weeks ago was top notch. But, no nipples there either. Prudes.
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    The ref brings up Ruby’s left arm… it drops.


    He does it again… it drops.


    He lifts it up again and just as he lets it go, that familiar jalopy horn honk blares throughout the area.

    Robstar: WHAT THE FACK!?!?!?!?

    The camera pans out of the ring as Vivica stands up and looks down the aisle, completely ignoring Ruby being down for the count. We go up the red carpet to see a 2013 Ford F-150 Raptor pulls up to the valet area. The recently returned Redneck Wreckin’ Machine Leonard Ray Beauregard steps out wearing a surprisingly nice black suit with a Mossy Oak tie.

    As he steps out he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a can of Copenhagen long cut and puts a wad into his lip. He adjusts his old, stained Ole Miss Rebels ball cap and tosses the keys to the young valet attendant. He grabs the man’s head and pulls him in close.

    LRB: If there’s a 12 pack of PBR in there when I get back there’s a big ass tip in it for ya?

    The valet attendant’s eyes get big as he nods his head and runs over to the truck, eager to complete the mission. A crowd of flashing cameras and microphones rush forward and surround Good Ol’ Lenny Ray.

    Man: Mr. Beauregard, what are you doing here?

    Woman: Mr. Beauregard, you’re not on the card are you?

    Spanish Broadcaster: Estás aquí para hacer una gran pelea como antes?

    LRB: Whoa whoa whoa, y’all just hold yer horses and wait just a damn minute. Number one, I dunno what the hell you just said. As for you other two you know damn well I’m not on the card. Stupid ass question. And what am I doing here? This is fuckin’ Vegas. I’m here to play some cards, maybe play on the wheel a little bit, throw some craps, and win some fuckin’ money. I dunno if you know this or not but horses, pigs, and chickens don’t feed themselves so Daddy’s gotta make a little money if we all gonna keep eatin’.

    The action begins back in the ring again as Ruby sneaks Vivica with a roll up.




    We go back up the carpet to see Lenny Ray trying to move through the crowd but gets stopped by another set of reporters with microphones.
    Man: G’day mate. What brought you back to JBW?

    Woman: Sir! Sir! Sir! Where have you been all this time?

    French Journalist: Un rapport a dit que vous avez été la formation des combattants styles, quelque chose de vrai à cela?

    Lenny Ray raises his eyebrow and looks on as we go back to the ring to see Vivica having Ruby in a sleeper hold. Ruby flips her over and now is in front of Vivica, holding her by the neck. She cranks down and in one motion hits a jawbreaker.

    Ruby stays on her knees as we go back to Lenny Ray who…

    LRB: spits a mouth full of dip spit on the ground Look Frenchie, I dunno what the fuck yer’ sayin’. If another someone gets in my face speaking jibberish I’m gonna punch them right in the mouth. Lord Jesus help them. Now, I came back to climb my way to the top of the mountain. Why the hell else would I come back? I said a year ago I wanted that belt buckle, and I ain’t stoppin’ till I get it. And shit sister, I’ve been around. Did you not pay attention, I said I’ve been to Japan, I’ve been to Granite City, I’ve been up to Canada. Fuck, I just come back and I gotta repeat shit I said just the other fuckin’ day…

    Lenny Ray begins shoving his way through the crowd again, the doors to the casino are in sight and he can already picture the chips piled high in front of him. A smile creeps across his face when a lone reporter steps in front of him.


    The reporter speaks into a microphone.

    Reporter: Pane, že všechna slova za vaši odpůrci tam?

    The smile never fades from Lenny Ray’s face as he suddenly throws a right jab right into the man’s nose. The reporter falls to the ground holding his face as blood pools around him. Lenny Ray steps over his body, adjusts his tie and his cufflinks shaped like the ends of shotgun shells, and continues to casually stroll into the casino.

    As the camera fades Lenny Ray bellows..


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    Ruby is in firm control of the match as she hits a Killswitch on Vivica. She goes in for the pin as Robstar takes a picture of her panties with his phone.

    Robstar: FACK!! I just need to take pictures of Bombshells all day! Maybe this will be a good gig? Wait… on second though, FACK THA’ JAY BEE DOUBLE U!!

    Dudley: Calm down there old man. You’re going to give yourself a heartattack. Go listen to some Kyuss and eat a scone. Sheesh. I mean, I see veins coming out of your neck. Fucking veins.




