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    WWE and WHC Title Picture going into Summerslam.

    What do you guys think the WWE and WHC picture will look like leading into Summerslam?
    I personally think something like this:

    (bold is the winner of the match)

    Extreme Rules:

    WWE Championship - John Cena vs Ryback (Last Man Standing)
    WHC - Ziggler vs Del Rio vs Swagger (Triple Threat Ladder)


    WWE Championship - John Cena vs Ryback vs Henry (Triple Threat)
    WHC - Dolph Ziggler vs ADR (2 out of 3 falls)


    WWE Championship - John Cena vs Jack Swagger (Normal Singles Match)
    WHC - Dolph Ziggler (by DQ) vs Randy Orton (Normal Singles Match)
    WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match - Daniel Bryan
    WHC MITB Ladder Match - Cody Rhodes


    WHC - Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton (No Holds Barred)

    WWE Championship - John Cena,Undertaker and Kane vs The Shield (6 Man Tag Team Match, the superstar who picks up the Pin or Submission is the new WWE Champion)

    If this will be the Summerslam Main Event it has unpredictability written all over it. There are just so many directions you could go with this match. Couple examples: Cena picks up the victory without screwing any teammate, Cena picks up the victory by screwing taker when he was going for a pin to set up Cena vs Taker mania 30, Kane picks up the unexpected pin and Daniel Bryan cashes in on Kane after the Match is over to set up Daniel Bryan vs Kane for the following PPV's with the ending at HIAC in a HIAC match while Cena is 'injured' and takes a break for a couple of months, A member of the Shields picks up the victory after Cena and Taker get physical with eachoter to also set up Taker vs Cena at Mania 30 and the list can go on and on. Now I want to hear you guys opinion's on all of this and how you guys think the WWE and WHC picture will go leading into Summerslam!


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