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    The return was not nearly as bad as some of you make sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by body slam View Post
    The return was not nearly as bad as some of you make sound.
    It's TNA they have to make it sound like the worst thing to have ever happen in the history of wrestling
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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    It was level shockmaster just terrible he is grossly overweight which is why he looked so sluggish imo and everything he hit was soft as hell and he couldnt even keep devon up for a full rotation for the black hole slam, and I hate that theme generic as hell. gym heavyweights and someone other than dale oliver writing his theme should sort him out.

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    I think we should give the guy a break! I mean come on, Abyss has been out of action for almost a year, no one has seen him! Meanwhile his brother Joseph Park has been trying to figure out what is going on, and train for in-ring action.....oh...wait, nevermind, i see what is going on here.
    But on a serious note, the return in my mind was fine. Ya, he almost tripped, almost didn't get Kennedy (edit: Anderson) high enough, BHS was a little sloppy, but for a return, it worked well, sets the stage for the monster to take revenge on A&8s for hurting Joseph blah blah blah. All we need now is a bag full of tacks.
    The biggest problem is that Abyss is TNA's Kane, and so that is our measuring stick, which is almost unfair.

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    I was thinking the same thing.

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    I just watched the video again. Jesus are some of you freaking picky and critical. Yea, he didn't completely pick up Anderson for a chokeslam, but does he ever pick up a guy all the way up when he does it? And isn't the other guy suppose to elevate himself for the move, instead of Abyss actually picking him up??!? He did the black hole slam on Devon, who isn't the a small dude, without Devon running into him, and he still manage to pick him up and spin him a bit.
    He cleaned house and looked like the monster he is suppose to be. His only negative was that he tripped a bit, but that was it.

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    don't let it be a wwe return because then it's the best return ever. Y2J returned and for a whole month did nothing. I didn't hear any critiques about that. I liked Abyss' return. Unexpected, and had some impact. it wasn't random because he has the Bully Ray history and his "brother" had the A & 8's history. I liked it. As far as the mask and hair think goes, how the hell did Kane grow out his hair from being COMPLETELY BALD in such a short time? I guess it's his magical powers.

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    The reason it was "sloppy" and looked slow is because it's not really "Abyss" It is Joe Parks, getting his revenge as his "brother." It will turn out that Joe couldn't "find" Abyss and had to but on the mask to get another shot at the Aces and Eight.

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    I find it stupid

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    We all were waiting for his return and we got it, but the sloppy moves he did ruined it a bit for us. Now I won't be picky about anything, but after watching the action it didn't feel like it is the same guy who was in barbed wire match with sabu. My point is he didn't look intimidating.

    Lets hope we get better performance from him in coming weeks.


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