    Vivica kicks out and Ruby is stunned. She shakes her head “No” and begins smacking her hands on the mat. The audience begins clapping as she rises up from her knees. She gets into position and as Vivica gets up, Ruby grabs her and hits “Destination Unknown” (Canadian Destroyer)!!! She smiles as she goes down for the pin…




    The audience cheers her on as she jumps up and down celebrating her first technical JBW win.

    Robstar: Thank the gods for smartphones! Bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun!! This girl has a lot of ambition and killer facking tits!! She’s gonna go far here! And if she doesn’t, she can go far in my dressing room!!

    Dudley: You get a dressing room?

    Robstar: Umm…. Uhh… fack? Look… they’re paying me a lot of…

    Dudley: They’re paying you a lot?

    Robstar: Well here’s the thing umm… wait… wait… what?

    Dudley: What?

    Robstar: Shut the hell up! I’m getting word we have some serious shit going down!!

    The camera cuts to inside the MGM Grand where we see feet running. It’s a cameraman being dispatched to the scene, Holy Jose and Malcolm Cage are beating the shit out of each other by the elevator. Holy slams Malcolm into the wall and vice-versa. K-Jammin comes in and tries to separate the two and gets met with a punch for his efforts. K-J laughs it off and gets involved with the melee.

    Roman dives into camera with a chair and lays into everyone. He swings violently, connecting with Holy Jose, Malcolm comes from behind and tries to wrestle the chair away but, Romes holds firm and smacks the chair across Malcolm’s face, taking him down.

    All that’s left is Romes and K-J. They stare at each other for a couple moments and from out of nowhere, Romes swings and K-J jumps back. He lands and lunges forward with a Superman punch and connects with Romes, knocking him out. K-J walks around the bodies laid out and picks up the JBW Championship as security comes in and grabs him as the pre-show goes off the air, we hear K-J saying “But, they told me I could knock them out…


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    The PPV theme plays loud and hard throughout the arena as the fans in attendance are going insane! The camera pans around the arena and catches a glimpse at the stage area and quickly circles to ringside where Pat and Dudley are putting on their head sets and sitting down.

    Pat: YES!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen we are LIVE at The MGM Grand here in Las Vegas and we are 100% geared up and ready for LUCK OF THE DRAW!! As usual, I’m Pat and sitting next to me is the esteemed Dudley! All in all it’s looking to be a fantastic card tonight, no matter the stipulation, but let's talk a bit about how those stipulations will be chosen tonight.

    Dudley: Random chance, and by that I mean the sexiest mistress in Las Vegas, Blackjack will be the deciding factor!

    Pat: That's right Dudley, we have six JBW stars coming together to play a game that will decide the fates of every character this evening. Let's go now to the Blackjack table, where the new GM of Absolution, a Mr. Larrity is on hand to welcome us to the Luck of the Draw Blackjack Tournament.

    The camera zooms out, showing a table, then goes back to show the private gaming room set up on the stage, currently empty. The camera zooms out further, showing the door just to the side of the table.

    A Man walks through the door towards the center of the ring, looking around to make sure that everything is in place.

    He is wearing a blue suit, with a tan cowboy hat. His hair, or what can be seen around the hat, is white as new snow and his eyes a sharp steely blue, shining like new pennies as he spots the camera, walking forward in a power walk, stopping directly in front of the Blackjack table.

    Mr. Larrity: Howdy Y'all and welcome to the Jay Be Dubya Blackjack Tourney-mint! M'name is Big T Larrity, My friends call me Hoss, and my family calls me Carl, that was my Paternal Great grandfather's name, he was a homosexual, died by his own hand in '48, y'all can call me Mr. Larrity.

    Now then, other than my duties over there on Absolution where i'll be showin these younguns what real management style is all about, I'm also hostin this here Tourney-mint! So let's get this party started, yee-haw!

    The door opens again, and two bikers step through, boos can be heard from the live audience as Black Blooded walk in, Mr. Blood smiling as he walks up to Mr. Larrity, shaking his hand.

    Mr. Larrity: That's right I've hired the toughest SOB's in professional Rasslin' to provide us some Secure-E-Tee. These boys are here to make sure nothin gets too “out of hand”.

    Mr. Blood: That's right, We're here to keep everything honest. This is our fucking Town, and we're still the best pair of bodyguards money ca-

    Mr. Larrity:Interrupting I ain't payin you to talk boy, look sharp, we got our players incomin!

