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    AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn: Does It Have Potential To Be Great?

    I'm interested to see where most people are when it comes to Kaitlyn and AJ Lee. How interested are you in the feud and do you think it could be beneficial to the product?

    Being a fan of both divas, I've been craving this feud since 2011 and I'm glad it is finally going to happen. It has the history of both divas being former best friends turned bitter enemies. AJ has treated Kaitlyn like shit ever since she went psycho and Kaitlyn has constantly tried to be her best friend. It's caused Kaitlyn to resent AJ, and vice-versa. It has all the makings to be a grudge feud. WWE just needs to book it like one. With the WWE being high on AJ, I can see them making the most out of this feud. Hopefully, they get a lot of TV time and length matches to deliver.

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    To be honest with u... WWE can make it a big thing but only if they want .... If you follow NXT.. their divas match are better than the main shows.. but i dont know will the divas division be ever back to the same level as it used to be..

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    AJ and Kaitlin have all the makings of a new Trisha and Lita but I doubt they'll get enough time to really achieve their potential. I fully expect AJ to win the Divas title so hopefully there'll be a few matches in their feud.

    Divas to believe in.

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    I hope it's a great feud. Knowing WWE though, they will find a way to ruin it. Which I hope they don't do. I actually watched the divas battle royal just to see AJ win. But anyway, it coukd make the divas worth something again, and that makes me happy.

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    AJ will not win the Divas' championship vs Kaitlyn.
    I think Tamina will in the near future.
    Then all this will lead to AJ & Big E to turn on Dolph Ziggler.

    Ziggler is tha champ and AJ won't be so there will be heat about that between them
    Dolph Ziggler said that if he's champ its all because of him and only him. Also, on RAW he sent Big E away as he and AJ were kissing.
    A change has just debuted......

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    It seems like most of you think AJ will leave Dolph in the near future. I'm not so sure. If she wins the Diva's title, couldn't you see the WWE playing the Power Couple (both champion) angle? Sure they'd both be obsessed with their own titles, but they could easily go the obsessed couple route, where they only care about their titles and each other.

    Big E on the other hand, I agree he's leaving them sooner rather than later to salivate over each other.

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    Yes this could obviously also happen, you're right.
    Yep, Big E started to have some matches, and the rumor was he would be going with a feud vs Kane later this year.

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    Honestly yes it does i can see it being like Tara vs. Mickie James

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    Honestly this is the best direction to go in to attempt a resurrection of the Diva division but there is just something about Kaitlyn that does not sit right to me...she has talent and is not bad on the mic but I am not so sure she has "it" on TV like a diva should?

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    Aj vs Kaitlyn - Bikini pillow fight match at Summerslam! Make it happen Vince

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