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    Instead of sticking a random partner with Ryback, why not have Ryback win the tag team titles in a handicap match? That's how his first couple of memorable matches were. That used to be his thing... two jobbers at the same time versus Ryback solo. Have whoever the tag team champions are at the time defend against a solo Ryback and lose. Ryback could even win by a double Shell Shock.

    I'm not a wrestling historian, but has that been done before? Has one man won both tag straps solo? I don't necessarily enjoy the prospects of something like this, especially considering who's holding the belts right now. One Ryback can take out a Daniel Bryan and a Kane by himself? I don't know that those two deserve that. Perhaps The Shield somehow screws them over without a DQ taking place or something... but then again that doesn't do much for Ryback's credibility. If you're going to have him win that way, you're supposed to be promoting the idea that he's a tough motherfucker... having him cheese the win like that defeats the whole purpose.


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