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Thread: Josh Matthews

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    Just watched last Friday's Smackdown there and during the main event match between Ryback and Jericho I noticed something a bit different from Matthews' commentary. He usually comes across as the guy who sits on the fence and calls it fairly down the line with occasionally defending the face. But he seemed to take on almost a heel persona when he called out Cole on being a 'homer' and likening his favoritism of Cena to JR's of Austin and then when Cole asked will Ryback win at Extreme Rules he gave an emphatic 'Damn right he will!'

    Maybe I'm reading too much into this but do you think this is possibly a sign of a Josh Matthews heel turn? Are they possibly planting the seeds where Matthews makes some interference in the Last Man Standing match causing Ryback to win?

    I know this seems pretty far fetched but this is the sort of unpredictability that has been lacking in WWE for some time now and could potentially be a great idea if done right.
    Josh Matthews turning heel would be an excellent idea. We are in need for a heel commenter in the WWE and it would benefit both Ryback and the WWE. Ryback is not good on the mic, so a mouthpiece would do justice to our ears and the fans watching. The WWE is also in need for heel manager and great stability amongst the group.

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    I seen this and liked it. I love Matthews. Even since tough enough. Hopefully they're setting the seeds for a heel commentator since everyone is face except arguably jbl. We need one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hit Man View Post
    Yeah that's what I was thinking. Only thing is though, does Matthews have the charisma to pull off the heel manager role?
    From what I saw on Friday, maybe. The guy clearly has some natural charisma to him. Look up the Are You Serious show on youtube. Thye kinda made him heelish in that show towards the end.

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    Josh...Josh...Josh...this is the best idea for you yet so use it! Talk about something out of the blue!

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