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    It's times like this I think John Cena is a genius. He's got a one dimensional, super hero gimmick that falls flat with anyone over 15 so he plays on it, amplifies it and brings in personal little slights like pretending to shadow box to really rile up the fans he'll never win over so he becomes their ultimate heel instead. What's worse than a guy you can't stand, who beats your heroes (CM Punk), who's everywhere all the time and appears un-deserving ("Cena sucks", "Cena can't wrestle")? Cena is the IWC's perfect heel and all the time we keep making threads like this and chanting and booing he's getting exactly what he and Vinnie Mac want.

    If you really can't stand Cena that much 1) turn over when he's on screen, 2) don't make threads about him online and 3) stay silent when he's in the ring at a live show. Don't boo, don't chant "Cena sucks!" Take a piss break, update Twitter, sit on your hands. If the IWC wants Cena to change/go away then silence both online and at shows is the one weapon that will work.

    Divas to believe in.


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