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    Do NOT read before watching tna this week ** spoiler **

    So, in addition to my topic (Morgan - Sting - TNA) from last week; after the episode of this week, I am even more confused than after the ending of Morgan passing out and Sting becoming the number 1 contender. WHERE ARE YOU GOING TNA?

    When I saw Magnus being taken out (after a good match with DOC btw) and Hogan on the phone yelling "It is now or never", I just couldn't wait for the music of Morgan hitting and him cleaning house; I mean it would be so logic... After his lost last week, they could have easily tell the "you were right, Hulk, you don't just have to be a giant to win, it also takes hart" - story or "I still want you on my side, Morgan, because of what you've shown by passing out on the deadlock, shows a lot of hart" - story and if you do this for me, I guarantee you a title match after Slammiversary, brother...

    They could have set up a match out of this at Slammiversary between Morgan and any powerhouse of the A&8s, so leaving the WHC match out of his sight for a while.. He could win his and Sting losing, thus setting up a Bully - Morgan feud;

    BUT WHAT DID WE GET? ... ABYSS !!! ABYSS !!! I am going to yell it again.. ABYSS !!! My mouth just fell wide open when I saw him returning.. Where the frak was he coming from?? For over a year we have seen some Joseph Park transforming in Abyss again now and then, when he was very very hurt or mad and yes, I do remember the beatdown in the showers; but when you transform yourself in a monster again and your dark side takes over again, you DO NOT ANSWER A PHONE FROM THE GM AND COME OVER JUST BECAUSE HE YELLS IT IS NOW OR NEVER... NO, first off, you make sure that after a certain shower-scene, you get a small glimpse of a possible dark turn; the idea that NOW they finally crossed the line..I mean for god sake, Joseph Park has been kept hostage and beaten half to death an he didn't even turn...Oh, and the in-ring segment that followed his return was as clumsy as Joseph Park could have done it...

    So, after a main event last week, no Morgan; as predicted, an AJ Styles - Angle segment for another match at a PPV?, the return of Hogans' boy from the start (remember the HOF-ring storyline?!) who will have a middle card match against an A&8 member, although Bully was his last feud !;... It all makes such sence with all that talent you have... NOT !

    Is TNA, predictable or TOTALLY unpredictable but in such a way it becomes almost impossible to follow any storyline? ; I don't know but the only 2 things that entertained me this week were the Tag Team division and a very nice Kenny King promo...

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    It wasn't that bad, and it wasn't predictable to say the least. Abyss returning was a suprise, and i guessed it actually. I was watching with two of my friends, and we all guessed who it was, one said AJ Styles(which would of been predictable), one said Morgan(which wasn't predictable, but would make no sense because no matter how much he wants title, he would team with Sting, the guy who he would say screw him out of a title shot, even though Morgan deserved it, which he did), and i went out on a limb and said Abyss, because we haven't seen him in forever, and Hogan acted on the phone like he knew the guy, but he hasn't been seen in a long while, by saying "this guy" to Angle and Sting, when if it was someone else who was already seen on weekly basis, he would said name.
    Now back to the point, it was an excellent show last night, especially the suprising Gail Kim attacking Tara.(BTW, Kenny Kings a loser, and not that impressive, a mid-card bland guy).

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    I didn't see it coming tbh was a good twist.

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    I don't think people get Abyss.....He has evolved from the James Mitchell days....he can talk on a phone
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    I agree that I would've preferred it be Matt Morgan...give him the turn he needs. But I was pleasantly surprised w/ Abyss...and I also agree that last night's episode was awesome.

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    Yeah putting Morgan in a tag match with a guy who cost him his "shot" at the title would make perfect sense.
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    While glad Abyss returned- he moved a bit too much like his 'brother'- Maybe its part of a storyline, maybe Abyss(Christopher Parks) just got too comfy playing Joseph

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    ah, Renee Young


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