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    Abyss Not Convincing Now

    After seeing Abyss return to TNA last night, I gotta say, it was pretty silly. You could clearly see the shorter haircut under the fake hair and he moved sloppy. Perhaps it would have been more of a statement had his "brother" stayed away. I feel Abyss would have felt more fresh from a fan's standpoint. You?


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    Yeah he was really sloppy in the less than 2 minutes on screen!

    Hit a double clothesline and nearly fell over Devon.

    Ran at Devon when he was in the turnbuckle one of the slowest runs ever!

    Was just a crappy return.

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    I find it stupid

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    We all were waiting for his return and we got it, but the sloppy moves he did ruined it a bit for us. Now I won't be picky about anything, but after watching the action it didn't feel like it is the same guy who was in barbed wire match with sabu. My point is he didn't look intimidating.

    Lets hope we get better performance from him in coming weeks.

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    I agree that he moved slow. And I was disappointed they didn't use the old theme. And I am sick of Taz on commentary, he spoils TNA for me.

    Don't care about the resemblence with his 'brother'. That was just a silly, funny storyline that can be immediateley discarded in my opinion.
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    I swear No matter what TNA does the IWC cannot be pleased.....just be happy Hogan didn't come out there swinging his fists.
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    I was pleased to see Abyss back but in the ring he looked like Joseph Park. Everything he hit felt half a step slow and amateur, not the powerful return one might expect. Hopefully it's just a touch of ring rust and he'll be back to his powerful old self soon.

    Divas to believe in.

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    He looked like a giant man baby looking for a hug
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    His wrestling nickname should be "Mr. Wobbles". I could name at least 3 or 4 points during his return where he almost toppled over like a baby learning how to walk. His 'black hole slam' move was pretty weak looking too. This leads me to believe that he hasn't been hitting the weights as much as he should.
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