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    They just lost the other day. First 6-man tag match that they have lost came at the hands of Kane, Bryan and Cena. Granted they weren't pinned, but no one can no longer say they are undefeated in 6-man tag action.

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    When they do lose, lose to D-bry, CM Punk, and Cesaro, because Hell No is awesome, but every good thing must come to an end, or it gets stale, which in a month or two, Hell No, will be on path of Alberto v.s. Sheamus in 2012(worst feud ever).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    Who do you guys are 3 wrestlers that could realistically beat The Shield. 3 Wrestlers that you think could be The Shield's biggest test to date, and maybe 3 that could benefit from the win.

    For me it would be

    Daniel Bryan
    CM Punk

    This may sound crazy but this is how I would work it.

    The Shield would eliminate Kane. So Undertaker would look to get revenge for his partner, and Daniel Bryan would look to get revenge seeing Kane is basically his best friend. CM Punk said he basically has done everything in the WWE, and then he realized how The Shield is undefeated, so a huge accomplish for him would be to fight the Shield.

    Now most people would hate seeing Taker and CM Punk team up considering the heated rivalry they had before Wrestlemania, but we've seen enemies join together before. I would have CM Punk say to Undertaker that he respects The Undertaker, and that he provoked The Deadman to ensure that they had the best match they could for Wrestlemania. Of course there would be tension, but Daniel Bryan would try to hold them together. I feel it would be a pretty epic match, and could really work if booked correctly for maybe Summerslam.
    In what ways would Taker and team Hello No benefit from this match? These three are already superstars that do not need a push of any kind.

    However if this does happen I think it would be more epic to see a rematch The Shield take out Bryan, Kane coming down to try and make a save, then watching The Shield start to wear down Kane, we see the lights go off and Undertakers music hits. Taker returns to make the save on Kane and Bryan. Bryan is "injured" and can't wrestle, both Taker and Kane are done and want this Shield team to come to an end. So they setup a 2 on three at the PPV. The brothers beat The Shield leading into the fall of The Shield. They start to blame each other for the lose and down they go.

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    I've changed my mind, they'll lose to Brock Lesnar, The Rock and Undertaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl View Post
    They just lost the other day. First 6-man tag match that they have lost came at the hands of Kane, Bryan and Cena. Granted they weren't pinned, but no one can no longer say they are undefeated in 6-man tag action.
    This is true.
    Their first pinfall doesn't need to be a big thing now, cause they've already lost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihltygre View Post
    if you;re going to have a clean loss to break their streak, Taker, Kane and Bryan, or Taker Bryan Punk ( i really like that idea it works well and fits WWE logic), would be your best bet, anyone else and they risk looking weak, the explosion from the inside would work too but it's a little bit trite at this point. I think we're getting close to a loss soon or Cena wouldn't have beaten two of them in the elimination match, in the world of story telling that's showing cracks in the armour.... IMHO when they break up they need to lose HARD then start dissolving from the inside with Ambrose going more and more nuts, reigns turning face, and rollins trying to hold it together till he snaps on them both... reigns' size is his ticket, ambrose's mic skills are his they need to REALLY make a mark for rollins, having him snap and take out his two team mates after weeks of trying to hold them together would give him that boost to be noticed.... again this is my opinion and thus is worth about as much as my old socks
    If Cena, Orton and Sheamus beat them they would not look weak

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2 View Post
    If Cena, Orton and Sheamus beat them they would not look weak
    This proves that the Shield have come to an dead end, if losing to the top three faces makes them look weak then they have been pushed wrong.

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    I can't see how they can lose clean without making everyone else look crap, they have chucked so many combinations at them that its not going to make sense for me. This is why I don't like undefeated streaks, They have gone up against, Cena, DB, Kane, Undertaker, Orton, Show, Big White Ryback, to name a few, how can they now come up with a team that can beat them clean when they have chucked so many big names in all combinations at them already.

    I like the Shield but they should have lost early on and then there wouldn't be this stigma around them, They can still be strong with a clean loss on their record.
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