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    Could Big E fill in for Dolph?

    As everyone knows, Dolph may not be cleared to compete at extreme rules next week and I've heard that one of the outcomes may mean him vacating the title for Del Rio and Swagger to fight for as it makes no sense for anybody else on the roster to take his place, except Big E.

    In terms of this 3 way feud, Big E has been heavily involved, always present in matches and had a couple of his own and I guess it would make sense for him to represent Dolph if he can't compete being his 'Heavy' and all.

    I never like to discuss or read made up suggested storylines because they never seem to happen but if Big E were to replace Dolph and win the title for him this could start a little storm within Bigglee (LOLZ.) due to jealously and 'I won the title' and blah blah.


    [thinks about midcard]

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    Big E in the title picture that quick. I would see it as reasonable if Dolph would be out. Swagger isn't the main event type with his "WE, THE PEOPLE" gimmick.

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    I'm not a fan of it, but maybe Del Rio should win the World Title back. Dolph Ziggler would come back, saying he never lost, and that could really deepen a feud between him and Del Rio for a few months.

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    I think Dolph should be ready next week. He just may need to sell less. Wouldn't mind the Big E idea though. They could eventually feud together whether E wins or losses him the title.

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    Dolph Ziggler will compete at ER, for sure.

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    Even if he can't compete, they won't strip him of the title, sure it would be a bit lame to not have a WHC match but they did it at TLC with the WWE title.

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    they didn't vacate the wwe title for punk when he needed surgery

    don't think they'll vacate zigglers title for a concussion

    if anything they'll probably have Del Rio/Swagger no.1 contender match, in my opinion

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    If Dolph Ziggler is unable to compete at Extreme Rules, Big E. Langston will take his place. If that happens, it could possibly plant the seeds for a Big E. Langston and Dolph Ziggler rivalry. If that is unable to happen the title will be vacated and Christian can be a surprising entrant in the WHC Ladder match at Extreme Rules. Christian can win and start a rivalry with either ADR or Jack Swagger until Dolph Ziggler is clear to compete.

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    I like Big E, but I hope the don't rush him.

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    There's a million and one alternative scenarios to Ziggler vacating the title. If he isn't cleared by Tuesday (Smackdown tapings) the I expect some storyline swerve to change up the match and the WHC just won't be defended. Big E in a title match? Not while he's still Nxt champion he won't be, it sends out the wrong message. "Hey guys we gave a rookie a world title match ahead of anyone else!"
    Worst case we'll see the match start as planned but interference from AJ and Big E will cause it to get thrown out quickly and Ziggler will retain without having to work.

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