    KJ Punk walks through the open door, stopping as he sees the two Bikers, he cautiously takes his seat as they back up to the wall, both men grinning cockily with their hands raised in mock surrender.

    Mr. Blood: Don't worry Punk, we ain't here for you tonight, You play by the rules, you walk out unharmed, that's a promise.

    Mr. Black: From us at least.

    KJ Punk nods, still not taking his eyes off of Black Blooded, at least until the next man walks through the doorway, adjusting his shirt-cuffs as he walks in. It's Amadeus Frewin, his wife not with him, he seems not to even notice the tension in the room, taking the seat with his name card in front of it, looking relaxed as he waits for the others to arrive.

    The next man through is none other than Ryan “The Freak” Wells, his suit doing nothing to hide his almost impossible seeming physique, he briefly sizes each other man in the room up before walking the rest of the way through the door and taking his seat.

    Right on his heels Artemis Eclipse arrives, Mustachio entering right behind him. Eclipse takes his seat quickly, looking with curiosity at the empty place where the dealer should stand, before looking with disdain at Mustachio.

    Eclipse: Sit the hell down.

    Mustachio: Make me.

    Black Blooded step forward as one, their hands loose and ready.

    Mr. Blood: You two get in an argument on the drive up?

    Eclipse: What? He didn't drive with me, why the hell would you think that?

    Mr. Blood: No reason.

    Mustachio laughs, finally taking his seat.

    RedRuM walks through the open door, looking at each man before finally taking his seat, the camera angle changing to one angled behind the table, so all of the competitors can be seen sitting at the table, Black Blooded standing behind them. Mr. Larrity walks by, looking at the door somewhat irritated.

    Mr. Larrity: Now where in the hell are they? I swear those two better not be fuckin on my money!

    A noise at the door causes both members of Black Blooded to jump to alert, seeming ready to fight whoever just walked through the door, now just out of frame.

    Mr. Blood: What the fuck is he doing here?

    Mr. Larrity: Now I know you boys got yerselves a bit o' disdain fer eachother, and I can't say I blame ya fer it, but he's here at my request and to make some money, same as you.

    Sasha Panzer walks up to Mr. Larrity, going to shake his hand.

    Sasha: Hello to you Mr. Larrity, I am Sasha!

    Mr. Larrity: Boobies! Glad you’re here girl, now strip down to that Bye-Keeny and grab those oversize Novelty cards!

    Mr. Blood: What's this?

    Mr. Larrity: It's like my grandad always said, there's always room for some big titties! Now let's get down to business. We got ourselves a hand to deal and a match to decide!

    The hands of the dealer can be seen as he distributes the cards, the rings on his fingers shining under the house lights as he passes each player his cards.

    Sasha can be seen in the background, wearing a sparking red thong bikini, she holds a card high above her head that reads:

    Match. 01: DARIUS vs CHRIS DIAMOND

    The camera changes to a view above the table, showing each player's face up card.

    KJ Punk - Jack of Clubs
    Amadeus Frewin – 5 of hearts
    Ryan "The Freak" Wells - Ace of clubs
    Artemis Eclipse – 7 of spades
    Mustachio – King of hearts
    RedRuM – Jack of Diamonds

    The camera repositions showing the face of each man as they consider the showing card before picking up both. As each man picks up his cards, RedRuM lets out a holler, slapping both of his cards face up on the table, the camera zooms in, revealing the Ace and Jack of Diamonds, respectively.

    Mr. Larrity: Well Bend me over kiss my ass and hand wash my privates! We're startin off on Fire today! Well boy, you gots yerself twenty-one, so go right ahead and tell us what kind o’ rasslin match we'll be havin?

    RedRuM grins savagely before replying, a simple two words.

    RedRuM: First Blood

    Mr. Larrity: Well there ya have it! We're openin this sumbitch up with a First Blood match!
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    Darius comes out onto the stage and KJ Punk gets up from the table and walks through the door and gets next to him. They pound fists and make their way down the ramp and avoid fans the whole way. They slide under the bottom rope and get in the ring. They discuss things in the ring and KJ Punk gets out as Darius slinks into the corner.


    Chris Diamond comes onto the stage and screams into the camera 'Fuck You I won’t do what you tell me!' Stands in the middle of the ramp and stretches his arms out as fireworks erupt behind him. He rips off his coat and camera swivels round to see the words ‘Fuck You I won’t do what you tell me' on the back... He rushes into the ring and gets in Darius’s face. Darius moves from the corner and they’re chest to chest talking trash. The ref pulls them apart and tells them to get back to their corners.

