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    Perfect Scenario is for the Shield to win the titles and this could build up the tag team division again and here is my thought how?

    Have the shield (Assuming Rollins and Ambrose) win the tag titles and let them hold it for a while and maybe even defend them in 3 on 3 action.

    Keep the shields undefeated run going until you have a team (Could be rhodes scholars or PTP or Usos or whoever) wanting a shot for the titles, at the same time Reigns is starting to get pissed of that he keeps helping rollins and reigns win the tag titles and wants gold of his own.

    So you set up a winner takes all match with the tag team in question with the current US/IC champion vs the shield and have the shield lose.

    Making this scenario more interesting is having a heel turn face for the tag title challenger I.E. Wade Barrett
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    I think the Shield will pick 'em up but this will make the titles less prestigious as The shield are more of a faction and not what I consider a tag team. There needs to be a good tag division before the title become prestigious. However, I do believe that the WWE has great potential for a great tag division if they execute it right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGhost View Post
    Just because they aren't used on live TV doesn't mean their hard work isn't noticed. They have been putting good tag team matches. They deserve a run, I believe.
    I agree they are good in the ring, but doesn't translate to overall fan appeal, which they are severely lacking. I keep reading their names being brought up as possible cuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGhost View Post
    I'm gonna throw in The Usos. The deserve a run with the titles more than the Shield.
    Yeah...I'm going with this...they DO DESERVE a decent title match to even compete for the tag team titles which they have been so far out of lately...forget winning them they would be a good team for the Shield to battle with after they secure the straps after ER...

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    One issue with the WWE, they have historically had a hard time developing their own popular "true" tag teams. Demolition, The Hardyz and New Age Outlaws are probably the exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, teams like The Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Road Warriors, Powers of Pain, Brain Busters, Beverly Brothers, Midnight Rockers, Edge & Christian, Dudleys, etc all had a pretty nice if not huge following before they got to the WWE/F. They WWE tends to throw singles stars together to make popular tag teams. Then again, the New Age Outlaws were singles stars turned into a tag team.

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    I hope later this year CM Punk & Brock Lesnar will be a Tag Team

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    R&R of the Sheild will win the tag titles at ER and Ambrose wins US title of the bird man.


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    Reigns & Rollins will win at ER.


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