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    WWE Championships

    Would WWE be better if they went to a kind of boxing type of format by having the titles as:
    WWE Title (anybody can challenge for)
    World Heavyweight Title (225 lb + or anybody in the light heavyweight division)
    Light Heavyweight Title (165 lb to 224 lb or anybody in the cruiser-weight division)
    Cruiser-Weight Title (less than 164 lb and nobody else)
    Tag Team Titles
    Diva's Title

    no saying that has to be the set weights but you get the drift or do you all prefer the...

    WWE Title
    World Heavyweight Title
    IC Title
    USA Title
    Diva's title

    and would you like to see the Hardcore Championship Brought Back and only defended at ppv in matches with a Stipulation each time cant be defended by normal pin fall or 2/3 falls matches (can't be pinned for the title unless weapons are involved!

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    Hardcore title would be so useful today

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    As for having weight limits on titles, I don't agree there as not many people get to many shots at the "big" championships so it would hurt a lot of wrestlers who would be stuck in mid card hell .

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    No, no and no. The difference between Boxing and MMA, and Wrestling is that the weight lines are blurred. Gives a bigger dynamic other than two big guys or two little guys can fight each other.

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    Yeah that's just too much nonsense for everyone to have to keep up with and makes them try to be something they are not.

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    Thanks for the opportunity to beat the same drum I have been smacking for awhile...I agree something different is needed these days with the title belts but the WWE is really missing the boat with being the first to come out and use a "Internet Championship" which may have started with Zack Ryder but could do so much with...think of the possibilities to have it defended only online at pre-shows or the like and frankly I remain surprised with all the social media hype these days someone has not tried to capitalize on the notion...

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    I actually like it the way it is but I would like to see a cruiserweight title and hardcore title back. Also 2 tag belts were better.
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    That is way too light for a cruiserweight title. That would exclude pretty much anyone on the current WWE roster. Justin Gabriel should be small enough to compete in that division. He's 213 pounds.


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    What and miss out on the big powerhouses versus cruiserweights you mad fella!!

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    Sadly it will never happen again with WWE or TNA since the creative is simply to lazy. i mean WWE has Main Event, Saturday Morning Slam, Superstars, Smackdown, and Raw. Thats 8+ Hours of Programming so realistically your idea is perfect and if they had a working Creative that wasn't this lazy it could actually happen and they have the superstars to do it, and the same thing goes for TNA they actually had this in place not to long ago but as the new TNA started to develop more, the original things that put TNA on the map started to vanish quietly for example - X Division (TNA), Cruiserweight (WWE) , Tag Team Division (Both Companies), etc..

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