    Pat: Now these two have developed and interesting rivalry here and it’s going to be a curious thing to see if either person can avoid bleeding early on in the match.

    Dudley: Yeah, their rivalry has gotten more and more intense every damn time they see each other. It all started when Diamond made his debut by hitting “Diamond In The Rough” on Darius after he was already down.

    Pat: That is exceedingly true Duds… okay, it looks like we’re ready for the first match of the evening!!

    *Watch from 2:19 – 11:36*

    Both men are slow to get up but Darius does first and falls back into a corner. Diamond is up next but, he sees Darius down and goes for the run, Diamond extends his leg and goes for a kick as Darius moves out of the way. Diamond grabs a hold of the ropes and stops himself from having a bad fall.

    Pat: Something small like that can cause one drop of blood to come from the mouth if he were to hit properly. Then this match would be over and NO ONE wants that! Not after how this match has been so far tonight!

    Dudley: It’s been a fantastic opened for sure!

    Darius comes from behind and places multiple elbows into Diamond’s back. He lets out a scream of pain and Darius takes his knee and drives it into the back of Diamond’s leg, driving him down onto the mat. Darius takes Diamond’s head and begins hitting it on the middle turnbuckle.

    Dudley: DAMN! Darius wants this match over, NOW!

    Pat: Apparently he does, oh… the ref is intervening.

    The ref pulls Darius off and checks on Diamond’s face. He’s got no blood so we’re clear to continue. Darius barely waits and connects with a vicious clothesline, taking Diamond down.

    Pat: Darius looks to be EXTREMELY focused tonight. He’s coming fast and hard. No let up.

    Dudley: To be fair to Diamond, they’ve both had a great match so far. I’m not a fan of Darius by any means but, they’re putting on a great show for the people so far.

    Darius has Diamond on the ground and begins punching at his face but Diamond gets his arms up in time and blocks the majority of the connections. Darius lets up and Diamond gets up talking trash. They both come towards each other at the same time and…

    *Watch from 4:36 – 29:16*

    Pat: What a match!! These guys have been putting on one helluva show for us tonight and I’m glad its here!

    Dudley: Thirty-Five minutes these two have been going at it. More and more they’re throwing caution out the window though, a small move could spell defeat for someone.

    Darius is slow to get to his feet but he’s first up. Diamond follows close behind and they’re both weak in the knees. They begin exchanging blows. Darius, kicks Diamond’s legs, Diamond punches Darius’s mid-section, Darius chops Diamond’s chest, Diamond elbows Darius’s jaw, Darius stumbles back and Diamond leaps, he’s on top of Darius and begins punching away, Darius can’t get his arms up to block and Diamond connects with many solid hits as KJ Punk gets into the ring and pulls him off.

    Darius rolls over on to his front covering his face. KJ connects with a series of fists to Diamond’s face. Darius begins bleeding out of his mouth and the ref pulls KJ off. The ref makes KJ leave the ring and he puts Diamond against the ropes. He goes to check on Darius and Darius won’t get up. He keeps refusing the ref and finally he’s had enough, he grabs Darius by the hair and pulls him up. Darius yells and can be seen bleeding from his mouth.

    The ref calls for the bell and Darius has a look of confusion on his face. Diamond is in the corner wiping his mouth off and KJ Punk gets back into the ring and begins doing the same for Darius. The ref makes his way over to the announcer and begins telling him what happened. The announcer nods “okay” and the ref leaves and gets into the ring.

    Pat: I wonder what the call will be here Duds…

    Finn Learson: This match has been ruled in the favor of Chris “The Prodigy” Diamond!!!

    The audience cheers as Darius throws a fit in the ring. The ref raises Diamond’s arm.

    Finn: The reasoning is as follows, when Diamond was on top of Darius punching him… that is when Darius began bleeding. KJ Punk caused Chris Diamond to bleed and it was going to be ruled a no contest until the referee saw Darius bleeding from his mouth.


    Darius and KJ Punk go after Chris Diamond and lay into him. They pick him up in unison and slam him onto the mat as hard as they can. They get out of the ring pissed off and walk up the ramp. Darius heads to the back as KJ Punk slinks back into his chair with Artemis laughing at him.
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