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    Mark Henry was not boring as WHC. Yes he is limited in the ring but his WHC reign was good in my opinion. Ryback yes I find him also average but may be if he feud vs a superstar with good mic & in rings skills who can carry the matches, he can have a good title reign.

    Cena will not lose his WWE title to Punk or Orton. Punk was champ for 434 days so don't expect him to be champion this year, and Cena has lost enough matches vs him so another one won't happen anytime soon. For Orton I think he will go after the WHC not the WWE belt.
    Randy Orton is stale on Smackdown. I believe he wins the Raw MITB and contends for the title, he can ignite a feud with John Cena. John Cena shouldn't lose the title to either Ryback or Mark Henry because it can either hurt the ratings even more and make Raw boring. Ryback should feud with a veteran or someone who has been in the business longer than he has and without a title being contending (Randy Orton). He should then move up on the power rankings going up against the WHC and having a lengthy reign on Smackdown when his former rival (hopefully in the future) Randy Orton turns heel and has a rivalry with John Cena. Mark Henry can also feud on Smackdown for the WHC because Ryback might turn face in the near future which in my prospective is wrong because it can mess up his character development unless the WWE writes it properly.
    Mark Henry should also try the younger guys develop their character's such as Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno), Fandango, etc. He should have a dominant heel run but in return take some falls to the younger development's to make them look stronger.
    When C.M Punk does indeed return he should have a short rivalry with John Cena. Then he can have a feud with Danial Bryan, Kane, Brock Lesner, and other competitors we have not seen yet. He should come back with a badder attitude to dominant matches and reclaim his spot.

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