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    Best way to bring CM Punk back

    There has apparently been little talk between Punk and creative regarding a way to write him back on TV. If I were at the head table of creative I would propose the best way for him to come back is just before Summerslam...and to come back to take down The Undertaker.

    While the sheets have been saying Undertaker is expected to work with the Shield, I believe the only worth while way to make Punk relevant right away (other than getting HIS title back) is to come back and have Taker put him over at Summerslam. This gives Taker an opportunity to actually put someone in this generation over, considering it is impossible to do so without tainting his WM streak.

    Maybe promote Taker's return with a blockbuster RAW tag match between The Shield and the Brothers of Destruction and have Punk cost Taker the match (this could also take place at Summerslam, though I'd like to see Punk vs. Taker at the PPV instead). Punk is clearly missed right now and I think the product is dull as fuck without him. So...what are your thoughts and how would you like to see him come back?
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    Come back as a tweener and take out both John Cena and a heel Ryback.
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    Here is what should happen this summer:

    -John Cena turns heel.
    -Punk returns as a face. Defeats Lesnar at SS. Wins the RR.

    Face Punk vs Heel Cena at WM.


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    i think he should come back and just say he is going to start from the bottom and work his way back up. it will give him a chance to give the midcarders a good rub.

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    What i had in mind would involve Heyman spending too much time with Lesnar. Calling him the guy. saying he is the only one that he supports. Punk takes offense to that and calls out heyman and starts getting physical. Lesnar comes out and fights punk. Punk and Lesnar fight at a PPV. Punk wins by Heyman accidentally grabbing Lesnar and Punk rolling him up. Lesnar beats up PUnk. Gong hits. Taker takes out lesnar to set up WM 30. PUnk and Taker respect staredown or handshake. Punk becomes tweener and has a feud until he is back on the title picture.

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    doesnt matter bring him back! im tired of seeing rybacks over exaggerating talking ass! id love to see him feud with a midcarder for a bit to get him over someone like langston or one of the young guys wwe wants to bring up . like adrian nevile or bray wyatt. untill hes back in the title picture.

    another way id love to see him come back would be in the money in the bank ppv and have him win the WHC then go win the breifcase for the WWE title.!
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    Personally I'd like to see Taker in some sort of a one on one at SummerSlam or wherever and lose clean... be it to Punk or whoever. That can set up a rematch at Wrestlemania. Taker's streak is at Wrestlemania, not SummerSlam... and having him lose outside of Wrestlemania and then face the same person again at Wrestlemania brings an element of uncertainty on whether he will successfully defend the streak or not.

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    I don't miss him. When he does come back, his boring ass needs a change.


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