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    Sting as Contender is Actually Good for Once

    Sting being the Contender is actually good for once. The TNA Pay-per-view card has recently been updated, and its bully v.s. Sting with stipulation if sting loses, he never goes for world title again, thats perfect, Sting is gonna get his ass kicked.

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    I would hope for that but i dunno anytime a stip like that happens they usually win!

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    yup, now all the complainers can be happy. I seriously doubt Sting is the hero that TNA needs to take down aces & eights especially since you know who returned last night! I said all along sting was just really buying time to build up a hero. To put bully over. Anywho, no matter how it ends... its been really interesting storyline.

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    Sting usually puts over guys in world title matches, last year Roode beat Sting to retain and keep his long reign going and he probably will do the same for Ray.



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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513 View Post
    Sting usually puts over guys in world title matches, last year Roode beat Sting to retain and keep his long reign going and he probably will do the same for Ray.
    Shame Sting poorly does it. Victory Road for example. Was less about Roode winning and more about Sting losing. Slammaversery, Roode didn't look impressive either. Seeing how those two went, Bully's victory will be like every other win for Aces & Eights. Because Bully had help.

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    But there's a loop hole. It says if Sting lose. It should be if Sting does not win the title. Personally I would not mind seeing Sting win the title. He would make a great transitional champion. It would make us a step closer to the end of A&8 story and sets up the Matt Morgan rematch.

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    This should have a spoiler warning and should be in the spoilers section
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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    i get why some people like this idea since he is 'Sting' and he will most probably bring in $$ however i really dont think Sting shouldve gotten this particular title shot unless Bully retains it and he carries it to the next ppv, but if Sting wins the title and becomes a 15x World Champion not only would it be pointless to give another title reign now but the reason im interested in Aces & Eights is because they have both the World and TV Titles and if they lose that alot of people will lose interest in the angle very quickly.

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    He really should slick his hair back. He looks like he rode in a convertible going 100 mph.

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    Bet this ends up like Orton's did back in 04. He agreed to only during HHHs current reign as champion.


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